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  1. I quit playing this game last summer when they hello kittyed up the cannon balls and made masts invincible and balls bounce off and disappear and shit. Did the game get any better? Is SORRY still wrecking everyone? When I quit was after we finished wrecking America. Is it worth coming back, I understand they did a reset thing.
  2. Did they make the game good again? I think i last played it a year ago.
  3. This game was really fun from like february-may. Now it's an example of why "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is such an important lesson for people to learn.
  4. thats too bad, it was a fun game when you could demast people
  5. wowzers, so after like 2 months i think 'i feel like shooting some balls at some sea mans' and update/boot up naval action... did they end up fixing all that shit with the balls bouncing off all the ships and stuff and the invincible masts?
  6. You see, in the real life in the past, you didnt get gold coins just for killing some ships, so it can't be in the game even if its fun. Happy to help.
  7. Before any more time sinks, put in quality of life improvements. Land is battles was really cool but its been all downhill since then, and the new tagging/reinforcement junk kind of spoiled the good from land in battles. Anyway before a garbage time sink like making people sail ships everywhere all the time, at least try to find the time to make quality of life improvements.
  8. Sounds fun though right? The game will be more fun after this change than before, right?
  9. Piracy is three clicks away. Join the winning team, together we do great things.
  10. Naval Action Crew Management and Hours Long Sailing NA Is already time-consuming enough, please developers do not make any more changes that increase time sinks or introduce new time sinks.
  11. You need to add a "teleport ship between outpost" feature that is a gold sink or something. Before any of this time sink stuff you have proposed here. Using capture to move ships between outposts is and has always been a core game mechanic, the way human beings actually play and enjoy your game. I don't know why you think people will spend hours sailing ships between places when they used to be able to spend a little time finding a trader to capture and teleporting it. People won't. People weren't willing to spend another 30 minutes to sink a ship when they used to be able to do it faster, look at the response to your last "make everything take longer" change. Are you going to change the name of your game from Naval Action to something reflecting the lack of action and bigger focus on reenacting the lengthy tedium of historical sailing?
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