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What does the A-P-C Dots mean for Ports



So. After quite a while. I decided to Finally actually bother with the Crafting System.

Thing is. For Crafting you need Ressources.

And apparently by far not all Ressources can actually be Produced by Buildings. One example being Teak Wood.


Now People told me to drive to a Port and Buy it. I can Instant Buy it by giving a Buy Order with x times the production Price.

Except it doesnt work.



Someone pls Explain to me how this actually Works.

How do I get Teak Wood in larger Quantities.

And what does the Dots for A-P-C Mean.

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A - Available - port has stock of the resource/material by last news brought by "abstract" mariners. Tech level is value after maintenance, so it updates once per day. 

P - Produces - the resources can be harvested/mined/etc in the port. A building might be necessary. Captains can fullfil contracts immediately for that resource at the (P) location by paying 4 times the production value of 1 quantity of the resource.

C - Consumes - Port pays higher value for the good. It demands that item until quota is full. Quota is also updated once per cycle, same as in (A).

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16 minutes ago, Vernon Merrill said:

Place a buy contract or start “networking”...  Traders/crafters need employment too!



I wish this would work.

Thing is I had Buy Contracts open for Weeks with nobody ever bothering despite me offering like 3-10 times what the thing Costs.

Unfortunately with Player Population being almost non Existent anymore. Its fairly Hard to have any decent Player Run Economy to Fill your Needs.

On PvE Server you got too few People in General as there is little to do. And on PvP Server running to certain Ports is Suicide cause they are Permanently Camped by Ganker Squads.



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1 hour ago, Vernon Merrill said:

Fair enough. I bought 1200 teal yesterday in Tortue by asking in Global chat.  Also, have you tried Blondel?  I’ve had good luck getting contracts filled there by outbidding.  Good luck. 


52 minutes ago, Barbancourt (rownd) said:

Teak spawns in certain ports.  Find one where it isn't all hogged up by buy contracts. 



See I think thats the thing here.

How do I know which Ports "Spawn" Teak Wood.


Because I would assume if I am in these or close to these.

My Chances of actually having Buy Contracts Filled would Rise Dramatically :P

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I’m not convinced A means « available » in stock, but rather available for aunction. If teak is listed as A in a specific port, it means that port will spawn a set quantity every few hours and fill the highest bidder contract, or dump in the port stock if there is no contract.

 If you need teak logs, you go to a port with A status for teak logs and outbid the buy contracts already in place, if there are any, or buy the leftover directly if there is no contracts. 

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