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  1. Heyho, I leave this here, but I think wraith solution might be the better one. You'll find it here:
  2. Heyho, I just copy this here: Solution for the "Night-Flips": 24 Hour-Port-"Battles" (numbers below can be adjusted for balance) It is a rather simple system: Port-Battles are open for 24 hours-straight and for every kind of ship up to a max level (shallow, normal, deep) but never more than 25vs25 and a rejoining is possible but only once per battle hour (to help smaller nations). During this time-frame the attacking side must destroy the fort/ defense-towers to be able to capture the harbor. At the end of the 24 Hour period the attacking side must also have one of
  3. I have the same feeling. While the Confederate start is pretty simple and a good start for beginner, the Union start is actually relatively hard, especially for a starter.
  4. Heyho, I would just like to know the opinion of people here about the Campaign-Start. Playing the same mission on Union or Conferderate Side over and over again (and they are actually rather time-consuming) really bothers me. Is it planned to make them "Tutorial"-Missions being able to disable them? What do you think about them? Do you like them or would you prefer to start directly with the Corps-Creation?
  5. This part is actually complete garbage based on prejudices. 1. Since 1740 (the beginning of the Silesian War) Prussia formed "Jäger zu Fuß"-Companies which were kind of Elite-Skirmishers with Rifles which did exactly what "Frederick was whining about". 2. Austrian punishments weren't any better or worse than Prussian-Punishments and the way the Prussian army recruited itself wasn't particular "special" compared to other armies in Europe. 3. True is only that Prussia never really adopted until late in the war skirmishing by units not trained nor equipped for it. To this the st
  6. That's also my main concern with melee currently.
  7. Heyho, I would just like to ask if you have the same experience and what you think about it: When a unit is fighting in melee it usually becomes impossible to regain control back over the unit before the melee has ended. That is fine to a certain amount as of the crazyness and brutalness of the melee in itself. But in some cases it ends up with a unit fleeing deep into enemy territory with a blinking white flag (no they haven't surrendered) without any chance to get back control over the unit to get it out of its misery of bad wayfinding. So Melee should be at least abort
  8. The Franco-Prussian (actually German) War would be awesome but probably already too advanced in technology. Why not the Crimean-Conflict in the 1840? Or the Spanish Succession Wars in the Netherlands? Otherwise I'm all for the first "World War": The 7-years war.
  9. I'm sorry but that is just far fetched from reality. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_in_being The German surface fleet never was intended, neither during the first world war nor during the 2nd, to destroy the Royal Navy. The German admiralty knew quite well that it wasn't able to defeat it. Thus the "risk-theory" was evolved by Admiral Tirpitz saying pretty much that the German navy only needs to be so strong that every destruction of the German navy would cost the Royal navy so much that it would lose its sea-dominance to a 3rd sea-power and is thus a risk the Royal Navy cannot be w
  10. Germany as in the terms of the "modern state" from 1871 onwards? Can't be really seen as "least successful naval power". As a matter of fact both U-Boat campaigns were pretty successful (especially the one during the first world-war) by pure numbers. The German surface-face fleet, despite being young and without much experience, proved to be a worthy opponent to the royal navy in both world-wars. In terms of naval power Germany is for sure not the "least successful naval power" when you see the damage inflicted upon the merchant shipping... so... Germany might even be the best pirate na
  11. Certainly not good but Prussia had won several naval battles against the Hanse (supported by Danish/ Swedish ships)... thus certainly not really the least successful nation, but definitely not average either,
  12. In German exists a shortcut for people like you "GröFaZ". SORRY achieved nothing worth mentioning so far and Pirates had the strongest playerbase by far during their high times, with the nations mostly fighting themselves instead of the Pirates at the same time. You are an arrogant fool, if you believe people have any interest in you. Pirates are just a playball until nations start real wars again beneath themselves.
  13. Every war the same issue... the alliance of evil complains about port-timers.
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