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  1. His computer isn't that far off mine; I am running: i7 960 3.20GHz Rampage III (Socket 1366) 16GB 1066MHz DDR3 Crucial MX500 2TB SSD GTX1660Ti I had a couple of issues setting the O/S to boot off the SSD, but other than that, there were no real issues. The GPU seems OK for it as well. As for the game, I find that it seems to run just fine until you have 30+ ships involved firing their main and secondary battery.
  2. Bet it would confuse the living hell out of the enemy if they captured material! They might just throw their hands up in the air and abandon it instead...
  3. Heh... World of Warships... Hell even NavyFIELD is more realistic than that game...
  4. It might have something to do with the Offset in the ship construction - Port/Starboard Offset... Hell, I was planning on making some big gun, small size Monitors, and Offsets will definitely feature there - imagine an Aft Offset of 13, and then taking a flooding hit there... I imagine your ship would sink much faster...
  5. What do you mean the US Army is the worst when coming to naming equipment, they had the M1 Garand, the M2 Carbine, the M3 Lee, the M3 Stuart the... ... Oh I see...
  6. If this was a single player, single ship game then yes this could probably work - but it's not... This is a multi-scale game: single ship, small squadron and large fleet based actions. Having a fleet comprised of Adm Jellicoe with Beatty as well as Flag Officer Seymour on each individual ship might be a bit much.
  7. I'd add a separate request for Secondary FCS, and the ability to mount Medium and Small Barbettes where we want, rather than the current heavily restricted system - I'd like to make a Myoko or Tone turret layout for instance...
  8. That quirk could also include the drawback of their FCS being knocked out easier...
  9. Yes, and did you check the creation date of this thread? No, you didn't!
  10. Dunkerque coming soon... That's going to be funny!
  11. Usually don't bother with Battleships as I much prefer Battlecruisers. German WW1 Battlecruisers and the KM Scharnhorst Class best epitomises what I focus on. 1. Armour 2. Speed 3. Weapons Heavy Cruisers, I try to avoid, or at least turn them into Light Battlecruisers... For Light Cruisers, I try to get smaller designs - something like the Agano or Leander Class cruisers. Twin guns, nothing bigger than 6", no more than 4 turrets. Destroyers, if I can't take a Light Cruiser, will focus primarily on building something akin to the Type 1936A or Gearing C
  12. This was easy... I used the following: 9" Main Battery Twin guns TNT Secondary Barbette up front with a twin 9" on it Lots of Armor, extended and deck Any remaining tonnage is spent on Torpedo Tubes fitted to the rear instead of turrets Lots of course changes are needed, eventually you will get within a range where the 9" shells penetrate reliably and can go to work - start on the cruisers as they have Torpedo tubes.
  13. Scharnhorst Class Light Battleships - Speed and Armor Prinz Eugen (modified Hipper) Class Cruisers - Speed and Range, also as a separate entity on its own if needed, otherwise will support the Scharnhorsts M-Project Class Cruisers - Speed and Range Spaehkreuzer D-40 Recon Cruisers (Large Destroyer Leaders) - Speed and Range, also as a separate entity on its own if needed, otherwise will support the M-Projects I don't think I will build a Bismarck or H-Class - I have never really subscribed to the whole concept of All-in.
  14. I found building a Dunkerque style ship works best - just stack as much armor into Extended Belt, Turrets, Conning Tower, as well as a nominal amount into the Belt and Deck... Then just charge directly at them, altering your course every 20-25sec - that usually gets the job done.
  15. Those 2 secondary turrets look confused as well: T1: Why are we facing backwards? T2: I don't know
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