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  1. Anyone know how to use the Gunnery Encyclopedia Blueprint? Last time I had one I right clicked on use & it just disapeared! I've looked everydhere for it.
  2. Every time a change is made to correct something on the PVP server it is also applied to the PVE server. The gameplay on the PVE server is different from the PVP server and many of these changes have a profound effect on gameplay for the PVE server. For example, all the ports that are now Neutral after the patch will stay Neutral forever on the PVE (since we can't capture), this has caused the NPC fleets to almost disappear! That coupled with what has been done to missions makes it near impossible for a single player to find interesting battles. On the other hand, there are so many things on that server that need attention that I guess it's not even worth the effort talking about it.
  3. JimDandy


    I recently bought a book note (Hammocks 5th rate), at the Admiralty store, clicked "use" and it disappeared. I am hoping that this book will add Hammocks (extra crew), to the ships I craft in the future. Can anyone tell me if this is correct or if not, how do you use the Books function? Thanks
  4. I left PVP over a year ago and have for the most part enjoyed my time on the PVE server. The most appealing thing to me is that I can play by myself without needing to coordinate with other players to go out ganking or some other silliness, or at a moment's notice have to defend a port. The downside is, of course, is that it can be terribly boring, other than doing missions & trading there's not much going on. my concern is the way missions have been changed, at least on the test server and it seems in the new release. On the testbed, we had larger ships so naturally to earn gold it made sense that I'd do a couple of missions & make some quick cash, not so! At least not at the level I used to play at. Without the Bot fleets, you are really hanging your buttt out there! Now if you go in with other players it's really fun but by myself (Captains mission w/ Frigate), whoa!. Now I've done literally hundreds of captains missions in my Essex & Frigate and have lost relatively few ships but this new setup forces you to chose a lower level mission like Master Commandant. You could take your own fleet but if you play 4 or 5 missions a day like I do it would become a full-time job building fleet ships. So I spent one morning this week (almost 4 hours), sitting & sailing around looking for NPC ships to engage (not traders), just like we used to do in the old days (before missions), well during that time I only had 3 battles (only 2 were worthwhile). Most of my time was spent idly scanning the horizon looking for sails. It occurred to me that if this is how it's going to be on the PVE that it's probably not worth the grind. So I'm at a crossroads, I know you have said that you will be working on the Missions for PVE as well as some other issues and for the most part, I try not to offer my opinions but I've decided to let er rip. 1) Dynamic Mission Matchmaker, Balance BR for missions add green Bots to balance teams. If multiple players enter then fewer or no green Bots. The ai should still maintain a BR advantage as they have in the past. This will allow single players such as myself to still participate in the most challenging missions without having to recruit a posse. 2) Rebalance Master Commandant level mission for class 5 ships only, no 4's, no 6's. This could be a very good mission! 3) Eliminate the restriction on player BR rating for missions. That is let the players have whatever size ship they want for any mission (I've noticed that a lot of guys on PVE like having overwhelming odds and it is PVE right, so no harm done unless the ai have a union we should be able to get away with this). 4) Eliminate 10/1 exchange rate for PVP marks, 1/1 would make sense. 5) Add Coal! I know that first one would probably take a lot of work but the others wouldn't take that much... would they?
  5. the same guys who always want things changed are now bitching about delays!
  6. Wait! one little change before the wipe... The language of the United States is English, not german, There are not any Commandant's in the US navy they are Commanders. I know, I know it's a minor thing but should be easy to correct, right?
  7. Yes a single/multi player version of NA would be fantastic! The fundamental design / mechanics of NA are so cool it just seems they could be put to better use. Maybe once the MMO version is completed... yeah right
  8. Awesome link! Looking forward to "riggers" bonus! Thanks
  9. If I understand what your saying correctly I would agree in so much as your sailing SOL's however Brigs & Frigates offer a much more limited number of options in terms of effective crew management. Again you have to do the math, the ratio of allotted crew vs number of guns vs gun crew size does not work out well for the class 5 & 6 ships.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I carry Gold: hammocks, Lt Carriages & Lt canvas, however I will not compromise my hull strength by building ships with crew space and since I enjoy the maneuverability of Frigates as opposed to the SOL's I use cannonades. Still I must compromise gun caliber for crew if I am to leave port with a full crew. The crew management features are helpful however it's a real pisser when you've lined up that perfect stern rake only to find that you have forgotten to unlock the "reserve" and your guns are empty!! Hate it when I do that!
  11. Yes it did! However in NA a Constitution with full armament requires 518 crew. In this game class 5 & 6 ships seem to be most adversely affected by the gun crew requirement. I once spent some time calculating all class 5 & 6 crew requirements... don't know what happened to my notes, it was awhile back, but the upshot was the allotted crews for these ships is woefully inadequate. With the introduction of splinter damage to the degree it has been employed this really matters. I know this won't be changed so it's really a mute point... I'm just say'in!
  12. I would just like to see realistic crew requirements! Maybe it's just me but the crew requirements as they now stand are screwed, try to picture what it would be like to be on the deck of one of these little ships (yes little just go visit a museum ship like the Constitution or the Trincomalee), with the number of crew the dev's think are needed to man the guns & sails, it would become an unmanageable mess... all assholes & elbows!. Our choice is to always sail under gunned or under crewed.
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