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  1. Ahoy Lads: Been a while since I posted or even sailed. I'm getting back in to it again so watch out for William Gold in the Mighty Yacht. My first magic moment was waaaaaaay back in sea trials. I had my first brig and we had a big battle. I think it was the U.S. against us Brits. I was in a line of battle and one of the devs in a Connie gave me a broadside and tore the livin shit out of my little brig. It was spectacular to see. I love the real Connie and even with the old GPU it looked great. Another time was when I looked in to the stern lights of one of my frigates and saw the furnishings (for lack of a better word) inside of the great cabin. After I rebuilt my gaming rig and got to use higher resolutions, I zoomed in and saw wood grain on the ship. I LOVE the graphics in this game. Lots of good fights. Lots of fun. See ya on the Sea.
  2. Well, I'm bringing the grill and hot dogs. Dogs love cheese so that means that cheese goes good with hot dogs,
  3. Ya know, that isn't a bad idea. Another option would be player sailing in a convoy with escorts. That would take some planning and would not work for "single" players.
  4. Country Joe. Real good music. We have big trout and great fly fishing. We have big deer, elk, moose. Mountains and prairie. Most of all, it's home. Come back.
  5. Hyperion74

    Jimmy Buffett

    I am a land locked lubber. Even river traffic couldn't get up as far as my location on the Missouri. I still dream of going to sea though. To ease the pain I listen to Jimmy Buffett songs. He is from Alabama, right on the sea so many of his songs are about sailing, the Caribbean, and Cheese Burgers in Paradise. If you are un-familiar with his work, check him out. Some of his titles: Pirate Looks at 40. Son of a Sailor. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Cheese Burger in Paradise. Livingston Saturday Night. This has nothing to do with the sea but I live in Montana and Livingston is in Montana. There is a song on his Christmas Album called A sailors Christmas, and Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum. I know that we tend to look for music that is good for a sea fight or a good chase but Jimmy just tells some good sea tales that make you feel better. I have been to sea, back when I was a young Marine, and long for it now and again. I will do so again before I die. I need my prairie and mountains a lot more. I can pixel sail in NA though. Fair Winds Lads.
  6. I'm not much for wine but I do think that cheese is a little bit of heaven. If there are any Europeans looking at this, tell me if ye can. Is cheese stupid expensive there like it is here. That manchego that Jean showed is like $10 an ounce where I live. That's some damme fine cheese though. This whole thread reminded me of a song. Heres the line. The song is "He went to Paris" written by Jimmy Buffett. But the warm summer breezes The French wine and cheeses Put his ambition at bay Summers and winters Scattered like splinters And four or five years slipped away
  7. I think that PvE players play on that server to avoid the PvP stupidity like the vendetta that was carried out between two clans and screwed the other players. Maybe we play there to avoid the win no matter who you screw super players/gankers. Maybe we avoid the PvP server because of the vile things typed in chat. There have been many, many threads on these forums about these types of foolishness. These are the things I see about PVP. I don't see much incentive to sail there. PvE is not easier and risk is irrelevant since, at this point, money is easy to come by. I sure don't see how the grand and almighty PvP server is more of a challenge. According to these forums, there is no one who is willing to have a good fight. I logged in daily, on PvE a month ago and there were about 100 players. Now, it is almost summer. People want to enjoy the sun and the grass needs to be mowed. The 4 years I sailed on POTBS, if memory serves, it was the same. When this thread first started it really made me angry. Some of the posts since made me angry again. There ain't a thing wrong with PvE and those who sail there. This is the point of view from an Evil PvE'er. Oh, I'm fat, bald, and I fucking smoke, so I am a worm. (this is sarcasm for those of you who can't tell) Bash me all you want, oh mighty PvP gods. I always try not to be divisive or type the foul language that I am prone to on these forums, but the thread is about dumb.
  8. PvE is pointless. Why waste your time? Um, because WE ENJOY IT. That's the point. Seems like pop is low on all of the servers. This will likely change.
  9. I quit this game a few weeks ago because I kept getting DC'ed. Oh, it was fine later on. I quit this game last week because the new version of ROOTS was on and since I was on vacation I actually went to sleep at sunrise. (work nights) Roots was really, really good. I quit last night because, as I claimed, in the forums, that one of the fowl birds pooped on my deck. Na, just funnin'. I will keep logging in for as long as I am able. Sometimes I will do so more than other times. When CIV 6 drops, y'all are on your own for a while. Pertaining to Justme's comment about the "filthy casual". I re-read it several times and feel that JM is pointing out the attitudes of other players who post on these forums. Those of us who are considered casual players do feel put upon by other posters who spew vitriol at us just because we play the way we do. I have been reading and posting here for about two years and see a lot of this. Some of the "hard core players" can be just down right stupid. There is my sermon. I play on PvE, and I can usually get in a bot fight or two before bed. Sometimes not, due to lack of anything on the water. The bots usually give a good fight. Since we are on equal footing here(pvp) I don't see how a people fight can be much better or worse. There's only so much you can do with a ship. Running out of time does really suck.
  10. I can understand why the Dev lads take some offense to what some of the posters say. Every time a patch comes there are a lot of "You broke this game!!! I quit you @#!(^&$ stupid @*%%#&%. I hope you ^^%&$ die." O.K., I'm getting a little extreme, but every patch there are far too many rage quit threats. That is not anything near constructive criticism.The devs are good to listen to us. We have seen that they listen to us. That makes me feel like I am contributing here. I do agree with Fluff and you others. We need players/testers to keep this game in business. To keep and attract more players, I guess that there needs to a bit more attention given to the things mentioned in the above posts. I am waiting for RvR to get a bit more like POTBS was(when it was good). When RvR gets worth it I will start sailing on the PvP server. It will take incentive for me to have to put up with the player drama generated in a MMO. This whole post is nothing more than how I feel. I wish to thank the devs for building this game. I think that they are doing a fine, fine job. When ever a patch is released I log in with anticipation of what new things I will notice. This alpha stage, to me, is like Christmas. Opening presents and playing with them. Sometimes we get socks. Oh well. . Some players can't seem to grasp the ALPFA thing. I wish that they would take a minute to let that fact sink in. I posted that we're alpha in another thread and got quoted and told that ALPFA is just an excuse. WTF, instant gratification should be a bag of potato chips which one opens and enjoys, not a game you know is still in development. If ye like something, stick with it. Great things take time and effort and experimentation. It took a long time to get from the first crappy light bulb to LED's. I love wooden war ships. I like the added feature of being able to sail in a realistic manner. I like that you need some skill to sail and shoot while in game. This is close the game I have always wanted. There is so so much that keeps me playing. There is also a lot that I still want to see. I ain't giving up and I wish that other players would take the same attitude. Take a break but don't quit. Stop crying doom and gloom when there is something you don't like. Open your presents when they come and ask nicely for batteries if it doesn't work for you. I will suggest to the devs that with the addition of the OS spy glass, you put scantily clad people on the beaches that we can ogle. Oh, one of them birds shit on my deck. Unacceptable! I QUIT!!!!!!!!
  11. I haven't been sailing as much lately and I did take a break during sea trials. This doesn't mean that I'm giving up on the game. As been said MANY times before on these forums. We are testing. The Adonis like DEV lads are taking their time to give us a great game. Can't add much to the conversation that hasn't already been said but I will keep at it. Oh, devs, I want an island that we can sail around and shoot dinosaurs. Just a thought.
  12. I play PvE so low pop is the norm. I don't know if the present low pop on PvP is the death knell for this game or not. I hope that it is not. In my own experience, I have not been sailing as much as usual. I have not felt like it. Simple as that. I sailed for several hours yesterday and had fun. Probably sail today too. The main changes I like in 9.8 is the no cool down teleport. I can see what is going on in my other outposts of see what ships are on the market. Makes things easier. Eases the boredom. If I get sick of capping traders, I can go somewhere to fight war ships. I don't see this as a problem. I missed something about motor boats.Perhaps I read wrong but I do not like this talk. I can play AC3 for motor boat sailing. If it happens here I will be pissed. I play this game for the ships and AOS fights are slow. That's the way it needs to stay. When RvR gets better, and I'm sure it will, I will play on a PvP server. POTBS was fun in that aspect. Perhaps that should be a focus for the devs. Those of us who love sails need to stick it out. Apologies for not offering any wisdom or good suggestions. I love this game and ain't gonna give up on it, unless they get motor boats. I always try to put something funny in a post but I am not feeling it today. For those of you on the PvP side, the player base is a big reason for people staying of leaving. I read the forums a lot and the receint stupidness posts about destroying the U.S. council are dis-heartening. If that is how PvP is then is it any surprise that people are not sailing in droves. I know that I don't want that sort of bull shit. I live in cattle country. The smell of bovine plop can be pleasant until the pile gets too big and it starts to rot. The only way not retch is to go elsewhere or muck it up and take it away.
  13. Hyperion74


    Any notice that someone revived the old Sea Dogs game, Those who have played nautical games forever, like me will have fond memories of it. It is on Steam. Still looks the same too. I had some REALLY good ship fights in that game.
  14. I shall add to the above two posters. This game is still alpha. There are some gameplay issues. These forums exist to point these issues out. So far the Adonis like devs have been addressing them. I haven't sailed much in the last few weeks but the reason for that has nothing to do with game play, I just didn't feel like it. I don't ever intend to give up on Naval Action. This game is REALLY good so far and keeps getting better. Have some faith lads, keep posting your thoughts and suggestions. This is a good thing, however, please stop talking doom and gloom. ALPHA...remember that. Sooo...cheeks up and powdered and pointed up and prepare for boarding with a wig on and stuff. Sorry Lytse, couldn't resist. Ye left a lot of room for a warped mind to play.
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