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  1. Widely seen as a costly kleinkrämerei, SMS Eisenadler (variously nicknamed "Bleigans," "Wilhelms Torheit," and later affectionately "Eisengans") took years to build, featured a strange and unique main armament, and consumed significant resources from the Reichsmarineamt. The passages contained herein chronicle the strange history and adventures of the Kaiserliche Marine's most misbegotten ship. ----------------------------------------------------- Alfred von Tirpitz, Konteradmiral and Head of the Reichsmarineamt Kapitel 1: Kaiser Mit Uns 10 February, 1907, Leipzig
  2. I'm excited to see the new updates play out. Thanks for all your work, @Nick Thomadis! The one thing I hope we'll see soon now is greater freedom on barbette placement.
  3. I knew it. Steampunk aliens totally landed in Russia, planted Rasputin, and overthrew the Tsar...
  4. The Japanese hybrid carriers were fascinating attempts to "throw shit at the wall and see what sticks." I mean, they were terrible at being fleet heavy units, and on the carrier side had all the power of the lightest "Jeep carrier." Perhaps this is unfair, as the concept was undermined by a serious shortage of trained pilots and effective fighters. Holding only roughly 20 aircraft, the only thing Ise managed to do was have a more effective reconnaissance arm, which indeed did help it avoid US sub attacks on a number of occasions. Ise was desperate, crazy, a little bit of brilliant jury ri
  5. Seeing the same thing myself. Already tried resetting password, but nothing doing yet.
  6. Well they sure as hell didn't scuttle the Seydlitz. Reading the Jutland damage report for that ship is eye popping, and damn compelling. * Edit: This might be a little Crusader Kingsy, but what if there was something like the Scapa Floe incident? If your crew is interned after losing a war, maybe there'd be a mechanic to deny the ship to the victorious power.
  7. If nothing else, I'm really excited to try out the new light cruisers @Nick Thomadis and the devs are brewing up. Happy to be patient as we await Alpha 5, and looking forward to drawing more inspiration once we see how the next version shakes out.
  8. Although I think the devs are working on more late tech designs at the moment, I'd love to see some more distinctively Italian designs as well!
  9. Some of the late tech cruisers available to Germany seem to fit that bill (aside from the prohibitive cost of speed). I'd always like to see more hull diversification, just so we have more options to play around with in ship designer. I do hope submarines are a factor in the campaign, so that frigates, corvettes, and escort destroyers make sense.
  10. You know, unironically, arcane and abstract arguments erupting about the nature and efficacy of the Soviet admiralty genuinely entertain me. Also, if you get this many naval enthusiasts together, its bound to happen. ...anyways, we're two days past the update. That hardly makes them Blizzard. Free Hong Kong.
  11. I have a brilliant new strategy to fool enemy spotters! *Submitted accompanying bug report sent 03/09/20. Hopefully this is already addressed in V5.
  12. Hey @Nick Thomadis, Any chance the new light cruiser hulls will have superfiring turrets?
  13. Updating as of end of February: 4. WWII era light cruisers: RN Town Class, IJN Mogami class, USN Brooklyn Class, KM Konigsberg Class CLs adopted a significantly sleeker look, especially characterized by flush decks, light belt armor, ~6" main armament, and rated speeds of 30+ knots. Crucially, these ships featured superfiring turrets, something very lacking in the current stable. @Nick Thomadis I've noticed that the 1926+ CA design could provide a decent visual starting point for CLs of the later years. Principally, I'd adjust the default speed to ~36 knots, adjust the
  14. Submitted a bug report through the game as well, but here's the image for the casemate guns fixed in place as the rest of the ship goes down. @Nick Thomadis
  15. @Tlmitf deals text wall of damage. Это супер эффективно!
  16. Great work collating the list, @disc. I'd suggest adding oilers, colliers, and tenders to a "support ship" class list. Here's the link to the discussion:
  17. Question for you guys, with example: How can you eyeball where belt armor transitions to extended armor in the ship designer? Example below: Armor Stats:
  18. If you mean as a liability, I totally agree. However, I don't know of any situation where a munitions ship resupplied during battle. That'd be insanely risky.
  19. In line with @RAMJB comment on Ultimate Admiral: Galactic Star Cruisers, I think taking inspiration from BSG: Deadlock's Admiral Bonus Tree would be a cool idea. Obviously that should be adapted to, you know, surface conditions upon Earth's seas, and realistic bonuses to crew morale. Still, all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.
  20. Praise to the devs! That's a beautiful sinking animation.
  21. I agree. Although I'm not sure what mechanics the campaign will eventually use, the bow ornaments and color schemes of the fleet are best suited to fleet review and would, if anything, only affect prestige and standing.
  22. I don't think you can save a ship in Custom Battle. That's definitely something that'd be a good add to the game.
  23. @Nick Thomadis Do you think we could see transports, colliers, tenders, and the like in the Custom Battle section of the updated game?
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