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  1. It would be batter that there would be another way to force your enemy to surrender except boarding.
  2. At the time of 12:00 GMT,the AUSCF create a assault on Tulum,the gate of the Yucatan.As we protect them few times before,we plan to defend it another time.However,we are alone,and the enemy we fight against used to be our friends. Everything we have is 15 player with 1dura 3rd Rates linerships,the opposite side have 7 players more and double the BR with 5 1st Rates.We managed to sink 2 3rd rate ships to make the BR different down to 1.9 and tried to focus on the Santisma,but we unable to sink it before the battle over.Finally we quitted the battle with 2 frigates lost,and abondoned the port we used to defend. Now I'm here to introduce my clan [VVVV] to you as the creator and tell you everything happened today before everyone forget it.We are group of Chinese player who join the Great Britain.We used to farm near Great Corn and met the AUSEZ clan there.Then we moved to Truxillo to respond the invite of AUSEZ. As we are chinese clan,we are unable to attend most of the actions of the GB council because of the timer.So the only port battle we are able to join is defending the Tulum with AUSEZ and GNF clan. Then the AUSEZ leave the Great Britain,we refused to join the Pirates with them.I used to dream of the AUSEZ back to GB someday and the British council will stop them before the disputes grow larger.Just before the AUSCF siege the Tulum,we got the intell and asked the council for help,but no one seems to help.The German clan gave up their former base and we forced to defend the Tulum by ourselves. After the battle,we all back to Truxillo,we don't know when the AUSCF clan will attack it and if there are anyone could help.We will lost every thing if we failed to defend Truxillo.The only thing we can do may joining the Pirates so we won't lost our resource and blueprints at last. At last,I would complain that there are too many benefits for Pirates,especially when one country fail to defend itself.One won't need to loss anything after switch to pirates.Your outpost,your blueprints,and even resources won't lost if you move them to a nearby freetown,and if the pirate take the port,you don't need to do transporting at all !What a ridiculous design!To be honest,I have no idea about what I should do about our clan,but the story of a small chinese clan in Naval Action still to be continued.However the difficult is,we manage to make fun from this game all the time.
  3. I'm so pity that we didn't get such number of people here to Selam to help you guys.If so,we might able to fight against spainish till the SLRN finish their campaign against French.Then the situation won't be so bad.
  4. There are few things need to be proved. 1. It is good to make it more realistic for the hull damage,but you need to made it realistic too for the crew.The ships used to surrender before it get sunk due to too many crew get killed. 2. It is much better to cancel the cool down time for teleport between outposts.While it is unfair for the attackers in port battle,as the defender have more advantages when teleport there players to defend than sail 1 hour to attack. 3. Can anyone give me the reason to build 3rd Rate ships of line for port battle?The 32 pd cannon can not hurt the 1st Rates anymore!Do something for the 32 pd and 24 pd long cannon or just let the 3rd rates ships join the deep water port battle.In my opinion,just do the both. 4. The Ais in fleet orders just go crazy.They shoot each other and go far away from the center,but they can not sink because of the new DM.Just make them smarter. 5. Add constitution BP drop for ESSEX plz!No one want to craft a frigate that can not drop blueprints! 6. Unless you guys want to keep the numbers of the Ingermanland in a low grade,then please increase the drop rate of the BP.Every one need to craft Frigate for this BP and the drop rate is really low.
  5. Cid Pahlavi

    Hotfix 9.73

    The price of produce iron ore in ore mine changed from 26 to 74 each.After you increased the price of iron ore in the market from 58,74,86,95,103,122 to 149,finally you changed the price of production building.GOOD WORK!
  6. It is not a good idea to wait them change automatically.
  7. After the update,the sell price of compass wood in consuming port reached 1500 gold each,while you can still collect them in production building with 528 gold each.One can earn 486000 gold per day only by selling compass wood that he collect in his compass wood forest,and players in Denmark-Norway even don't have to take the risk of being robbed,compass wood is consumed in their home port,only thing they need to do is collect all the wood and teleport.This thing can easily cause the money over issue and ruin the economy. Another thing I fell upset is the price of iron ore,which is the second biggest metals in demand of ships crafting,reached 149 each,only cheaper than gold and compass wood.This made the prime cost of ships much more higher than before. In my opinion,the price of compass wood should turn back to the level before the patch,and the price of iron ore should down to the 95 or lower.If you want to increase the income of trading,do something about the country goods please.
  8. yes,the outpost there in Great Corn made it really convenient to get ships from our allies
  9. Damn!After moved outpost to Tulum 3 days before,we had to build a new outpost near cuba!
  10. After the rolled back,one of my friend found that all his things in his account back to the condition in last week. His XPs changed from 12000/20000 to 2000/20000,gold ships and other items lost,and even his Cerberus sold last week return! Could someone explain and do something for it?My friend is in PVP1 EU server and his name is chailang.
  11. Did you fixed pirates attack pirates?The pirates would get more XPs and Golds due to PVP rewards increased.
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