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  1. Hey if you're still looking AUSEZ is recruiting. Check out our recruitment thread or feel free to PM
  2. Still saving the King mate haha. We are just over 40 now, slowly growing
  3. Pensioners of the high seas! Unfortunately no resistance to spice things up.
  4. Why do people always hate on AUS? Global server is for global community. If you cant handle it go/stay on PVP EU
  5. Hey mate, we take all skill levels. We originally played on EU as well. More than happy to help bring you back up to speed. Just jump on the discord or shout out in game and someone will get you sorted
  6. Thankyou good sir! It has been a pleasure thus far wishing you the best as well!
  7. What kind of popcorn is everyone eating while they watch (read) this?
  8. I thought it was a maximum limit not a minimum requirement
  9. Surely the reason they didn't bring cannons was to save them the cost of replacing them as they knew they would be sinking?
  10. I find it entertaining that the only defensive argument being made is that the French didn't bring cannons, despite the fact that the presence of cannons has no bearing on what has been accused
  11. I think it would be cool if there was a proper plotting system that showed distance and approximate time to travel rather than just the red line on the compass. I think the red line makes things a tad too easy but I agree that it is very handy haha
  12. Alot has changed! But we will help bring you up to speed! Look forward to sailing with you mate.
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