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  1. I just wanted to bump this topic up as it really drives me crazy and off the game currently.
  2. I don't know when it changed but the current mechanic that the wind acts nearly like a brick-wall when turning through him, feels absolutely unnatural. I mean, sailing backwards became a major tactic since ships accelerate across the board too fast in both directions (gaining and losing speed). It really makes energy-fighting a thing of the past and manual sailing less profitable.
  3. Heyho, I leave this here, but I think wraith solution might be the better one. You'll find it here:
  4. Heyho, I just copy this here: Solution for the "Night-Flips": 24 Hour-Port-"Battles" (numbers below can be adjusted for balance) It is a rather simple system: Port-Battles are open for 24 hours-straight and for every kind of ship up to a max level (shallow, normal, deep) but never more than 25vs25 and a rejoining is possible but only once per battle hour (to help smaller nations). During this time-frame the attacking side must destroy the fort/ defense-towers to be able to capture the harbor. At the end of the 24 Hour period the attacking side must also have one of two BR-advantages over the defensive side to win the port. 1. Possibility: The Attacking side must have sheer number advantage of 5:1 of BR that had joined the battle over the Defensive side. (Victory by overwhelming) 2. Possibility: The Attacking side must have at least the same BR that joined the battle over time as the defensive side AND must have sunken 2:1 BR at the end of the battle. (Victory by Battle) IMPORTANT NOTE: Leaving the battle MUST be only possible when a ship leaves the battle area AND is not being hit for the same amount of time as in Open-World (so he has to leave the battle area and than the countdown starts). IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Land in Port-Battles MUST be implemented. Let me short explain these two notes: Now, the attacking side would attack an empty harbor and wants to secure the victory by overwhelming we just assume the maximum number of BR points the Attacking-Side can sent into the battle with a 25 Player 1st-Rate fleet over a 24h period: 900 BR (Santi/ Vic) x 25 (players) x 24 (hours) = 540.000 BR So if the defenders would only have 108.000 BR they would lose to an overwhelming force. This would mean a player fleet of 25 Belle-Poule/ Pirate-Frigates (108.000 BR over 24h) wouldn't be enough but with a single Trinco in their lines they would be able to achieve a victory over the 1st-Rate fleet by just joining the battle and leaving. To stop this, the defender must spawn between the enemy and the land, which forces the defender to fight his way out, when he wants to leave the battle (quite realistic actually). This way a nation would actually be able to "besiege" the defenders over 24 hours... when they can keep the blockade up. Of course these tactics aren't this simple since more than 25 players can actually join per hour (due to the fact that every player can join the battle as long as a place is empty and he hasn't joined the battle already during the current battle hour) and the battle lasting over 24 hours which means that an early aggression might allow the defender to just stop the overwhelming force by rejoining the battle when no attacker is there anymore. Another problem that you now might think off is: What if the Defender stacks BR over time? For this the defender must be in the battle and push out (escape) which allows the attacker to win via ships sunken. As a matter of fact: Such a system would be an rather easy solution since most mechanics for it are already within the game and a better system can be worked on.
  5. I have the same feeling. While the Confederate start is pretty simple and a good start for beginner, the Union start is actually relatively hard, especially for a starter.
  6. Heyho, I would just like to know the opinion of people here about the Campaign-Start. Playing the same mission on Union or Conferderate Side over and over again (and they are actually rather time-consuming) really bothers me. Is it planned to make them "Tutorial"-Missions being able to disable them? What do you think about them? Do you like them or would you prefer to start directly with the Corps-Creation?
  7. This part is actually complete garbage based on prejudices. 1. Since 1740 (the beginning of the Silesian War) Prussia formed "Jäger zu Fuß"-Companies which were kind of Elite-Skirmishers with Rifles which did exactly what "Frederick was whining about". 2. Austrian punishments weren't any better or worse than Prussian-Punishments and the way the Prussian army recruited itself wasn't particular "special" compared to other armies in Europe. 3. True is only that Prussia never really adopted until late in the war skirmishing by units not trained nor equipped for it. To this the statement the "Austro-Prussian War" would have been the first "modern war" is IMO highly arguable. Depending on definition of a "modern war" it would either be the Crimean War, the German-French-War or the Russo-Japanese-War.
  8. That's also my main concern with melee currently.
  9. Heyho, I would just like to ask if you have the same experience and what you think about it: When a unit is fighting in melee it usually becomes impossible to regain control back over the unit before the melee has ended. That is fine to a certain amount as of the crazyness and brutalness of the melee in itself. But in some cases it ends up with a unit fleeing deep into enemy territory with a blinking white flag (no they haven't surrendered) without any chance to get back control over the unit to get it out of its misery of bad wayfinding. So Melee should be at least abortable (fall back) and units should always flee in the direction of the closest allied unit.
  10. First: I think 1st and partly 2nd-Rates should only be owned by organized communities for several reasons: They should be the most powerful ships ingame in raw combat-power, for RvR purposes and a rare sighting to be seen. They shall become a value in which clans can measure their strength. It thus allows limitations in numbers for them in the overall game (which benefits the 3rd-Rates) and gives clan-play a benefit. Regarding 3rd- and 4th-Rates Single-Players should be able to easily afford them by themselve but with a certain price to limit their overall numbers too. 150k Gold a day for a 3rd-Rate is actually nothing and 50k for a 4th-Rate even less. Trader might be excluded here, but otherwise it is rather easy to pay this with the current economic-system. An example: It is currently easily possible to make 150k gold profit with a 20 minute ride from Gustavia to Christiansted. On this route I made within 3 days with just a few play hours of trading every day a bit above 15 million gold with an Indiaman. Now, not doubt this is an ideal situation, but nevertheless, other players can do this too, when they start cross-nation-trading without much time investment each time they play to afford a 3rd-Rate. A 4th-Rate can even be sustained by pure PvE and PvP and this even far easier since 4th and 3rd-Rates become more common and open world fighting will get a bit more fair this way instead of faceing 1st- and 2nd-Rate Home-Defense-Fleets suddenly.
  11. I don't think that this would be an solution.1st-rate Fleets would still dominate the PBs. I rather think an upkeep system is needed for 4th-Rates and above, something along those lines: Upkeep is paid once a week (from Sunday to Monday-Night) 4th-Rates: 50.000 every day (350.000 a week) 3th-Rates: 150.000 every day (1.050.000 a week) 2nd-Rates: 1.000.000 every day (7.000.000 a week) 1st-Rates: 2.000.000 every day (14.000.000 a week). When an upkeep is not paid, the ship loses 1 durability. At the same time a tax-system for clans is implemented that will automatically pay a certain-percentage of each players gold amount into the clan-warehouse at the same time. With a simple checkbox system the clan can then decide to pay the upkeep-costs out of the clan-warehouse for every 1st- and 2nd-Rate. This way a player can easily pay the upkeep for a 4th rate and even a 3rd-rate, a single player is even able to keep a 2nd-Rate for quite some time. But a 1st-Rate will be quite problematic in the long run as it needs a lot of time-investment of a single player over a week to keep it, especially since he has to pay it every week or otherwise the ship will be destroyed. This way the biggest ships will need organized players and get far more rare which will cause the main-stay of most fleets at that time: 74-gun SoLs to become far more viable. The values above are with the current trading and profit margin in mind and might actually be even a bit low for 1st- and 2nd-rates, but it is rather easy to get these amounts of money with a bit of trading within a day.
  12. Yep, and what I dislike even more: 3rd-Rates, the former bread and butter SoL and the most common, are mostly useless currently. For OW 2nd-Rates are better, for PB everything below 1st-Rates is only a gap-filler. There really needs to be a change that makes 1st- and 2nd-Rates by far more rare.
  13. I would like to have confirmation here: "It seems to me that while gathering the wood out of your forest you either get Fine-Woods or Compass Wood but never both at the same time." Can anybody deny this statement? If not, it seems there is a problem as both "drop chances" should be independent from eachother. @Lytse Pier: I'm not sure, between Christiansted and Gustavia can be goods traded with a profit margin of 1:2, 1:3 and with contracts even 1:4. So are you sure you are trading the best goods for your route?
  14. Heyho, I would like to discuss following "problem", I realized to take place within the last days: Fortunately enough, I was able to to log in early during the last couple of days and using the Gustavia-Christiansted trade route to high effect. The thing is this: If you aren't one of the fortunate to log in early, the good ressources to deal with are actually by noon fully depleted. Partly these ressources are bought for stock within the first few minutes after server start. This cause following problem: Players who cannot log in early (because they might be at work) will have to try there luck with contracts, which have another problem: Only the highest bidder gets his contract filled... which means people with less time might not have the capability to raise to the last due to a weaker economic foundation. Also, they would have to log off rather late or early in the morning to get the highest price on that ressource, which is also not possible for everyone. So: This is actually favoring the people with a lot of time at hand and the already successful trader. So I suggest the following: Every contract a player puts on the market, will be refilled automatically by a certain percentage each day that depends on the ressource wanted. Players are only able to put 5 contracts on the market at the same time overall. Automatic fill of contracts will only take place when the price payed for the good is above the NPC price. I propose following percentages: Ressources that can be produced by players through buildings on a regular basis (Oak, Fir, Coal, Hemp,...): 15-25% (4-6 days, 5 days till contract is fullfilled) Ressources that can be produced by players on an RNG-Basis (Compass-Wood, Fine-Woods,...): 5%-15% (6-20 days, 13 days till contract is fullfilled on average) Ressources that can only be traded: 10%-25% (4-10 days, 7 days tll the contract is fullfilled on average) These percentages could raised by a trading officers perk calles "Experienced Merchantman" by for example 5%. It is based on the promise that the player Merchantman will always find someone who is selling him his needed goods, even when he isn't the one offering the best price, due to the fact that the NPC might not know about the best price for selling his goods in a certain harbor. The destruction of the current "perfect competition" (within a single harbor) will also help to create a more healthy market in the long run.
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