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  1. I too tried doing a solo pvp event only to be heavily outnumbered, at the time there was only one group going around ganking all the solo players. The nation with the most people on will most likely just gank everyone, no idea how this could be balanced without ruining the idea of OW pvp though. Enter at your own risk i guess.
  2. They are just compensating for their lack of achievements elsewhere
  3. its straight up poor sportsmanship, what can you expect from an aussie though
  4. tu traductor en esto habla es muy bueno yo creo. Respect to USA for empathy.
  5. You are insulting our intelligence, we will not be a buffer state for the largest faction in the game, against the second largest faction in the game.
  6. que landa haciendo los mas grande domingas? Mexico o Venezuela. hmmm
  7. No this is when surrender arises, which just isn't possible
  8. Well personally i can see how a battle like this could've gone that way. Rank wise (excluding ai cutters) the Americans outnumber the Spanish by a small amount (1650 vs 1560 men), you could argue the Spanish should have the advantage due to more actual players in the battle, however Trafalgar can be a good example how splitting a larger enemy leads to victory. Could also argue the Spanish have less experience in the game in that particular battle based off've rank. Alot of different variables. No doubt however this was a decisive battle for the Americans as no friendlies were sunk. tld
  9. estamos sexo tu barco en battala http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/313367058243140397/A2F77BC5231EF6C47FCC39E6EF7DD494D669651F/
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