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  1. YES this is exactly my point. It was the best strategy at the time, I kept my ship and annihilated my enemy using a cheap in game "COMPLETELY LEGAL" tactic. Although I disapprove of this tactic, It was available to me, so I exploited the crap out of it. 8 players lost their hulls, I must have made 200k in free upgrades. I took no losses even though i was originally outnumbered 8-1... Pretty unfair.
  2. Yeah i don't think summoning 8 ships to your aid was historically accurate buddy... if that is your argument.
  3. My point is I noticed they increased the rewards for PVP, in order to encourage it. I'm merely stating why the monetary reward that they adjusted is not dependent on whether or not PVP is more attractive to players.
  4. I don't want it to hand me anything. I just don't want PvP to be so utterly impossible to find, that its ruled out as a waste of time. Which IT IS at the moment sadly.
  5. If you want to avoid battle, maybe you should be on a pve server. Or be prepared for a fight by bringing escorts. Its the Caribbean high seas mate and you shouldn't drop your guard. And yes people still run in port battles. Everyone runs. People even run in Small battle missions IN BASIC CUTTERS!!! . It's too easy.
  6. Ok so today I had my first 1v1 EVEN pvp with another actual player who I found in the open world... The FIRST guy who actually didnt turn tail and run away, the FIRST player to Kill or Die trying. out of 30. The rest run away. And they get away. It was a good fight. I absolutely smashed the guy to bits. and it was the most challenging and rewarding experience I have had in this game. Why is this my first PVP? EVERYONE either does one of three things. 1: They run away. 2: They call in "ai reinforcements" from the ridiculous reinforcement range from ports, what
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