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  1. Hi All, I'm playing the campaign and hit a snag. I have bought my first 5th rate from the store. I have a 'captain' rank officer with very good stats I wanted to transfer from a 6th rate. However. When I dismiss him from the 6th rate he is visible in reserve, but when I change ships he doesn't show up in reserve to put in the 5th. If someone could let me know what I'm doing wrong. Many thanks
  2. Hi Ink, I have the confirmation of payment and account creation. but cannot find the email holding the code. It is possible I have accidentally deleted the mail as I have done a recent purge.
  3. HI, I have installed my Age of Sail onto my Desktop and wanted to also put it onto my laptop. I am at a loss where to go to download the client again. Could someone point me in the right direction or drop a suitable link in please. Thank-you Crankee
  4. Thank-you for the replies, and being patient with my double posts. Yes I will start with Age of Sail and pick up Dreadnought at a later date. Thank-you @Ink for clarification about permissible streaming content. Look forward to reviewing and playing as I go. Merry Xmas
  5. Thank-you for the replies guys. Much appreciated. Once the family side of Xmas is out of the way, I will set to working out how to plug all of my streaming kit together and hopefully start streaming in the next couple of days. It also Sounds like Age of Sail is where to start, being the closer to launch. Merry Xmas
  6. Hi Forums o/ Hi to anyone who knows me from way-back in my Naval Action career. (I have posted a similar topic in Age of Sail forum, apologies for doubling up but wan't sure which was most active) I'm interested in trying out Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail and Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. I have two questions. My first question is: Which of the two titles is more complete. My second question: I am intending to stream for the first time in the new year, using Twitch and would like to stream content for one or both titles. Could anyone link or in
  7. Hi Forums o/ Hi to anyone who knows me from way-back in my Naval Action career. (I have posted a similar topic in Dreadnoughts forum, apologies for doubling up but wan't sure which was most active) I'm interested in trying out Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail and Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. I have two questions. My first question is: Which of the two titles is more complete. My second question: I am intending to stream for the first time in the new year, using Twitch and would like to stream content for one or both titles. Could anyone link or i
  8. Hi All, Returning player after a long break away. There used to be an online or downloadable page/software that when you entered ship type/Wood type/Planking type the effects of those choices would populate the basic ship data such as new armour values, speeds, turn rates etc etc. I can;t remember its name and sadly no longer have a bookmark to its location. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the file or web page so that I can theory craft builds before committing to them. Or if it is known the software is no longer current and unavailable let me know. Many Thanks
  9. I am late to this discussion and may have missed some posts. There is currently a game series called "NWS Steam and Iron" from nwswargaming.net. "Rule the Waves" is one of their games, a top down combat simulation where you run the navy of a nation (You can get sacked!) and fight fleet battles 1899 - 1925. Despite fairly basic UI and graphics the ability to choose whether you have historical ships supplied to you or to design from scratch all ships you use is awesome. There is a top down design format which allows you to place turrets, freehand draw superstructure. Decide on turre
  10. If you are going to have more fun as a different nation seems to me you just have to switch. We're all adults here (Well mostly) enjoy your game and hope you have more fun and less frustration in your new nation. Everything else tbh is just flannel
  11. Are the fleet AI really so impressive ? Not in my experience. So shouldn't cost so much. I agree 1 point rank 1, 2 point rank 2, 3 point rank 3 would be maximum I would be prepared to pay for 3 fleet perks. I know I would also regularly wince at how much I paid when in battle and shaking my head in despair when my AI act like drunken lubbers. Make the AI better and allow higher rated ships and less crew restrictions and sure spend all your points on 3 fleet perks.
  12. 1) Implement realistic ocean currents and weather/wind effects. Thus allowing players a speed boost on the open world map and creating potential 'hunting grounds' to intercept ship using such routes. 2) Dual teaming. Can anything be done to combat ruination of RVR situations by dual teaming players. 3) Seed local freeports with materials from surrounding ports, perhaps at increased base prices. This would assist smaller nations/clans to gather rarer resources that would otherwise be closed to them. (Not everyone wants an alt account) (PS Need to fix my details below, ver
  13. Well said Spam. Review away, I even refreshed mine that I posted after just 5 hours of in game fun. You can only review a game on its current state, Its state is still in testing, so many reviews seem to miss that the game is still being developed. The only issue I had with the review posted was that other posts could be deleted by the OP, but thats Steam's issue not ours and Game Labs off topic flag appears to have prevented further tampering. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm still in game from time to time, but basically like many others I am waiting the launch prop
  14. Looking forward to the patch. With a view to the port battles, I see the biggest problem for attention is that between decision to attack and port taken is very quick, so the community in the main will be offline and unaware so cannot take part. Adding a 7 day cool down after the fact will not reduce the en masse roll over tactics we are currently seeing. Provisions in game I think are a good thing implemented in a reasonable role. Looking forward to the decision on them.
  15. I agree 50% Marines to crew is not historical for naval ships. Do we need to consider still, additional crew/boarders for letter of marque and if we still have them pirate vessels ? Each rate of naval ship and I believe your rank entitled you to a compliment of marines and suitable ranked marine officers. As the rate of ship increased so too did the compliment and rank of its officers. However the ability, morale and musketry of a crew and its marines could be varying in quality. Without extensive training and exercising all of these skills would be green. I would like to see numbe
  16. Current system tweak maybe ? In relation to the drop rate, Why not make this a visible % the crafter can see on his screen, and increase the % chance a little every time he crafts a triggering vessel without it dropping. Future system maybe ? Target BP research points for specific BP is known and public knowledge. Every ship crafted adds a value to a research pool held for the player and visible on his crafting screen. The pool is held for each rate. (Advanced versions crafted may add extra points especially if maxed out on upgrade slots.) Player can utilize other rate research
  17. Add the PURSER warrant officer to the ship build, an automatic addition in the form of a warrant officer responsible for supplying the ships crew with goods , clothing and food throughout the commission. Forget completely (For the moment) about ongoing provision requirements per crew size, voyage length, miles sailed, time in game etc etc. The devs want to bring in the extra econ feature and ship build component so why muddy the waters for the moment with the why's and the wherefores. In game terms now When commissioning a ship (With its extra provision costs and associated econ work), the sh
  18. I am uncertain there is benefit at this time adding to a ships initial build cost, unless adding provisions into initial ship cost is a way of getting it into the game for future tweaks and maintenance features. My personal view would be to add a moneysink at each port you land at to top-up supplies for your vessel/crew size depending on the length of voyage(In game time) between port visits. I dislike an afk/real time timer method, as casual players with limited time in game to earn funds will be adversely effected especially if crew morale and fitness are also effected. Whilst i app
  19. I like the implimentaion of active viable crews and look forward to testing. For prizes I would like to see a couple of options. Option 1, Ship stays with you as an AI vessel with its minimal crew, therefore unable to do more than recieve an escape order should a new battle start before arriving in an outpost. You own ship crew level being reduced accordingly until entering port. If the prize is lost so then is your prize crew. Option 2, Ship is sent to an outpost of your choice as an independant AI vessel on the OW map. Your ships crew is reduced accordingly until you can retri
  20. There is no reason a captain cannot teleport to a local ship to assist in the defence, but put a block on a "Sent to Outpost" ship being used for a longer period than a PB allows you entry. The function was designed to send prizes to a suitable outpost, not teleport your combat ships across the map to take part in a PB. Its a mechanic that players will use because it is available and as we know any conflict of arms, each side will use all tools available to them. It merely works outside of the spirit of the game. We as players get a big enough bonus now by being able to tp to an outpos
  21. I would like to see a greater variation of ships in all PB's. Atm we have Deep Water Ports = Victory's/Santi's Shallow Water Ports = Mercury's Now we add None Capital Deep Water Port = Constitution (Ingermanland may take over as ship of choice, but in essence after a dozen battles one will be favoured over the other) As you can see we will generally only see 3 ship types in Port Battles which is a great shame and not particularly realistic. I would like to offer a system that will encourage a greater variety of ship rates in each battle within the remit of the dep
  22. I think avoiding the 'meta gaming' influence (e.g. 2nd accounts being used to 'raid' enemy ports of their resources, crew numbers etc) is vital in all parts of the game wherever possible. In saying that I have always been in favour that we should bring in as many in game factors as possible that the player can interact with, crew, warrant officers, officers, each having a variation in quality as well as effect. Though not so much that the game becomes a foregone conclusion. I propose a slightly different system to that initially posted. A system that doesn't allow cross team "ruinatio
  23. War mechanics seem sound. I believe every player per nation should be able to 'vote/contribute' toward a decleration of war. I also believe that official; 'Coalitions of Nations' should be possible in effect uniting seperate nations into one side of a war against a single nation or coalition of enemies. Let each Fleet vote as a unit, with perhaps only members online during the last 7 days being able to contribute to the vote count from that fleet. Players not in a fleet can cast their vote singly Players must be responsible for the direction of their votes not a game mechanic. The g
  24. +1 I previously suggested a similar system whereby at Noon your position could be marked on the OW map, so that at least once a day you knew where you were on the high seas. Having this a player feature/sub game would make this even more fun.
  25. Using fog to hide rendering is not a valid in game reason for having it. No-one is running a 1980's PC and Unity is surely powerful enough that it doesn't have to have such a game mechanic to mask its short falling's. I would accept this being a 'temporary situation' pending some broken code being corrected but not that this is acceptable practice. Perhaps the Dev's could comment on this. Testing fog for the English Channel or North Sea Environments I can understand, but again lets have the Dev's comment so that we know this is the case.
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