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  1. Nicely done. If you need some insight into the Swedish nation, just write me.
  2. NEWSBREAK: Easter-Escalation in Swedish-Dutch-War. Stay tuned for more information soon.
  3. What offensives? Please tell me which ports and thus ressources you captured for Sweden?
  4. This was already a few pages earlier explained.
  5. 1. Fighting back against the Danes: The Danes are valueing our agreement with them... why fighting them? Why fighting on against an enemy, when another one is in the south? You are doing so as when the Danes are the one and only enemy Sweden could have... while, as a matter of fact they at least stay to their word so far.2. "You were open to talk"... doesn't looks like it, when you say "after may decision"... DRUNK didn't got its mind and was unable to convince the other clans. Thus instead of cooperating with the others you decided to do your own thing because you didn't got your mind. 3.En
  6. I can demand whatever I want. I don't have the power to enforce something on DRUNK, which is correct. Would I have the power, I wouldn't demand something, I would create facts.DRUNK can act as they wish, I just show them the consequences of their actions, the faults in their logic and a way out of the problem.
  7. Well, I'm not saying that there are no wrong doings on the Council side, nevertheless the fact is: DRUNK didn't get his way of doing things against the majority of the rest of Sweden and decided to play against the Swedish team. That several players who sacrifice a lot of commitment and time to achieve something bigger for Sweden aren't nice to DRUNK members who threaten all the achievements of a big part of the Swedish community is understandable. Especially when DRUNK members are most of the time around Gustavia and partly even encouraging new Swedish players in sabotaging e.g. Swedish PB
  8. You guys joined the Swedish nation, thus you joined the Swedish team, you got the blue shirts on... but you guys refuse to play with the team. I don't tell you how to play the game, but as a Swedish player I should expect of other Swedish players to be part of the same team, which you guys refuse to be.Again, if you want to be your own team, that is absolutely fine, but thats what the pirates are for, as can be seen on the Pirate Civil War on PVP2.
  9. Without "complex diplomacy"... except DRUNK starts here its own diplomacy to make things even more complicated... and even risks that Sweden gets enemies and losses ports to nations, because a single clan (DRUNK) causes Casus Bellis... but you like the nation Sweden? If you want a fight, why don't you fight the Dutch together with the rest of Sweden? If you don't want to play Port-Battles you could still sink Dutch-Players in OW-PvP...
  10. That is simply ridicoulus. Why doesn't DRUNK just join the pirates, when you want to do your own thing? Probably because you like to hide behind a whole nation when things went wrong for you? This is not only opportunistic, it is treason. Remember my words: Treason is loved, not the traitor.
  11. Depends on the mood, every song here sounds a bit different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCfuar4sAKY
  12. Will we see Letters of marque ingame? Could be the best way to play as "pirate"...
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