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  1. Ahoy Lads: Been a while since I posted or even sailed. I'm getting back in to it again so watch out for William Gold in the Mighty Yacht. My first magic moment was waaaaaaay back in sea trials. I had my first brig and we had a big battle. I think it was the U.S. against us Brits. I was in a line of battle and one of the devs in a Connie gave me a broadside and tore the livin shit out of my little brig. It was spectacular to see. I love the real Connie and even with the old GPU it looked great. Another time was when I looked in to the stern lights of one of my frigates and saw
  2. Well, I'm bringing the grill and hot dogs. Dogs love cheese so that means that cheese goes good with hot dogs,
  3. Ya know, that isn't a bad idea. Another option would be player sailing in a convoy with escorts. That would take some planning and would not work for "single" players.
  4. Country Joe. Real good music. We have big trout and great fly fishing. We have big deer, elk, moose. Mountains and prairie. Most of all, it's home. Come back.
  5. I am a land locked lubber. Even river traffic couldn't get up as far as my location on the Missouri. I still dream of going to sea though. To ease the pain I listen to Jimmy Buffett songs. He is from Alabama, right on the sea so many of his songs are about sailing, the Caribbean, and Cheese Burgers in Paradise. If you are un-familiar with his work, check him out. Some of his titles: Pirate Looks at 40. Son of a Sailor. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Cheese Burger in Paradise. Livingston Saturday Night. This has nothing to do with the sea but I live in Montana and Livi
  6. I'm not much for wine but I do think that cheese is a little bit of heaven. If there are any Europeans looking at this, tell me if ye can. Is cheese stupid expensive there like it is here. That manchego that Jean showed is like $10 an ounce where I live. That's some damme fine cheese though. This whole thread reminded me of a song. Heres the line. The song is "He went to Paris" written by Jimmy Buffett. But the warm summer breezes The French wine and cheeses Put his ambition at bay Summers and winters Scattered like splinters And four or five years slipped away
  7. Hyperion74


    Any notice that someone revived the old Sea Dogs game, Those who have played nautical games forever, like me will have fond memories of it. It is on Steam. Still looks the same too. I had some REALLY good ship fights in that game.
  8. Wow, this whole thing makes a fella want to stay on the PvE server permanently
  9. Should be a different color for one's own mission too. We need to be able to tell the difference from fleet missions.
  10. These ideas sound like real pirating. No nation, no loyalty. Some designated islands for bases of operation like Nassau or Tortuga. This could lead to a smuggler/fence type character. Buy from the rats and sell to the nats. Pirates should be able to have more crew in their ships since boarding is the preferred tactic. Instead of Glorious Marines, there should be a pirate badass mod. And yes, port raids. I would like to see privateer mechanics to. Rats used schooners a lot so we should have big schooners in game that can hold 150 men.
  11. The variable winds should be a breeze to handle. Can't believe that no one made this joke yet. I like the idea of the wind changes. Wind speed is not static. Leave chasers alone. If a ship class was designed and built with chasers it should have chasers.
  12. Seems like a lot of people vehemently HATE the use of the name Jack Sparrow in game. I agree that the use of any sort of J-a--c&* k Sparrow&)$ is somewhat un-original. We could make some new pirate Jacks like: Jack Chickadee. Jack Brewer's Black Bird. Jack Cardinal (for Saint Louis fans) Jack Pittsburg Pirates. Let's play! Don't know what to do with Charles Vayne+++
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