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Found 12 results

  1. Strength in Unity! That is our motto, and we play to it. You need to play Games like Naval Action together with friends like us, to get all the fun out of them! All Captains are Welcome to apply to the Saint George Squadron! We are steadily growing, and are always actively searching for new members to join our great society! We try to shine amongst other clans by our gentleman-style rules, respect to others, ranking system, wikipedia, out of game rewards, achievements, cooperative actions, training and much more! The Squadron has already existed for over 15 years! Hip hip huzzay! We only require you to cooperate with our naming policy on our forums, where all the small roleplay and management of the Squadron takes place. Also, we do not accept ingame nicknames that are tasteless, violating or in any other way seen as unfit to the Squadron. Ask our officers if you are unsure! We will find solutions if you really are interested in our forum activities. http://www.st-george-squadron.com https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/board/index.php We do not require you to be a hardcore gamer, or online most of the day. We have a system where you need to be active in our Forums or Discord only once a month AFTER you have passed the Patronage period. We also have our own wikipedia that is almost its own game universe already! Ours is a great clan for those who are taking it easy and just love to explore different areas of the game! For voice communication we have moved from Teamspeak to Discord. The invitation links to our channel can be acquired on our forums, or through any of our officers. S! Captains! The ‘St George’ Squadron of the White is a society dedicated to Captains of His Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy. Squadron is already 15 Years old and still going. The oldest members still playing have been in the squadron almost long as the Society has existed. We are naval enthusiasts, gamers, keen role-players and above all passionate patriots. We will in-game play our parts with good natured professionalism, ruthlessness and chivalry. All qualities that we admire in people who may wish to join this growing Squadron. Our squadron is built on the principles and traditions of the Royal Navy. Our inspiration is of Britain's long naval history, great naval heroes and the doctrine in which they lead their men and fought their battles. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reputation. Every member of our Squadron from Gentlemen to Sea Lords are important to the success of our Squadron, and each are imbued with a sense of belonging to a “Band of Brothers” in the great tradition of Nelsonic philosophy. Our team spirit is highly relished, and any member who has joined so far will tell you that the friendships they have gained by joining will no doubt be friendships for life. We are a diverse group, of many nationalities, cultures and ages…..but as a society we are one, and that togetherness will be our success. The Squadron was founded in February 2004 by 6 original members who met of the forums for the game Pirates of the Burning Sea. From the start they decided to build a small guild of friends rather than a large super guild. It was decided to base the Squadron on the sprit of the Nelson era as this was a time of courage, honor and allowed captains a level of initiative not seen in the rigid battle lines of the earlier period. SGS Naval Action Constitution SGS Home Page Forums
  2. J'ai ouvert un petit blog afin de publier mes aventures en jeu sous une forme rp, histoire de faire partager le plaisir que je prend sur ce jeu et lui donner éventuellement un peu plus de visibilité. https://french-naval-action.blogspot.com/ J'avais déjà commencé il y a plusieurs mois sur le forum NA-france et j'avais quelques brouillons non publiés même si je ne pense pas publier en rétroactif, mais mon rythme de connection actuel, plus espacé me laissera justement peut être plus de temps pour le rp. Voici la liste de mes navires actuels ainsi que leurs capitaines. - Basic Cutter / Cotre : Panis - Trader Lynx / Goélette de 8 cannons : Vuivre - Privateer / Goélette à hunier : L'Agile , Capitaine Germain Lacroix - Niagara / Brigantin-senau : L'Incisif - Hercule / Corvette : Diane , Capitaine Damien Vigouroux - Cerberus / Corvette / frégate légère de 26 cannons : L'Hermerillon - Le Requin / Chebec / Xebec : Vigoureux , Capitaine Auguste de Magnanville - Endymion / Frégate de 24lb / Frégate de 40 cannons : L'Epone , Capitaine Leopold Maillard de la Thine - Indefatigable / Frégate de 44 cannon : Aquilon - Agamemnon / vaisseau de 64 cannons : Roland , Capitaine De Gallouédec Cette liste sera complétée a mesure des récits et des pertes/acquisitions.
  3. (First off - this is MEANT as a RP piece so if you guys can't keep true to form you can hello kitty off somewhere else) HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The great danish-norwegian governor-general Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe hereby solemnly declares: "In the light of the recent carribean-wide events, and in full knowledge of the darkness that is slowly decending over the ports and peoples of the carribean, the danish-norwegian nation declares that we will fight these cossack rables whereever they may be! Their embarrasing use of deceit and treachery to avoid a battle at Aguadilla has done nothing to quelch the fires of defiance that now embody every danish, norwegian, icelandic and faroesislanders hearth and soul" he said as he took another deep puff on his havana cigar. "Trade *puff* *puff* will flow as vividly as allways" he added. It is believed that the russians has bought the french cowards of the former ACN clan, now of the VCA of the former great nation of La France. "What has really been disheartening, has been the low depths the former french friends has sunken to. I hold the ideals of the republic, Egalite, Fraternity et Liberte, in such high regard. And the very culture and history of this once great nation has always been close to my hearth - only to see them so dastardly betrayed by their own les citoyens. Truly a dark day for all mankind in these waters" he sighed whilst puffing on the cigar. The Governor-General has now called for a carribean-wide (wo)manhunt on the treacherous sea-captain called CASSARD - 1000 casks of rum and the finest cotton sails as a bounty! "But now" he continued.. "in this our darkest moment, we will to the world - and the carribean in particular, declare that we will fight this scurge of cowards and traitors! We will fight them in the hills, we will fight them in the seas.. We will fight them from the ports of liberty and we will never back down! never surrender! never bend a knee to tyranny and greed! And we will prevail, we will conquer and we will defeat them in the manner most appropriate gentlemen of the seas - in contested battles not being won by treachery in the night! To the carribean possesions at the moment under the oppresion of the cossack hordes we state: The night is darkest before the dawn, and though the winter seems cold and as if it will never loosen its grip - Look towards the east and we will come! Look for that crimson and white, the cross that will bear the sign of liberty to all!" Signed Governor-General Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe Et à nos amis français La chanson commence à 3:12
  4. NATIONAL NAVAL REGISTER Naval Action and Occurrences in the Caribbean, Gulf and West Atlantic All new National Naval Registers will be posted in this thread, in order to cut down on thread spamming. New Format, allows for a better layout but it has some compression issues. Will work on that for the next one. Back Issues 1st March 20th Feb 19th Feb 18th Feb 15th Feb 5th Feb 2nd Feb 31st Jan 26th Jan 24th Jan 21st Jan
  5. Though Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen usually were a calm, collected man, he found himself clenching his fast with pure rage and fury upon hearing the news of a drunken Swedish offensive within Dano-Norwegian sovereignty. How he longed for the days where the nations engaged with honest warfare, rather than the repeated skirmishes by foolish privateers; the shortage of direct conflict, had resulted in him being removed from the island of Christiansted, the standing orders of the admiralty had indeed placed him and his crew within the vicinity of Vieques,- To patrol and protect the trade shipping in the region. He could but read with regret and horror, of how at least three Danish vessels had reached the bottom of the sea, while another actually fell into the hands of the swedes themselves; damn that foolish captain, he could at the very least have honoured his duty to go down, rather than to empower the swedes further with his ship! The survival of some of the crew were of no concern,- The northern regions of Europe never had a shortage of able bodied men longing for a life at sea; much like he, himself had when he was a younger lad. Within long Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen found himself with other concerns, a large British vessel had been sighted just west of Vieques- A third rate the merchants claimed, and so Pedersen found himself hoisting all sails, even bringing his own handkherchief up the mast to acquire as much speed as he possibly could- And sure enough the third-rate came within sight, the masts towering up in the distant horizon, but fortunately enough Pedersen soon found himself joined for the approaching battle by two other captains- Another Trincomalee and a Surprise. The three Danish ships engaged the lonely third-rate, the battle swift and decisive, Pedersen himself aiming at the sails of the enemy with his first volley, in order to cut down some of the rigging and slow down that beast of a ship,- while the other Danish Trincomalee engaged with the enemy’s port side, swapping broadside for broadside, the brit certainly appeared occupied with the engagement, allowing Pedersen an opportunity to sail up at the deadzone of the ship and tackle hard to port; guns roared out as his starboard batteries pummelled into the stern of the ship, swiftly accompanied by the sound of splintering wood and the cries of horror from the wounded and dying. The broadside was most certainly efficient, smashing the English captain’s quarters into a pile of splinters and broken glass. Not a sound was heard on Pedersen ship as they then swapped position with the other Trincomalee, allowing the ally to fall back and alternate sides while Pedersen took the beating the brits could deliver; the first broadside had little effect, but soon enough the heavy shells began to explode and punch holes straight through Pedersen’s vessel, cutting down at sixty-nine of his crew in the end; and if such was not bad enough, the direction of the wind and the third-rate forced Pedersen to come up close, his starboard side soon smashing into the brit’s port side, and before anyone knew what was happening, the by now desperate brit threw lines and hooks over Pedersen’s Trincomalee, hauling him closer and closer; had it not been for the bosun’s bravery, the boarding would have been a success, the bosun rushed out, cleaving line after line while encouraging the crew to persist with it. Thankfully the wind soon shifted enough for Pedersen’s ship to turn to port and disengage, acquiring the distance he longed for between himself and the third rate. Soon however the Danish captain, Dansehesten which manned a Surprise came sailing up along the starboard side of the third-rate, hammering him with the guns and receiving quite a beating in return,- Dansehesten’s aim was true however, igniting the enemy’s ship, setting it ablaze and shortly thereafter the brit sank to the bottom of the sea. For a few moments the three surviving captains fished up the surviving British crew, toasted to each other’s health, and departed for their respective duties.
  6. Short summary: Battle starts around 4pm EST(9pm GMT?) 11(Spain)vs1(United States) with 1 Spanish Surprise tackling 1 American 3rd Rate outside the port, battle commences and a very short time later both the surprise and American 3rd enter battle. Spanish players trickle in, American Belle Poule and another 3rd join in the defence. We have taken the Parole of those Spanish officers who survived the fight, they await in the city with hopes of a diplomatic resolution so that they may return to their homeland. The well trained crew will be kept in a camp until peace occurs, of course we find some Americans talking with these crewmen to tell of the wonders of America, of democracy, and of freedom... time will tell if this has any effects. Thanks for the fight Spain!
  7. EDIT: Changed for better chronological flow of articles/
  8. Inter clan operations and even meetings with rival Factions or Pirates can be conducted at The Naval Congress of the Americas : ts56.teamspeak3.com:7075 Anyone behaving inappropriately will be forthwith barred, though they may still represent through proxy. pax satis fida nec iustitia
  9. I really don't want to make these so rapidly, but they don't take that long to make, so I thought I'd make another just because some of the events may not be chronicled by any other means. There are some mistakes because I made it much later in the night then I usually work on stuff.
  10. (I hope this is tongue and cheek enough for everyone to realize this is not really serious. There are some formatting errors, but I think it worked out well for a first try. Thanks, of course to Prater, who pioneered the technique of making these Front Pages.)
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