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  1. You built a perfect platform and enviroment for a pver who wants to just mind his own business grinding AI in his safe pen and occasionally venture out with his 6 buddies to high-five each other after steamrolling some lone wanderer who was hauling mats from point A to B for getting the next shiny gear piece for more efficient AI farming. Now you attempt to trick this demographic into taking on challenges and god forbid maybe learn something in the process after all this time of rewarding mediocrity and collective steamrolling and gearwall climb? You sir truly like to live dangerously lol
  2. Will this have any plans for multiplayer? I can't deny that running down humans with my failfit (copper plating + speed rig) 5 slot horsie that I stole from the front of a tavern from another player who spent weeks grinding pve for it and riding into sunset looking for adventures has me intrigued. So any plans for this day-zish human hunting simulator/survival in the wild west frontier setting or just strictly pve?
  3. Where do you think you got the combat feedback from? From wolves running down rabbits and telling you how to balance the game around it? For some reason all these ''wolves'' took their time and stopped hunting rabbits to participate in tournament somehow, hmm..definitely no demand for wolf meat anywhere to be seen. There is no pretending here, maybe you don't like to fight wolves but to project it onto everyone else implying you know what others want more than themselves is a bit arrogant, don't you think? Quality of fights > quantity of fights any time of the day, ask any seasoned pvp wolf and go look into magic moments topic if you forgot.
  4. Tinkering ROE does not change the fundamental factor that the game is full of PVE players not interested in pvp'ing since you offered so many options to avoid pvp and skip it since EA by adding missions and safe zones. Regarding instant closed battles, I was not there anymore but if I remember correctly, rakers were the first ones pushing for WYSIWYG ROE ( 2 min timers was pretty fine I think, not sure why you removed it) implying it would improve group sailing cohesion and make people more self-aware of their surroundings but this playerbase wants to just warp into instances from beyond visual range because ganking and surrounding lone targets on OW under the mask of ''exciting and fun and you never know what surprise comes around the corner tee-hee''.
  5. Is this some crafty damage control PR or do you really think like this? Here's some reality so don't mind me telling like it is - you managed to create an environment of abundant grass fields for all kinds of grass eaters and surrounded them with all kinds of artificial safety measures so they would never transform or move out of their grass fields because they could safely reach end content inside their greenhouse. You put so much grass on their plate that pvp is something they might TRY once in a blue moon for lulz. Numbers show you that PvP is somekind of a side-feature here that is slapped on to a heavilly pve abundant game because risk reward ratio is so heavily favoring safe pve progression. I can imagine that you created this environment for ''wolves'' that are okay with farming harmless plankton, sheep, rabbits - whatever you name it - on a constant repeat. No wonder any self respecting pvper leaves this enviroment because they would have to plow through tons of plankton to find one inspiring fight where they can actually get excited and think: ''wow, this dude actually knows what he is doing.'' so here's a plot twist: wolves and pvers didn't mix that well as you might believe and as the numbers show - they are two different mindsets playing different games and you will be forever forced to sit on two chairs unless sacrificing one for another. disclaimer: uninstalled this game because of 100 boring fights to 1 interesting fight ratio, never lost a dura to a player since this game hit EA. Finding another wolf was like searching for a needle in the hay on OW. Rewards don't concern me - an interesting/inspiring fight is a reward itself actually. Regarding the topic - seems like another episode from the series of ''Hold my beer - I got this.'' No hard feelings - I still like you for what you achieved! And my deepest condolences go out to those poor deceived ones who joined this game thinking this was about RvR with majority players interested in pvp.
  6. it's 'hardcore' now But on a serious note - never let this or any game stall your rl events, just alt+f4 (uninstall) is enough of a cure for a retarded mechanic.
  7. It seems the newspeak for grind is ''manifesting your true dedication to game through repeatable actions'' oh and long term goals. One does not enter Asian market without a proper grindwall and lottery drops!
  8. There is no grind, okay. Why don't you invite a friend who has not played your game yet and let him loose in your game and observe if he has as much success as you do from the get go because you obviously already know all the tricks and tips.
  9. I understand this game's appeal towards Koreans and Chinese mmo markets since Korean mmo's probably inspired NA grind but I thought Japanese only liked to play fast paced arcade anime games? Anyway what are those things you plan to fix that will increase fun?
  10. Pull the plug on OW already and let's move on to next project, trust me - nothing better than a fresh start after all that baggage!
  11. Because majority of OW people don't know what they are doing and look at timers from the victim point of view (someone in this thread mentioned that 80% of his targets are afk sailing while getting tagged) so this 10 min is their last hope before impending doom, then again majority also wanted ow and other features. You stopped open development also because what majority wants is not always the best for game right?
  12. When do you start making this beef dish? You made perfect containment game for your plant lovers (80-90% OW players who spend majority of their time pve'ing around) and now that this crowd is covered with plenty of grass to eat, we'd like some wolf meat! Also this thread in a nutshell:
  13. Have you ever thought that maybe after eating 1000 sheep you want some wolf meat too because it gets kind of repeatable and easy or you are happy with only chasing sheep just like the sheep are happy just grinding pve and AI? Quality pvp and challenging opponents are 1000x more fun than farming countless of sheep who don't even know or play this game for pvp. 100 sheep kills will not make up for one good fight against another wolf imo but maybe it will take another 12 months to reach this discovery.
  14. It's a good indicator when your average player is suddenly only focusing on masts then something went wrong somewhere but your volatile revenge nerfs make it look like you don't quite anticipate things that could potentially happen before you implement them up to the point that it's getting quite entertaining from sidelines
  15. Hello la-la land, please continue explaining how NA is mainly RvR game when admin pretty much confirmed that only miniscule percentage of total population after EA took part in it or even went near a PB. It's entertaining to read but you don't have to. I think they finally realized it too, hence making a seperate game that revolves around their greatest achievement so far (hint: combat). Well these questions were asked already like a year ago before pvp marks was even a topic on an idea level but the development handwriting seems to be ''shoot first - ask questions later''.
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