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  1. Hey long time absent player :/ Just a idea, but i believe in the end its not about every little mechanic or the reward ratio for pvp. Open world Sandbox pvp is only really fun if their is player investment. I know some people want to steer this game away from eve but i think it is a great example of a MMO that has kept its player base interested to pvp on large scale due to this player investment. Nullsec keeps eve going. Faction warfare doesnt. Bascially NA is faction warfare. As seen a longggg time ago in NA when the Brits pushed the Spanish back to 3-4 ports they were a
  2. Why is something that was voted on back in march by the community being neglected till august? http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12471-development-priorities-2/ We have been waiting since march for this and now you expect people to wait untill August? Good Luck with the testing of your game. See you at release.
  3. Ok here is my recollection of events. Lets go way back. Spain had the Yuctan, the U.S. was at war with Spain and took it off Spain. They came into contact with Britain around tumbado and started taking British ports (Xpu Ha etc). The British kicked the U.S. out of the Yuctan, then War Broke out between Britain and Spain (lots of threads relating to that ) the Yuctan was taken by the Spanish then the British counter attacked and took the whole area. The British were in talks at the time of what to do with the Yuctan with the U.S. now the last thing Britain wanted while still at wa
  4. Wang

    Paint it black

    Just stating this over and over doesnt help. We all know the devs are working on the game.... It's their baby, its their product, its their food on the table...its in their interest, of course they are working hard. Sitting back and being patient while the game loses its player base and also not testing aka breaking the game is not helpful either.
  5. Wang

    Paint it black

    I gave a very simple and from my understanding easy to implement system earlier in this thread (wipe the map, give the pirates a handful of ports 5-10 that cant be lost so they can craft ships still, give them the ability to raid ports but not capture them, give them large amounts of gold based off the port size on successful raids, and maybe even disable all national player production in said port for a week) I think in that system it would please majority of people... Although i remember around steam release the developers had the idea of creating player made pirate havens, that na
  6. Wang

    Paint it black

    I dont doubt at all that the developers are hugely undermanned and completely swarmed by the endless amount of features, bugs, and balancing that is needed in this game. I dont envy them at all. The difference is i do believe the game is broken in many aspects, and the pirate mechanic is a major one in my opinion. I give the developers huge amount of credit for what they have created so far! It is a beautiful game. Personally though i believe that the way it is being developed at the moment is wrong. The great achievement of this game is the battle's themselves. The simply fact that
  7. Wang

    Paint it black

    You explain the kid hey this is how you skate, then you send him to skate. Do you lecture your child on how to skate for 4 months? Showing diagrams, explaining each and every technique, after a month let them touch a skate, second month let them 'virtually skate'' then maybe the third month you allow them to skate in a arena that is covered in soft floors and walls...i can go on and on. I think we have discussed more than enough on alternative pirate mechanics....its time to push the kids out to skate.
  8. Wang

    Paint it black

    There are a multitude of threads already on the forums, discussing reworking pirate mechanics. Now this game is a open world sandbox, so due to that we are allowed to work how we like in this sandbox. Now the devs have asked us to test the game, testing means trying to brake it. If we are testers it is our duty to do so. This is a test. If we ignore the broken mechanics and don't try to brake the game, these issues will never get fixed. This is about breaking the game to bring the standards up, not just discussing on the forums on how to raise the standards. Actions speak loud
  9. Wang

    Paint it black

    So i must ask, what are the new pirate mechanics? Is there a ETA on it?
  10. Wang

    Paint it black

    How will they get screwed over? The map will get wiped. (including assets) We will all get screwed. Then the people who want to play as a 'pirate' will have mechanics that feel much more piratey. The pirate players who want to conquer ports will jsut roll their character to a nation. Ohh also any 'pirate' who wants the pirates to function as they do now, are just the original egomaniacs who are want to be napoleons who just like the color black. Plenty of try hard napoleons in every nation, they would fit in great Everyone is happy. Waiting for over 4 months with every person
  11. Wang

    Paint it black

    I dont believe so at all. Why do you think the game is getting negative steam reviews now? Why do you think the player base is dwindling? This is a very broken mechanic that people have been telling the dev's for a over 4 months now, and it has yet to been addressed. While the issue gets worse and worse. People get tired of bashing their heads against the pirate wall. They leave the game, they go play something else. The population diminishes. Suddenly we are back to pre steam release pop over under 100 players. Ohh but look your cannon balls bounce more often! Im not being a child
  12. Hey Cid! Honestly best of luck to all you guys, and im glad that you guys are getting content on your timezone for once Hey where are all the first rates we made you guys? Nelson has some snuck away somewhere. You know how much we love you guys and i just hope that the forthcoming battles will be a blast for us all. In the end though Cid we miss you guys and want you to join us. Let's paint it black!
  13. Wang

    Paint it black

    Hey Killick, long time no talk I dont believe fixing the pirates is a massive rework. A simply but inelegant solution is wipe the map, give the pirates a handful of ports around the bahamas that they can never lose. Enable pirates to be able to 'raid' ports using the same pb mechanics but they dont capture the port at the end. They simply get a stack of gold, and maybe (idea) stop player production at said port got a aprox. amount of time eg. 1 week Bang fixed.
  14. Wang

    Paint it black

    I stand corrected :/ What has been stated about reworking the pirate role? War and peace patch was meant to be launched this month. It is no where in sight, and from my understanding the pirate mechanics were left out of of the initial idea's suggested for the patch. Im looking for the thread discussing the diplomacy rework, but can't find it. If someone could link it here it would be great
  15. Wang

    Paint it black

    Yeah but it goes to show, at different stages of the game we need different things. When the player production was introduced no one even cared about it, and it was a flop. We were all yelling for diplomacy! This was due to so many issues all the nations were having and still are..but that hasnt even been implemented as of yet. So when is the pirate issue going to be addressed? In 3 months? The way things are going i wouldnt be surprised if in 3 months the map is nearly all black anyway. You will all be on here screaming for a fix. So why cause a slow death? Let's brake it swiftly, an
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