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  1. Nick, dude. He didn't use profanity. He didn't insult anyone's character. He did nothing wrong. People have gotten a bit heated recently on the forum, but unless there are insults and abuse, people have a right to be critical. I certainly don't expect you to take every suggestion or criticism and give over to it. Follow your vision, keep making a great game, and don't take it to heart. When people get invested in a project, sometimes feelings can run high. I hope you'll take the good suggestions and improve the game, while maintaining the vision you had when you started the project
  2. I hope you're right. Hey @Nick Thomadis, are you still gonna be working on this or will the ball be passed to a Stillfront team?
  3. From the press release: https://www.stillfront.com/en/stillfront-group-acquires-game-labs-inc-and-further-strengthens-its-portfolio-of-strategy-and-action-games-and-presents-fy-2021-guidance-for-the-acquisition/ Get ready to Pay Per Shell™!
  4. I completely agree. We've got a lot of near WWII era ships, but the Pre Dreadnought is so barren. We've written a lot about this, so I'll just link the discussions below @Nick Thomadis.
  5. I like these suggestions. Beyond the turrets themselves, there are so many interlocking systems that enable or improve turret operations, as you mentioned with magazines and ammo hoists.
  6. Yeah, and certainly credit to the architect that designed the South Dakota. That being said, there were a number of hits that either destroyed or damaged rangefinders or fire control, which effectively made the South Dakota blind and unable to effectively fire. On the other side, Kirishima had 3 of her four turrets knocked out before she even went down, though admittedly those were mostly 16" hits from Washington. Kirishima actually did fairly well containing and avoiding a magazine explosion too (while she was afloat). http://www.navweaps.com/index_lundgren/Kirishima_Damage_Analysis.pdf
  7. I gotta agree here. In reality damage sustained on patrol was rarely fully repairable until a ship reached port. As an example here's the damage report for USS South Dakota after the second battle of Guadalcanal. This is a late period battleship with just about everything you could want in a ~1940ish design, and it was still almost completely incapacitated by small caliber fire. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/w/war-damage-reports/uss-south-dakota-bb57-war-damage-report-no57.html
  8. I always imagined stokers just ramming it into the fuel tanks... then something something German wunderkind it works!
  9. @Nick Thomadis We're looking for an ironclad guarantee!
  10. If you squint a bit, the Battleship II hull in shipbuilder is Massena-esque.
  11. For those that may not have seen it, I'll just leave this here:
  12. A "Guerre de Fer," if you will? As a gentleman of science and learned design, the player takes the role of a Jeune Ecole naval architect, wherein design points are awarded based on the gross absorption of snuff and cognac within the bloodstream, and design output determines available cognac and snuff. Pair with occasional society and bureau sidequests and you have an adventure game fit for a man of Blut und Eisen! Bloat your portfolio! Bloviate before the Board! Leak to the press! Wrangle contracts! Get box seats at the latest Wagner! 🧐
  13. Adding another era is definitely another big bite for the devs to take, and I understand if they want to stay focused for now on really nailing the Pre, Post , and Super Dreadnought eras. That being said, I feel like the basic game mechanics for ironclads about 1870 and after work about the same as the aforementioned eras. Yes, you'd have a lot of crazy experimental ships and brief moments where certain techs gain a big advantage, only to go completely by the wayside a few years later. Would I push for ironclads to get their treatment before the devs have fully fleshed out the 1890 and af
  14. If you look close, all of them have some version of a ram bow, especially those wacky French designs. Also interestingly, you can see the divergence (or complete lack -looking at you, Italia) of belt armor designs in this period.
  15. Here's a cool illustration of some of the ironclads we've been discussing: HMS Devastation top-right. RM Italia mid-left.
  16. @Nick Thomadis I heartily endorse an 1871 start to the upcoming campaign. Given the late hour and the dearth of information on the exact start year, it doesn't have to be right away. (I imagine something like how Crusader Kings II expanded the scope of its campaign over its development life) l I think ironclads are a worthy precursor to the Dreadnought era.
  17. I totally agree. The more I think about it, you could have three conceptual eras during the time span the game covers. All ships of the period have to balance speed, armor, and firepower. Each era brings a different revolution in one of these facets. The game already covers the Pre-Dreadnought and Dreadnought period, but I think it'd be really cool to see the Ironclad era. Ironclads: Excluding the 1840-60's variants, once all steam propulsion became standardized, you have the three major components of the game set. The ironclad era was marked by the initial dominance of armor. By t
  18. Is this because they released the Virginia and Monitor last April Fools? That was an awesome not-joke. I'd like to suggest HMS Devastation as the true starting point for the Ironclad era that plays well with the setting of the game. Devastation was the first oceangoing, internally powered, turreted warship of the age, and thus checks all the performance boxes the game can accurately represent without inventing whole new mechanics. Starting out around this tech level gives the campaign a long period to develop as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Devastation_(1871)
  19. As priorities go, I tend to agree. I figure once the devs go into figuring veterancy during campaign mode, rescued crew stats could be imported from the battle instance to the "world map."
  20. That would a be fun and interesting mechanic to the game. Especially as @Nick Thomadis are working on crew mechanics and veterancy, I think it would be a good way to add to the realism of managing the Fleet as a whole.
  21. This does bring up the point of having auxiliary and support ships that are operational in game. Thus if your force depletes gun, fuel, and torpedo ammo as it moves over the ocean, you need to have logistical support in the form oilers/colliers, supply, and tender ships. I got excited and brought this up a while ago, and would love to res the topic, found here: Support and Auxiliary Ships
  22. Not you, man. I'm not nearly as able a seaman as some on here, but I did teach English.
  23. Enforcing British Rule. Drop the "the" for a more natural sound.
  24. Whatever, Gunkanjima, this is how you actually "Battleship Island."
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