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  1. Gunboat endurance race would be more amusing. The person that can do the most laps in a gunboat around some stationed ships wins before everyone capsizes.
  2. Logs weigh a lot, and it's in a shallow port so Indiaman is out of the question.
  3. I have contracts I can't actually pickup atm because of the trade ship cargo hold nerf. If I attempted to do so I'd lose most of the contract since they aren't in outposts.
  4. Event isn't a bad idea. The problem is currently (at least on PvP) the developer wanted us to fight over the chests. There are many problems with this. 1. Fighting on the way means that you can't be getting to and searching wrecks, so this won't happen. 2. Those with outposts nearby will simply loot the wrecks first (You can hold multiple chests) and sail back to their outposts before the rest of those going to the even will get there so there is no point in those players fighting over nothing.
  5. Unarmed (As in without meaningful armament) trade ships need a boost to cargo space. The real life advantage of merchant ships was they were designed to be managed by a significantly smaller crew then a warship therefore reducing the biggest cost in operating a ship, which was paying the crew. This is a non factor in the game since we don't pay wages. Some merchant vessels where rigged to be managed entirely from the deck for a very small crew.
  6. Not sure where this Spanish claim is coming from anyway of Dutch or British screening for U.S. offensive flag pulls. Cuyo was done by U.S. players alone, reclaiming Vacas U.S. players alone, maybe at Baja there where some, I was not present at that one so I can't say. Regardless politics is here and as we can clearly see those involved in this treaty are not the national majorities and now national opinion is setting up things quite differently.
  7. Most people will drink the koolaid when shinies are dangled in their face and the first words of a patch notes are alluding to further shinies if you upvote.
  8. Issues immediately present. Sociable makes no sense in that what is the point of the two minute join timer, your left hand is undoing what your right hand is doing. Trying to hold your customers hostage with promises of new content if ratings go up on steam. Seriously poor form. Game is sliding away from reality. Rattlesnake currently is already over armed in game to anything it could carry in real life and now you put in a version carrying even more armament making it the best damn OW ship in entirety if available there. Hold increase for warships is not bad it was over restrictive and prevented AI trader hunting but reducing trade ship cargo at the same time really diminished their reason to be used. Agamemnon should have been used to replace the '3rd' 3rd Rate not made a 4th rate... are you only going to make 74s 3rd rates now?
  9. Flip side ramming to board, 50% marines and attack mods that are more powerful then cannon themselves isn't realistic either. There is a reason many many ships in this era have tumblehome curve, not only does it reduce top weight and lower the CoG it makes boarding by force very difficult because the waterlines of ships will touch and still leave a large gap between decks. I'm not a fan of determined defender though and I look at it as hopefully a temporary bandaid to how powerful and easy it is to force a boarding atm. I hope that boarding becomes much more refined then this:
  10. It's the first step in making Pirates more then copy paste nation with perks for sure. This will be important in the long term to offer an entirely different way of playing Naval Action. Just like how low sec pirates in Eve where so different then Alliances in 0 security.
  11. "I have no authority to speak with you.", words of your own diplomat. Second attempt U.S. envoys waited two hours for your diplomat which never came to speak with them. Impossible to offer anything when the other party flat out refuses to speak or compromise. Your nation accepted this treaty assuming it would provide you a target with no support from the coalition. What you didn't realize is that U.S. has always honored agreements with the Dutch and British and they had no intention of letting this treaty divide our partnerships.
  12. U.S. isn't part of this treaty you will notice. The Spanish absolutely refused to speak with U.S. on it. No confusion at all.
  13. Why do you think a capital means much of anything atm in this game? U.S. 'capital' isn't their real capital. Btw, Mantanzas is the same time from Islamorada as Cayo Vacas due to Cayo Vacas being on the north side of the island. Again this shows you simply desire a short range launching point against Florida.
  14. So you ask the U.S to tolerate a Spanish assault point at Cayo Vacas and Las Tortugas against U.S. ports that is extremely difficult to respond and cuts west and east Florida off from each other. Yet don't wish to tolerate a U.S port being in such proximity to your own ports. See, here again you are showing your true intentions of future aggression. Cayo de Sal and La Anguilla has been stated many time as acceptable being in Spanish hands. Cayo Vacas and Las Tortugas are not, The Florida keys being in U.S. hands makes the assault distances equal. In Spanish hands it makes it to the Spanish advantage and changes nothing about the U.S. being able to attack North Cuba from Islamoralda, Mimbres, and many other ports that are equal distant.
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