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  1. there has to be a problem with this picture here.. seriously.. 10% chance to hit, at .8km?!?!?!?!?! How can you win if YOU CANT HIT THE DAMN TARGET?!?!
  2. 5 attempts later.. not even REMOTELY close. yea i managed to get close to the BB, when i was around 20% health left, and i had hardly scratched him. managed to end the match with a grand total of, wait for it... 1300 damage done almost entirely to an enemy cruiser...
  3. exact same build. not possible to create, 104% ship weight. i dont have the option to set range to very short. with some tinkering with the armor, ive gotten it down to 100% weight, lets see how this goes.
  4. even sailing strait for friendly BB, after an HOUR had passed in battle, it was still 25km away from my ship.. why does it spawn this far away? its literally useless...
  5. just built a ship, with lots of secondaries, and smaller guns, but lots of them, managed to get ONE of the heavy cruisers down to half hp before dying.. literally impossible to sink them all...
  6. absolutely unable to build now. didnt even get main armament on and was already out of weight and funds ds.
  7. so i have tried this mission.. idk even how many times, at least 50 times.. and its literally the same thing EVERY time.. enemy BB, who has 4x 3 barrel 14" main guns, 2x 2 barrel 6", 6x 2 barrel 4", 3x 2 barrel 3" secondaries each side, , as well as almost every upgrade you can have somehow... many bulkheads, antitorp V, AUX III, Shaft II, Krupp IV, Barbette IV, Triple hull bottom, Re enforced bulkheads I, Antiflood III, Citadel V, super heavy shells, Cordite II explosives, electrical turrets, standard reloading, fast 21in torps (two launchers each side), RNG S IV rangefinding, sonar III, RD
  8. I have noticed that failing to load (insert ship type here) 10 times, is a common issue i am running into. i see others have seen this problem as well, and its being taken as a rare occurrence, yet i have had this happen 4 times in the last 3 hours. (4 out of 10 battles (some of these missions you can tell if your ship design will fail in the first 10 minutes)) this is a 40% fail rate, i would hardly consider this rare. This causes you to force close the game, and reload. Is there something i can do to minimize this occurrence or is it something we will have to deal with until a fix is found?
  9. Most hated missions... destroy full fleet, prove your might, Ive spent hours and hours on these 2 missions, attempted at least 30 times, .. ive given up at this point on these missions.. just not worth the effort at this point, its more annoying than fun. i really like these kind of creative games, but not when its "create what the devs want" to succeed game... ive also found a massive bug, when launching torpedoes while in a formation, only the lead ship will launch, all the others refuse to launch, even when well within range, and set to aggressive... here is a perfect example, ive got 4x4
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