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  1. The yacht was useful when all the players started the game on the links, with 4 guns. Then the yacht became a decorative element in the game. Up to the 3rd level, earlier in the game, it was more profitable to fight on a basic cutter. After introducing the exams, small ships became practically unnecessary in the game (((. And everyone who writes that the final exam is difficult, I want to remind you that it does not have to finish. Complicated? Go straight to sea on a small ship. However, the new player will have even more questions and less experience. Paradox, but most of those who pass these exams do not even really read the text explaining the mechanics of the game ))). (Translated with Translator)
  2. Ну есть такая штука, но в целом автопереводчики могут помочь )))
  3. Это ты зря так. Надо было в бург ветку сунуться, там народ поживее ))).
  4. Диман ударился в академические повествования ))). В начале было ощущение, что халтурненько запомнил текст ))), но это мое имхо. А когда дошел до фитовки и выбора дерева, то тут уже "расслабился". Повышаем слог, поменьше академичности, включаем мальца тормоза при чтении текста. Короче сам знаешь, что лучше делать, чего я умничаю тут ))) (типа соображаю)
  5. Боюсь ошибиться, но ваш канал вроде как не менял адреса. Только из дома могу подсказать
  6. Часть твоих играет, периодически видно в море. Клеманыча видно в ТС, видимо по привычке сидит ))).
  7. Саныч не на всех кораблях ))). Совсем влом дрррр. непись с безумным взглядом.
  8. Pinned this user guide. It will be useful for the new captains in the game. Thank you for your work.
  9. Based on what data did you make your analytics? Did you consider seasonality, Christmas holidays, anything else? Or another thesis, "It's 100 people less, it's another bad patch in the game!" ?
  10. I think it might be useful. Try offering the players, as a test. Or as an opportunity in the settings.
  11. I don't play on the PVE server, that's right. For me, the PVE server is a place where you are not attacked by a real player. I'm well aware that not everyone needs a PVP in the game. However, shouldn't there be a confrontation between the nations in the game? If we take the analogue of another game about pirates famous Corsairs. That's where enemy ships attacked you on your voyage to the sea. And that's a feature of the gameplay. Without it, there's no spirit of the Caribbean Sea of those days. That's my opinion. That's why I'm surprised the players are writing that this is an attack by NPS ships. In my opinion, there must be a confrontation between nations for the PVE server. There must be an attack by enemy ships. Big flotillas are attacking cities, capers are attacking at sea. Small flotillas of ships can attack a group of ships or ships of a certain rank. But, this is just my vision of the game. Translated with Translator
  12. I don't understand the players on the PVE server! Introducing diversity in a monotonous game where you have to endlessly sink ships NPS. Starts arguing that it's bad... Proposed variety in the form of capers, which will attack the players of other nations = bad. Introducing pirate lairs where pirates will attack will be bad, too. NTC ships attacking ports = bad. Aren't you tired of the endless, pointless sinking of NPS ships? What's the interest? I thought there must be a confrontation between the nations on the PVE server. And it would be logical if the NPS ships of Spain (for example) were to attack the British players? Sorry, Translated with Translator
  13. Э как тебя приложило на пенсии ))). Вместо шашлычка с коньячком грызешь лед. Саныч беречь себя нужно ))). Давай на Карибы, тут тепло и солнечно. Бывает...
  14. Саныч только ты сейчас шашлычок не жарь на корабле, они ща взрываются от этого ))).
  15. О ёптыть Саныч объявился...
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