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  1. Dame near perfect... For both armour and mast. And this is coming from a sceptic. Tested extensively with 'Victory today doing Curse Order missions' & for the first time in ages I can feel, & indeed see, the direction you guys are now heading in. Battles around the 350m - 250m is pretty much the new meta for ranged engagements. Which is fine, very comfortable distance for ranged shots. Victory using all Long 12's approx 250m - Targeting the top masts at this range is very effective. Even with Long 12's against 3rd Rates / St Pavel's. Taking down lower mast on the 3rd Rates at 250m with Long 12's was still very doable. The St Pavel on the other hand proved to be a much tougher process for the Long 12's even as close as 150m / 100m. So much so I had to disengage from the St Pavel. I simply run out of broadside armor. Victory using 2x deck of Long 24's & Long 12's approx 250m - Nothing really changed for the 3rd Rate maybe the process for a complete demast was quicker overall. The reload on the Long 24s coupled with missed shots on the lower mast may have negated their extra pen value. Which is a good thing... The St Pavel on the other hand felt very different. The Long 24s made a world of difference on mast shots. Top masts still came down just as easily but the lower mast... I could tell the Long 24s were making the difference. Within 25min both ships were demasted. Overall impression of 9.82 - Much closer to what I think is a pretty decent end game model for damage. I am sure there will still be tweaking here and there but it feels great now. Like a game again... not work
  2. Has the vis range on the missions been scaled back? It appears that you have to be much closer to be able to see the cross-swords.
  3. I haven't started up Naval Action since the 24th May, due to the ongoing penetration "experimenting". I hope the hot fix helps...
  4. Will keep checking back in to test the pen values, but at the moment game isn't fun for me, post patch.
  5. Indeed it is... However my statement was directed more at cannon penetration issue. Its just very disheartening to wait for a full broadside only to see 90% of your cannon balls bounce off the side of the aforementioned ships. Especially when you take into account prior to patch 9.8 - 90% of your shots would pen the target. As I say the game just feels less fun to me this way. Maybe that is just me...
  6. Well you got me there, I have just been using different cannon types on my Victory in Curse Order Missions. Usually against 2x Bellonas / 3rd Rates. Long 12s do nothing even at less then 250m. I can understand the direction the changes are intended for but its just so different to the previous damage model. I was hoping today's patch would step it back a bit but it hasn't.
  7. Nothing seems to have changed, lots of shots still bouncing. Game just feels so different to pre - 9.8. Less fun...
  8. Can anyone tell if the patch has made a difference? Everything is still bouncing...
  9. What is the lowest your FPS drops to? 60FPS is pretty decent.
  10. I hear ya mate, just wanted to get the ball rolling while sailing to a mission. As long as it has helped get the creative juices flowing...
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