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  1. Karnaught

    The Spanish Navy 1700-1800

    Im not dedicated Naval Historian, but I’m historian and you got right the most part of it. (im more into politics + economics lately) The core issue with Spanish Fleet Power at the end of XVI-XVII century was the focus on continental America as main extraction point of silver and gold, also securing Cuba and la Española as safe stops in Caribean. That unique situation develops the "Bullicionismo" an economic theory based around the accumulation of precious metal. This metallic ore capitalization used by the crown to fuel the European wars and general expenses damaged the trading and production assets in the Kingdoms of Spain. Also a big part of that silver went to private hands due to corruption, redistributed to Europe or lost in Manlia Galeon (Direct trade Mexico-Philippines). The early arrival of Brits, French and Dutch corsairs make the route between Caribbean Sea and Cadiz Bay unsafe so instead of try to claim the sea the crown "fortify" the route with again the main goal was to secure as much silver and gold from the Reinos de Indias as they could. So as the century advance they bring in Italian fort designers to secure key spots like Cartagena de Indias, Havana, Santo Domingo and south Florida with state of the art forts (Star Forts) these sites work as stops from the "Carrera de Indas" bi-annual trip between Cartagena and Seville. The "Carrera de Indas" secures the passage between Caribe and Peninsula and private traders could join in to make the trip. Private trade and merchant fleet was quite weak due too even Caribean waters not so safe after the relocation of part Barlovento Fleet in Europe. PD: Maybe my grammar quite bad, english is not my 1st language but I hope you get the point.
  2. Karnaught

    In Santisima bugged?

    Santisima and some others SOL from Spanish Armada where refitted after War of the Pyrenees (aka: Guerre du Roussillon) trying to fit even more guns in them. Original design (1768) the Santisima Trinidad mounted 116 pieces but in the last refit (1803) that was increased to 140 cannons. Also the Spanish armada was way behind from Britain and France and only build five three-decked in whole history, so Santisima had some design flaws that never get fully resolved. - Off topic: After Trafalgar and the loss of almost all South America, Kingdom of Spain just went downhill all XIX at least. With 2 revolutions, 5 mayor military coups, 3(4) civil wars, 5 prime ministers assassinated, an all that fancy stuff between Trafalgar and first world war.
  3. Karnaught

    Honeymoon over

    RealmVSRealm comes from WOW and other MMORPG in Naval Action probably means Port battles and PVP in big fleets trying to capture ports and stuff like that.
  4. Karnaught

    Idiomas de Naval Action

    Más que una traducción oficial a corto plazo lo que se comentó era promocionar el juego en español y en general tratar de que más hispanohablantes se metan al juego claramente dominado demográficamente por ingleses y americanos que tienen una tradición naval mucho más difundida a nivel popular. La traducción oficial aun tardara más bien bastante visto el ritmo de desarrollo de mecánicas básicas para el juego. Si los devs son favorables a ello se podría tratar de sacar un mod. pasando el juego al español el problema que por ahora la UI es simplemente un placeholder supongo que con la beta ya pondrán una interfaz de verdad.
  5. Karnaught

    Sweden over the last days

    So good!
  6. Karnaught

    [SUGGESTION] [COLLECTION] Underpopulation "Bonus"

    In the current situation this kind of idea will lead to really small nations some sort of "free trade Company" with no naval/military power at all that rely on diplo/economic power. -- It might work between overpopulated and medium, small populated factions but with very small ones, the "end game" it’s just the economic, trader, crafter route the combat end game simply can't be balanced. With that many factions even if they start with no ports assigned outside capitals we end in the same place with really small playerbase to less popular/appealing/powerful/X/ faction. This is not a so big problem with 4/6 nations with capitals spread across the map but if on top of that smaller factions start in hot areas like Lesser Antilles.
  7. Karnaught

    Nation flag proposal

    +1, or a Clan pennon. I know isn’t really in dev priorities but in the long run this game needs some kind of clan and friend/foe recognition if they want to keep the game name tags to minimum expression and leave the UI clean.
  8. Karnaught

    Recommended reading for new Captains

    Hi I don't know if it fits this topic but I have collected references of a bunch of academic history books from college libraries. Bear in mind that some of them are more into the economic, social side of naval history with not much attention to individual ships or naval battles, others are just context or international politics related with the timeframe of the game. I tried to put only books published since year 2000 to make it easier if someone is interested in reading one of them. (Some books in French and Spanish) Sorry for my basic written English. General topics -Davis, Lance Edwin. Naval Blockades in peace and war: an economic historic since 1750. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2006 -Guillerm, Alain. Fortifications et marine en Occident: la pierre et le vent. Nouvelle Ed., Paris:1994 -Hardling, Richard. Naval history 1680-1850. Ashgate, England:2006 -Lavery, Brian. The ship of the line. Volume I, the development of the battlefield 1650-1850. Conway Maritime Press, London: 1995 Spain related: -Habron, Jhon D. Trafalgar and the Spanish navy: the spanish experience of sea power. Conway Maritime Press, London: 1988 -Guimerá Ravina, Agustin. Guerra naval en la revolución y el imperio: bloqueos y operaciones anfibias,1793-1815. Marcial Pons, Madrid: 2008 -Codina Bonet, Ramón. Don Antonio, almirante de la Armada y corsario del rey. Ministerio de defensa, Madrid:2010 -Mitiuckov,Nicolay W. La escuadra rusa adquirida por Fernando VII en 1817.Damaré, Pontevedra: 2009 -Ruiz Garcia, Vicente. Las naves de las cortes (1808-1812): El ultimo servicio de la marina de la Ilustración.Silex, Madrid:2013 -Ortiz Sotelo, Jorge. La Real Armada en el Pacifico Sur: el Apostadero Naval del Callao: 1746-1824.Iberoamericana, Madrid:2015 -Juan-Garcia Aguado, Jose M. Jose Romero Fernandez de Landa: un ingeniero de marina en el siglo XVIII. Universidade da Coruña, La Coruña: 1998 Brittain related -Parkinson, C Northcote. Britannia rules: The classic age of naval history,1793-1815.Slutton Publishing,London:1997 -Graham, Gerald S. Sea Power and British North America 1783-1820: a study in British Colonial Policy. Greenwood Press, New York: 1968 -Winfield, Rif. British warships in the age of sail,1603-1714: design, construction, careers and fates. Seaforth, London: 2009 -Smylie, Michael. Traditional fishing boats of Britain and Ireland: design, history and evolution.Amberley, Gloucestershire: 2011 La France - Llinares, Sylviane. Marine Propulsion et technique: evolution du système technologique du navire de guerre français. Librarie de l'Inde Editeur, Paris: 1994 -Plouviez, David. La Marine française et ses réseaux économiques au XVIIIe siècle. Les Indes Savantes Paris: 2014 -Dufraisse, Roger. La france napoléonienne: aspects extérieurs, 1799-1815.Seuil, Paris: 1999
  9. holy smoke I never expect that... I’m not sure if NA is looking for yogcast demographic but hey its money anyway and if they can retain some of them good for NA.
  10. Karnaught

    Looking to purchase

    When it is expected to exit Alpha? I had been keeping an eye in this game since last year and Sea Trials and looks promising. But due to RL and other issues i can't play right now. Yeah its a "full price" for a game not even in ""Beta"".
  11. I partially agree on more traditional starting areas. But I have one question. You are suggesting equal starting areas in a "blank map"(non-starting areas neutral) or where ports are assigned to nations? -- If is the second option can be a problem by the unbalance between owned ports and playerbase. A second problem how to make staring areas with Sweden and Denmark-Norway.
  12. About rebellions and revolutions seem that they are thinking about it.
  13. Karnaught

    Faction Balancing

    Just to mention Basque historical flag it's a bit tricky because even in medieval era modern Basque country was split between Kingdom of Castille, Kingdom of Navarre and Viscounty of Bearn. So the only options could be using Biscay or New Biscay flags or some sort of anachronism using modern Basque Flag Ikurrina, Arrano Beltza (Alternative medieval flag) or Lauburu symbol that had never been in a flag. (I know Spain is a can of worms sometimes) ----- Anyway interesting mechanic I’m sure players with EVE/POBTS backgrounds going to try at least forming West Indes cricket team. A well-organized alliance between different guilds could defend 2-3 ports easy and get independence of Santa Lucia or Trinidad and Tobago. Also rebellions will help minor nations to take breath from big bullies.
  14. Would be Interesting north Brasil isn't that far from Trinidad and Surinam. Estado do Maranhao (Parà, Belem and Amazon river mouth).
  15. Karnaught

    Faction Balancing

    The problem with realistic and historic in multiplayer videogames is that normally end up throwing out the window all the ""realistic"" stuff for balance proposes. I played a lot of Wargame Airland Battle and Wargame Red Dragon (""Realistic Cold War multiplayer RTS"") after 2-3 years all the realistic and historical stuff ends in flavor and unit models. There is some options here to keep it real without snowballing and overpopulated factions. ###Old Travian model: Severs had a timeline once 18XX reach server wipe and you start fresh in whatever faction and role you want to perform. Hard or soft wipe out going back to 17XX. Like a tabletop game once the "turns" end fresh start to everyone allowing them to change to another faction or start fresh again. Server length could be 1 year or more. ###Revolutions and new nations to split snowballing factions and possible ending with "what if" factions like French Royalist or States plausible in the time line (Venezuela, Louisiana, Haiti...) Keeping the RvsR and no player interaction between different nations. No safe ports in this case and low to zero npc fleets. Once a nation is conquered pop of this nation are exiled and can join another nation. ### Creating a diplomatic system allowing low pop nations to ally. That could be done by players or plot developed by Devs, some players will be pissed off by a "history on rails" written by the Devs.