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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Servers don't respond to log-in

    The servers aren't accepting logins..
  2. quoted from @hammerhaj on a locked post. "Other Randoms of the all mighty KoC. I saw his most magical moment in the game, was nightflips, after 5 fakes and our ppl finally stopped giving a shit. Now, you have been dedicated! Cya around, have fun at global. Stop already with the crying, servers might get merged at some point, although I hope they dont. EU server is pure now and people dare to play again. " don't worry you can sleep well. the big bad Americans wont hurt you any more. I love how u say people stopped caring. but that night your side fielded 40 captains in line ships (not our fault u decided to 2/3 fill 2 port battles instead field 1 full fleet and 10 in the other..... pro call from you fleet commanders right there) . I wish the USA fleet would had those kinda numbers when they didn't care or when sorry ran up the east coast. but hey what's in the past is in the past. You got ur way so be happy about it. as far as servers go.... what we have is what we are going to have for a long time. so both side are just going to have to deal with it and move on. or go paly some other game. love your word choice "pure" love the touch of Nazism in there.
  3. First let me preface this with a couple of things: I know that this has been discussed a lot. Please keep your responses civil, rational, and with out personal attacks to other people offering their feedback. Ping is not a big issue due to the nature of the game. People can be very competitive with a 100 - 300 ping. Okay, so, with that said... There's no reason for the community to be split in two anymore. Period. Before the recent wipe I played on PVP 1 (i think, the EU one which ever number that actually was. It's been a while) I live on the East Coast of the USA, and some of the most fun gameplay I have ever had in an 18th century sailing game was had doing pvp there. It was glorious being able to fight UK, British, French, Spanish, and a host of other nations representing their actual nation. That was beautiful. It was fun, it was engaging and it created a very unique environment unseen in any other MMO like this where pvp is a large focus of the game. Now, a couple arguments as to why the servers were split in the first place were because the US players would create port battles that happened late night EU time. They claim, or claimed that this was unfair, and unbalanced, or what ever other term they chose to use at the time to argue against doing this. They unfortunately did not see though that it works both ways. During EU prime time the US nation saw a lot of port battles while the majority of its player base were at work, unable to get into the game. That's truly no different from EU players being asleep. Top that off though with the fact that even in the US nation we had a lot of German, and UK players playing with us as well. Which was a lot of fun. I am certain other nations had US players in their ranks as the French, Spanish, and UK fleets are rather attractive to a lot of Americans to sait sail for due to the history of those navies. Now, after the wipe I started on the EU pvp server fighting for the British. At peek time during the weekend I saw about 1200 people online. Which is a healthy server population. During non peak times I saw the player base dip down into the 300 - 500 range. On the Global PVP Server we see a peak of 400 players maybe 450. However, that being said, I have yet to see it really dip that far below 200. The lowest I have seen was 175 at 0400 EST. So... What I am getting at is, why not merge the servers again. Please, for the sake of increasing the population and increasing the pvp and conquests going on. With the new pvp token and conquest token system it is only hurting players not to be able to find regular fights. If you combined the servers, the lowest population might see about 475 people ish. Where as during the peek mutual hours we could see as many as two thousand and all players could be having a great deal of fun fighting each other. I sail with Tattered Flags, and some of the best pvp we have had has been with good mannered Brits, and French players. With good games tossed back and forth to either side. Laughing about people exploding, or sinking slowly, and generally just having a good time. TL;DR - Don't be lazy, if you have something to say on the topic please read what I had to say. It is only a page in length.
  4. As the title implies I believe it would be advantageous to only have a single PVP server. Higher population which leads to more accurate testing Night flips will happen, but to both sides of the world equally, so who can really complain? (oh, they nightflipped us, *as they think back to the 20 times we nightflipped them*) Saves on some confusion in the forums between pvpEU & NA Smaller nations will be able to field 25 in a port battle Will support the recent economic and crafting changes more since it brings in a larger teamwork based system Can have two servers directing towards the same map for everyone, much like how Call of Duty runs. Server Ping actually isnt as bad as everyone makes it, I am in Colorado with a copper connection and get 199-300 ping on eu, which is actually very playable in this slower pace game... can of course optimize the servers more, especially if it turns out you are saving money... Perhaps higher retention rate of players since there will be more players, causing game to rise in the steam market = more players = more money Of course the last one is a bit of a theory, but i believe it will be the case if more players stick around since there will be more help readily available to play the game at a more enjoyable rate. The PVE players can of course keep their server, although, it would be cool to have them in the same server as the PVP players as well, and their safe zone could be. idk.... THAT BEAUTIFUL AREA WEST OF MEXICO IN THE PACIFIC. <--- wanted this to get seen. Which of course all players could access and leave accordingly. Perhaps trade wouldnt be as good over there, but still good enough to enjoy the trade, and enough ai on the open waters to enjoy just pve. How to balance the pve marks and pvp marks then? a zone could be made so that it excludes certain ships, somewhat like port battles do. A ship made with the lowered PVE amount of marks would only be able to combat in the west Pacific side of Mexico. For example... "Santissima" is the normal name. "Santissima" notice the italics, could be the name for a ship that can only combat in the pve region. I am sure this could be coded in, since other exclusions have been in this game. I hope these ideas are seriously considered, because I believe the main problem to be (and I have been playing for over a year and a few months now) too low of a population. On the basis that when pvpNA had 1k+ players this was the most fun game to play ever, period. When there is now 50-120 on, it sucks. A LOT. With the idea of 3 servers, this is what makes this problem, with a SINGLE unified server, it would have at the very least a few hundred players at most times, which would be fantastic! Also, the nightly maintenance thing. Id say make it noon in the middle of an ocean where nowhere plays for 1 hour, OR even Make a daily downloadable hot fix, like Gaijin does when it changes its servers' settings. Godspeed all, OneEyedSnake
  5. Hi there, I primarily played on PvE US before the server got moved and renamed. Though my character retains his rank on the other servers, all of my assets are on PvE, which now has the same ping time as the European PvP server (now 100ms vs. 19ms for the US PvP server and the US PvE server formerly, which leads me to surmise that the PvE server was moved across the Atlantic). If there's any chance that the developers would consider creating a US PvE mirror (i.e. same player assets and progress as the original PvE server), that would be very much appreciated on this side of the pond. Cheers all--
  6. Being a pirate sick of all the rats playing as nats on PvP1, I am considering switching to PvP2. Any clans that are pvp based and indifferent on conquest recruiting?
  7. I have a suggestion for the Guilds, Clans and Trading companies forum. Under the main Forum topic, could a sub-forum be added for each of the servers? That would solve alot of confusion and also you can look for the clans only in whatever server you are playing instead of having to scroll through all of them from every server. Cheers, 8Q
  8. Any idea how long the servers will be down? I can't seem to find a post about it in the forums.
  9. Hey all, I feel like the community would really benefit by having a name by which to call their respective server rather than just PVP1, 2, and etc. I feel that by using these current names, it breaks what would otherwise be an exciting, traditional MMO feel - near all of the most past and present successful MMOs don't name their servers by just 1, 2, 3, etc, but by something related to the game (either by lore, in-game terms, or etc). For example, naming the EU PVP server "Windjammer" or something like that, while naming the NA PVP server "Spinnaker". Or any other of the endless, cool sounding nautical and sailing terms there are out there. What does everyone else think? And thank you for reading!
  10. Hi Like in the title. I've backed this game from the time of sea trials and there was not so much plp in the game, thtas because it was not realesed and there was never a problem whit getting in on server. But now game is out on steam and there is so much more plp who wants to play, and thats gr8, but I have some gold on server 1 and I cant get log in to it because it full so I get in to server 2 and f&*^ yeah I on whit my exp, basic cutter and 0 gold! I know that this is maybe because of the multi acconts thats can be used to exploit that feature, maybe. I dont have a time to play the same gind on three difrent severs, I need monye to buy a ship on other servers!!! OR AM I DONIG SOMETHING WRONG? CHeers, gr8 game.
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