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  1. I bought a new pc because my old one died. I purchased the game a long time ago and when i go to customer support to see if i can get a redownload email, i can't send a request because Xsolla want's a 9 digit code from the receipt email which i don't have anymore... Arggh
  2. I like to see a good Fletcher class and I agree with your superstructure quote
  3. I totally understand I just think it'll make the US ships more authentic and looking because the model used in the game is identical to the quad 40s that's all I'm saying.
  4. I understand but look at the French design it looks exactly like 40-mm boofers in quad, three bbl and single. It would just make the American battleships look more authentic then the three inch.
  5. I noticed that the French design let's you put the quad 40 bofors but the US designed only have triple 3 in guns that were not really on battleships or heavy cruisers possibly twin 3 in 50s but the quad 40s were all over the battleships and the design shows where these quad 40s go but for now they're only available on the later French design
  6. Where in the heck are the screenshots stored? I searched every file in the program.
  7. How about port holes? These ships had rows of them along the hull and superstructure
  8. 1, Gunfire directors turn and point towards the target. 2, Flower class Corvette 3, Ships capsize when taken certain damage 4, Bad weather, high sea's and night time battles. 5, Save ship and save battle option 6, Besides ship damage, crew casualties 7, More damage like total destroyed funnel, masts blown off superstructures etc 8, Accurate Pennsylvania class hulls original and Pearl harbor modifications 9, All Pearl harbor hulls and superstructures 10, Shore/Land engagements, maybe river scenarios' for torpedo boats along with civil War ironclads
  9. I've noticed that everyday when i play especially in custom battle mode something new pops up, for example when i first started playing about three weeks ago, i have the Alpha V75 verson when a ship was hit or sunk not much exciting happened but now i see turrets fly off, oil leakes, life boats launched, battle damage and floatsam. Is the game being tweaked every day? I can't wait to see what happens next, Maybe capsizing and stuff.
  10. I'm hoping to have better hull class to choose from ie, Pennsylvania class, original and after refit in 1929 to Pearl Harbor spects and with Tripod masts with the three story fighting tops along with all of the Pearl Harbor ships and more superstructer placement and availibility. Possibly more realistic damage, the flying turrets are cool though. Since we can ad AA mounts, perhaps some air attacks, and lastly to be able to record and save battles etc. Thanks
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