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  1. just start practising self censorship. if you commit thoughtcrime, please report yourself to the ministry of truth
  2. #1mintimers or only people who are in sight range when batle starts can join arena battles is self griefing and any arranged fights dont give you the thrill of the hunt on open sea
  3. @ admin: when the next patch enables us to switch nations and i switch, so i can duel train new members without any sinking happening, but hull and crew damage, will the xp and gold generated with heavy frigates be enough to reach that treshhold? lets say about 10 fights per evening, 15-50 min per fight?
  4. hätten die hre mitglieder die eiche und das eisen an die klanleitung abgeben müssen, oder aus welchen taschen würde der tribut bezogen werden?
  5. love it, but what map data are you using, as far as i know, the game topography is based on an old historical map which gives slightly wrong results at long distance when using your map
  6. fraudulency is usually conected with the payment system, did you pay with a credit card, or an uncertified bank account? also you are really bad at crossteaming, creating another dane, really? the resources are already empty in danish ports, a spanish, or french character would have make more sense
  7. entweder hast du nicht genug schaden gemacht (im vergleich zu npc's oder mitspielern), oder du hast vergessen die schiffe im loot menu zu einem aussenposten zu schicken
  8. locked = +/- parallele ausrichtung der kanonen <||||||||||||||] unlocked 100/250 = fokus auf die jeweilige entfernung in meter <///||||||\\\\] unlocked auto = flexibler fokus je nach maus position
  9. 3 chars per nation with shared labour hours between them (still can be "abused" for os recon/trading agents) can play for every nation, but have to wait for 30 days before able to switch to another nation
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