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 Low player number is not result of showing amount.

 Player number dropped a lot after big changes,  like when protection removed at capitals.

 Show player number or not will be same problem. 

 When games change a lot in test is normal to lose many player as change not way they wanted.  Can only please some people not all, whatever change some will leave or take break.

 Also game is test for very long time, people lose interest and hope. New games always come that fill gap in time that was spent in Naval Action.



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Ignorance is bliss for some I suppose. 

I'd prefer the devs to focus on ways to increase player count, not spend time hiding it.  Preferably through suggestions here on the forums, there's been quite a few good ones...If only they were to look.  Hiding player numbers is a bandaid...and not a very good one.

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Why so? Personally, it`s handy when I can watch the number of players, I'm already used to it, and then - can it bother anyone? It's not illegal, right?=) Actually, to be honest, I'm a little tired of games about battles and combats. Earlier I spent more time in them. I plan to take a little break from them and in a while come back again. Now I hang out more in minecraft and even found some add-ons in minecraft.buzz. Switched to crafting mode and just building houses and growing animals. Briefly - I feel like a retired farmerXD But seriously, the game is worth attention.

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