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  1. Oh gods... The instrument of navigation in a game about a sailing century has to be anyway. It is not an element of history, it is an element of convenience of a game. I very much remember as early testers went by the seas without sea chart in general. We were as blind kittens. Google maps were our main assistant. It was terribly inconvenient. Were many times lost in the high sea right at the beginning. Sometimes it was interesting and fascinating, a Terra incognito. But, it was very much inconvenient. Let a game will become more convenient for the player.
  2. Вот почему карту с отображением корабля не хотели вводить ранее? Гораздо удобнее ходить по морям, зная где ты. Особенно если предполагается долго плывешь в отсутсвии суши или при обходном марштруте (хотя кто их использует неизвестно). Однако 2 пункта умений наверное многовасто. Вопрос про новичка в игре и как ему быть (на бург форуме), если на начальном этапе знакомства с игрой у него нет такого инструмента... Плюс возникает вопрос "Останется ли транспортир?" вместе с отображением корабля на карте?
  3. Нет там ПВП. Сервер ПВП очень даже приспособлен под ПВЕ.
  4. Вот соглашусь, ситуация с дублонами немного бредовая. Т.е. ценный "золотой" по своей сути превращается в бесполезную вещь, которая порой ооочень легко падает в ПВЕ. Если ранее для заработка марки нужно было идти в ПВП или перекупать эти марки у ПВПшников, то теперь нужно просто потрошить торгашей. Без особого усилия, без особого риска. Ценность дублона, как мерила "богатства", изначально нулевая. Т.е. новая экономика изначально неверная, мое мнение. Сейчас ПВП это небольшой отдых после "крабства". ПБ хз вообще нужная вещь.
  5. Wipe or not wipe, here in what a question... During life with ON, I experienced uncountable quantity of wipe. I learned to live without moneymaking something in a game, senselessly. After the last wipe I did not even collect mega the book. Why, if always the situation "is wipe soon"? However reading this subject I got confused a little. Why now wipe what aims are pursued is necessary? Whether wipe is expedient now? We need wipe to protect mythical "beginners" in a game? Let's assume that in few months a large number of "beginners" will come to a game. Let's do Wipe again? The new player will not be able to resist to the veteran, it is obviously false, and distracting argument. Therefore, in the way cares for "new" players there is no sense. Old players leave, it is even more, already a game was left by most of old players. Many wait for a vayp again not to save. Many do not want to develop the character anew "again". Again not to bomb NPC with madness in eyes. Look to the truth in eyes, during all the time a game was bought by N igok. Now online 300-400. Where all other "old" players who bought a game earlier? They were offended by "veterans"? Nonsense. It was too heavy to them to develop in a game? Nonsense. They were offended by ganker? Forget about it. To do wipe because old things in a game interfere with new mechanics it correctly. To do wipe to balance "beginner" and "veteran" in a game a nonsense and "fight against windmills". Ask a question to "old" buyers of a game - "Why you left a game? Why you do not play?". Perhaps it will give more thoughts that is made not truly. Sorry google translate...
  6. Medniy Sandal

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    Dear players! Do you really consider that in a patrol zone it is necessary to attack all without analysis in fights? If went, saw fight, came and suddenly saw that on the opposite side, for example Lenin, then it is necessary to destroy it? Even, if it with you in one nation? In spite of the fact that you together are at war with it in port fights and usual pvp fights? Unless the player has no choice with whom to be at war and with whom not to be at war? It is a game, it is my choice to attack someone or to leave from a fight with someone. If it is necessary to leave fight without a fight, for any reason, then I will make it. And personally I consider that the studio chose the correct decision when it entered an opportunity to disengage in a patrol zone. I came into fight in a patrol zone for other nation recently and it turned out that on the opposite side players from other Russian clan. I was anyway obliged to attack them? Are you serious? (sorry google translate)
  7. Чет вы совсем перестали информировать ру публику анонсами, задумками и прочим.
  8. I want to add a little... navigation of the warship wasn't so simple that headed from And to B and floated. Watches, records of courses in the magazine, measurement of speeds, time. Plus correction of a course by the officer of watch. There is no all this in a game. Also it isn't necessary, for a game. But definition of the ship in the sea has to be and, my opinion that it has to be simple and clear. Without difficulties, it is after all a game.
  9. Ну тут возможно ДЛС корабли более выигрышные, чем другие мелкие. А вот ПВП эвент в мелководье изменится может кардинально...И сейчас мелководье = зона войны мелких кораблей (в идеале). А с введением Сюра, Рено прийти повоевать на ниагаре против Сюрприза как-то не очень комфортно ))), да и не особо выгодно. Т.к. на сюрпе можно будет везде воевать, а вот ту же ниагару в бои против 5 врядли кто-то берет сейчас. А тем кто не докачался до Сюрпа = заведомо проигрыш. Хотя это не особо показательный пример. В целом попробовать можно...раз уж задумали такой тест.
  10. А вы не убьете окончательно все корабли мелкого формата Ниагару, сноу и прочие? Если Сюр будет заходить на Багамы, то ситуация вообще кардинально изменит мелководье. Сейчас хоть как-то можно использовать мелочугу...
  11. In my opinion, the most effective system of port fights was in potbs. The group of the ships under the city came and began blockade. If defenders didn't come to recapture the port, then action points for port fight grow. It isn't necessary to beat in npc missions. Tension around port begins to drip from group of N-of number of players in fighting group. Additional points give drowning of npc of the fleet and merchant marine fleets in this region. Fights in the place of tension = to the current option of PVP of events (as possible option). It turns out that daily PVP of an event can be organized in different places by players. Flags for port fights it is game "crutches". There were many cases when the armada of the ships going for occupation of the city was stopped murder of the ship with a flag. Well nonsense... What to do with an award for occupation of the city? 1. To increase an award, to the players who are involved in port fight. 2. To give "other" awards which in a different way not to earn. 3. For deduction of the occupied port more N-days to give an additional award. And only after the expiration of this term the port completely passes under management of other country (disputable, but it is possible to work such option) 4. I like the idea that at deduction of several ports belonging to the regional capital the bonus in production of the ships is given. 5. To make 2 options of port fights: capture and plunder. About it there were already many interesting offers, but the ideas "died somewhere at a forum" 6. Ports have to be useful, but not a burden at capture. One port can give unique trade goods, another wood, the third to generate free repair kits for clan. It is good if ports can be developed (but it is improbable now). Let's say if in San Juan the unique goods for trade were delivered, then quite perhaps the port would be interesting to "trade" clan. Either the port the giving bonus or unique tasks for PVE, would be perhaps interesting to a certain nation to "krabbbing". And occupation of such port would give a certain "protective" zone as is in the capital now (the truth not such cruel on protection). (sorry google translate)
  12. Medniy Sandal

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    There have to be 2 types of ship-wrecks. The first, the found ship-wreck which any player can find is accidental and take away ship hold contents. The second, the found bottle with coordinates of ship-wreck which is known only by the captain who found a bottle. From what suddenly do all captains have to learn about such interesting find in the sea? All possess telepathy?
  13. I will support players in that question that determination of the coordinates in the sea is necessary. The captain the route and to correct it in process the ordinary blockhead which is not able to lay. Which would not be allowed even to the small sloop-of-war. Personally to me, the card with coordinates which was in a game earlier was pleasant. On it it was possible to understand the location in the high sea. There was not enough sextant and the mechanism of definition of the ship in the sea by the sun or to stars. Introduction of such mechanism would allow to define arrangement of the ship in the high sea in certain time of day. What would help the captain at maneuvers with the sea, we will allow at a head wind. (Sorry, google translate) If to remove the current trade tool, then it is necessary new mechanics of definition of the ship in the sea. We it seems as captains, virtual...
  14. @admin А вы не думали о том, чтобы убрать полумеры по "зеленке", сделать ее меньше около некоторых столиц и убрать возможность атаковать игроков вообще? Тогда не нужно было бы придумывать кучу ограничений. Ну право, если уж заботиться на ПВП сервере о ПВЕ игроках, то в нормальном виде. И пусть новые игроки получают миски на прокачку в пределах этой безопасной зоны. Можно сделать такую заботу для игроков до определенного уровня, а потом велком на просторы "большого моря". А если хочешь крабить до безумия в безопасности (на ПВП сервере), то мелкие миски могут давать крошечный опыт и бабло, тем кто вырос из "маленьких штанишек" юнги. Убрать вариант атаки НПЦ у столиц вражескими игроками. Либо оставить (для отчаянных самоубийц) такую возможность и оставить длительный порог для входа в бой игроков. Допустим убрать значки мисочных боев в такой зоне, чтобы при бое "отчаянных самоубийц" под столицей все понимали, что это воюют игроки другой нации.
  15. Соглашусь с мнением игроков выше, это нововведение может добавить "раздражителя" в игру. Тем более уже ранее были варианты с охранной НПЦ у столиц и НПЦ заходящей на помощь в бой к игрокам. И хотя одно время это было весело, НО, стали фармить непись у столиц ( хотя сейчас это будет врядли возможно). И временами нападающая непись в море раздражала, особенно когда проехал полморя для встречи с товарищами в поисках ПВП. А тут тебя хватанет "пятнашка" вторых рейтов, идущая навстречу. Либо, как написал Гринго, нежданчиком выскочившая из суши. И казалось бы все логично про атаку НПЦ, но опять же будут "новые баги" ))). Будет ли какие-либо условия для нападения НПЦ в море, кроме статуса "вражеский флаг"? И где могут нападать такие корабли?