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  1. It would be batter that there would be another way to force your enemy to surrender except boarding.
  2. At the time of 12:00 GMT,the AUSCF create a assault on Tulum,the gate of the Yucatan.As we protect them few times before,we plan to defend it another time.However,we are alone,and the enemy we fight against used to be our friends. Everything we have is 15 player with 1dura 3rd Rates linerships,the opposite side have 7 players more and double the BR with 5 1st Rates.We managed to sink 2 3rd rate ships to make the BR different down to 1.9 and tried to focus on the Santisma,but we unable to sink it before the battle over.Finally we quitted the battle with 2 frigates lost,and abondoned th
  3. I'm so pity that we didn't get such number of people here to Selam to help you guys.If so,we might able to fight against spainish till the SLRN finish their campaign against French.Then the situation won't be so bad.
  4. yes,the outpost there in Great Corn made it really convenient to get ships from our allies
  5. Damn!After moved outpost to Tulum 3 days before,we had to build a new outpost near cuba!
  6. After the rolled back,one of my friend found that all his things in his account back to the condition in last week. His XPs changed from 12000/20000 to 2000/20000,gold ships and other items lost,and even his Cerberus sold last week return! Could someone explain and do something for it?My friend is in PVP1 EU server and his name is chailang.
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