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  1. A dev quoting meme's nice one. Yes im un moderated, but doesnt mean that every post i see you respond to, you take a stance of defensivess. Read my posts i never said first or second statment you made. This is all in your head after creating your own echo chamber. When you itneract with the comminuty its not positive. You blame the community for how they are and you take no responsibility for it?
  2. Wow, you have really reminded me why i left here in the first place. You guys have never been open to criticism, every forum post you i see you guys post. They do come off as very defensive trying to justify the path that has been taken rather than trying to get hear what your community is saying to you. 'We have listened in the past to some ideas!' Is not the reponse the community wants for these topics. This is your job. You get paid for this. Everyone one else giving idea's and and posting on these fourms, take time out of their day to write on this forum becasue they care! Instead of being so defensive and telling your players 'Next time you rorsomeone else has X criticism remember this!' Dude... Well can't blame anything else. I tried to come back and psot my thoughts and idea's as a belated player. You have my money so you don't care. Yeah i'll come back and see the game at full release. (I suspect to see what a mess it will be) Although you have killed my hopes for this game in the long term. Nice work dev's for not changing in over a year if your game slowly dying and still being so hostile and defensive towards your customers. Thats what the subscription is for. Not to just keep the servers running its for continued deveopment so after the intial 40 dollars....you guys make more content and we don't get bored. I have seen you use this exscuse for the design of NA for a long time now. I think you guys are the one's bored with your own product. While the player base is begging for more. Wait wait wait, again belated player jsut comming back to forums to see how thigns were traveling... They are making a WoT/Warthugner-esqe version of NA basically? Called ledgends...and the hunting/trading/sailing will be left to NA orginal...lol So basically you you guys have dropped NA from true development, just trying to balance changes enough and clean up the UI for launch. (Again not a big thing although for some reason to gamelabs UI seemed to be the most intensive and complicated work) Then you want to blame the community for negative reviews on steam? Hahaha I promise wait to see the reviews for Ledgends when it comes out...You will have nearly ever NA player downvoting it. Goodluck Gameslabs. You are going to need it.
  3. Firstly, how is linking to a ove 2 year old steam greenlight page any proof of a grand plan? Yes you had basic design goals. This is why it was pitched as early access. Come pay us early and test our game. With this design plan, back us, and help us. Well we did. I purchased the game pre steam release by a few weeks. So i did see the difference pre steam and psot steam release. The serves were packed evernight night. Then you guys split the community by creating pvp2. Due to a handful of players complaining about not being able to log on. Anyway, i dont know about others but i have always felt that my input on these forums have never been taken seriously, I do remember hearing about the whole dev-mod echo chamber that existed on skype calls was the cause for this. As a handful of people were patting each other on the back, with as i heard a tendency to suck up to the devs. Not saying that one of issue or another has caused the mixed reviews on steam. As i wrote in another post i expressed my opinion on why i felt there was a negative attitude. If the players are asking for a more developed game, with 10 programmers and 10 artists and attmepted to launch a subcription fee, with somethign maybe again similar to eve with their plex system. Maybe this should of been what should be aimed at by the launch of 1.0 on steam. I believe a lot of the mixed reviews is correct at this point in the developemnt on people's feeligns towards it. We all love naval action but hate it as well at what it seemed it could of been.
  4. Look even after burning out on this game due to basically the lack of a grander vision for the game in the long term with a mror interesting Clan vs Clan mechanic/End game content as i expressed in another post (which linked this one). I have still left my positive review up of this game. This is due to hey i got 1000 hours out of it, the game has such potential. I think players are jsut frustrated at the swindled oppurtunity NA had/hopefuly still has. The game im sure is a success finacally, it is not a failure of a product. It is the fact that the potential for such a much larger success is within the game. Anyway, you shoudlnt be so negative to the community. If they are being a critic, listen to what they have to say, im sure some rewviews are cancer and are ntothelpful at all. But you have to siphon through that and try to implement the good idea's by the community.
  5. Hey long time absent player :/ Just a idea, but i believe in the end its not about every little mechanic or the reward ratio for pvp. Open world Sandbox pvp is only really fun if their is player investment. I know some people want to steer this game away from eve but i think it is a great example of a MMO that has kept its player base interested to pvp on large scale due to this player investment. Nullsec keeps eve going. Faction warfare doesnt. Bascially NA is faction warfare. As seen a longggg time ago in NA when the Brits pushed the Spanish back to 3-4 ports they were able to still fight back in a significant way due to the way resources are distributed in the game. Now of course this is fine in the faction warfare that exists currently.... Although again a long time ago i do remember a dev had a interview on twitch and talked about formable nations were one of his idea's. To allow clans to basically form their own nations and those nations could be destroyed. To give those players a reason to expand their formable nation and hold on to it will give people to pvp..Now resource distribution and how nation formed all the blance and complexities of course need to be ironed out. Also major projects for guilds to strive too is another way (eg. Titans, Citadels). Anyway again as a long time absent player, and someone who belives he contributed to the community a lot on release. Im sure many old players remember my name.... Having that player agency, and something to be able to have goals towards, and create a true feeling of belonging to a sub set communtiy with purpose (guilds that can form nations) would bring me back to this game and im sure i would sink another 1000 hour plus into. Just my 2 cents. Howdie to all the old crew still playing and reading this forum
  6. Hell yeah screw diplomacy and pirate rework! We have realistic fishing map of the Caribbean! Got this player back...
  7. Why is something that was voted on back in march by the community being neglected till august? http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12471-development-priorities-2/ We have been waiting since march for this and now you expect people to wait untill August? Good Luck with the testing of your game. See you at release.
  8. Ok here is my recollection of events. Lets go way back. Spain had the Yuctan, the U.S. was at war with Spain and took it off Spain. They came into contact with Britain around tumbado and started taking British ports (Xpu Ha etc). The British kicked the U.S. out of the Yuctan, then War Broke out between Britain and Spain (lots of threads relating to that ) the Yuctan was taken by the Spanish then the British counter attacked and took the whole area. The British were in talks at the time of what to do with the Yuctan with the U.S. now the last thing Britain wanted while still at war with Spain was to hand back the newly attained ports back to the U.S. in case they handed them back to Spain. So during this time new talks started with the U.S. trying to hand back the ports to the U.S. to hopefully gain the U.S. as a ally in the West. The talks were to give the U.S. the Yuctan and split the ports between conttoy and mugeres to be controlled one port each between Britain and the U.S. With the note that they not be handed back to Spain. During these talks STARS started to take the ports in the gulf and Yuctan area, and we didnt mind at all due to wanting to hand them back to the U.S. No one defended against the STARS aggression because we saw them fulfilling the talks we were having with the U.S. at the time. This was a very complicated time diplomatically with everyone and it was very complicated events. All i can say in summary is that every nation is LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES and no one else. You dont know me? How sad Im a friendly aussie who use to be the british diplomat, one of the founders of the british council and had long talks with all the U.S. leadership months ago Go ask your clan leaders about our talks.
  9. Wang

    Paint it black

    Just stating this over and over doesnt help. We all know the devs are working on the game.... It's their baby, its their product, its their food on the table...its in their interest, of course they are working hard. Sitting back and being patient while the game loses its player base and also not testing aka breaking the game is not helpful either.
  10. Wang

    Paint it black

    I gave a very simple and from my understanding easy to implement system earlier in this thread (wipe the map, give the pirates a handful of ports 5-10 that cant be lost so they can craft ships still, give them the ability to raid ports but not capture them, give them large amounts of gold based off the port size on successful raids, and maybe even disable all national player production in said port for a week) I think in that system it would please majority of people... Although i remember around steam release the developers had the idea of creating player made pirate havens, that national players would have to hunt down etc. I think thats a fantastic idea as well but much harder to implement, and the system above is something that would fix the broken mechanics and keep the player base happy for a good year or so, for further pirate mechanics like pirate havens have time to be introduced.
  11. Wang

    Paint it black

    I dont doubt at all that the developers are hugely undermanned and completely swarmed by the endless amount of features, bugs, and balancing that is needed in this game. I dont envy them at all. The difference is i do believe the game is broken in many aspects, and the pirate mechanic is a major one in my opinion. I give the developers huge amount of credit for what they have created so far! It is a beautiful game. Personally though i believe that the way it is being developed at the moment is wrong. The great achievement of this game is the battle's themselves. The simply fact that a cannon ball can boucne off two ships and hit a third is amazing, and blew me away when i first played NA. I would of personally forgone any change to the battle's since release (eg. crew changes, land in battles, armor reworking) for more expansion of the open world mechanics (pirate rework, diplomacy, exploration etc etc.) for the simply fact that the open world itself is the area that is massively lacking in this game. Instead of fine tuning the one thing in the game that blew us all away and kept bringing us back, the part of it that is lacking and is a MASSIVE part of the game itself is a much smarter way to approach development in my opinion. I do suspect and i could be very wrong, the developers themselves are skilled much more towards developing the battles themselves than the open world. Which is quiet understandable as everyone has their own set of unique skills and knowledge, but this is where hiring new people to help in area's that your dont have great knowledge on is the answer. Again this is all assumptions....
  12. Wang

    Paint it black

    You explain the kid hey this is how you skate, then you send him to skate. Do you lecture your child on how to skate for 4 months? Showing diagrams, explaining each and every technique, after a month let them touch a skate, second month let them 'virtually skate'' then maybe the third month you allow them to skate in a arena that is covered in soft floors and walls...i can go on and on. I think we have discussed more than enough on alternative pirate mechanics....its time to push the kids out to skate.
  13. Wang

    Paint it black

    There are a multitude of threads already on the forums, discussing reworking pirate mechanics. Now this game is a open world sandbox, so due to that we are allowed to work how we like in this sandbox. Now the devs have asked us to test the game, testing means trying to brake it. If we are testers it is our duty to do so. This is a test. If we ignore the broken mechanics and don't try to brake the game, these issues will never get fixed. This is about breaking the game to bring the standards up, not just discussing on the forums on how to raise the standards. Actions speak louder than words. I am surprised at the push back about this idea, as if im trying to kill the game. Last thing im trying to achieve, I view it more like a bush fire. Burn it all down so that new life can grow.
  14. Wang

    Paint it black

    So i must ask, what are the new pirate mechanics? Is there a ETA on it?
  15. Wang

    Paint it black

    How will they get screwed over? The map will get wiped. (including assets) We will all get screwed. Then the people who want to play as a 'pirate' will have mechanics that feel much more piratey. The pirate players who want to conquer ports will jsut roll their character to a nation. Ohh also any 'pirate' who wants the pirates to function as they do now, are just the original egomaniacs who are want to be napoleons who just like the color black. Plenty of try hard napoleons in every nation, they would fit in great Everyone is happy. Waiting for over 4 months with every person who is not a pirate telling the devs...hey just a thought 'the way the pirate mechanics work at the moment, it will be the biggest nation with the most players, its inevitable' and it has been ignored for the this long while the issue grows and grows. It is at a tipping point.
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