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Found 17 results

  1. Dear captains of Naval Action.💗 this is very awkward. i have been a part of the danish-norwegian community since i started playing for about 3000 hours ago. i have my share of portbattles, screening, ganking, pvp hunt, and pve. i have had a extremly fun time and i loved it, but i think its time for me to try something new. i need a clan that has active players on Teamspeak, players that love to speak and laugh. a clan that is not afraid of supporting the nation in RVR or PVP i have much to learn and im willing to learn. i would like to find a clan with only norwegians, but thats impossible. the main language need to be english( or almost english) I dont use alt because i think its crap. i am online mostly daytime and after kids asleep. i cant join a russian clan, if BF suddenly ask if i would like to join i say yes, ( they are extremly good sailors) i can join other danish-norwegian clans. i hope for positive feedback i dont need to leave my nation, im good here, but i want more.
  2. When i happened upon Naval Action, I was ecstatic, I love age of sail games and all of the fun from bringing a full broadside of guns to bear to going toe to toe on deck of boarding to hammering/getting hammered by a city port or fort, when i joined i loved all of it, the beauty, the semi realism, the semi true sailing, and all that. now that being said the pvp is a little over kill, its great and all but really annoying when people just camp outside the capital for new players just to get their pvp marks and getting those marks gives them an almost unbreakable edge over anyone without. so here are some suggestions that might make all happy and would be willing to actually discuss things in farther if warranted. 1. first off to the pvp thing, make it so if you are in the capital port (Charleston for US) that you get capital class ships to protect you (I.E. 3 - 1 st rates depending on strength of enemy). everywhere else, unless you are tagged by a capital ship you only get up to a 4th rate and it matches the strength of the attacking ship. 2. now adding to the historical aspect that would really put a fun twist to the game and give you a little more national pride. Players can only CRAFT ships of their country (US gets the Connie and other US based ships) and ai fleets will only spawn with their nations ships (spain wouldn't spawn with a connie) and by ships of their country i mean the country that originally built the ship. - note give ALL nations a baseline ships for example: 7th rate - Cutter, sloops 6th rate - brig, schooner 5th rate - frigate 4th rate through 1st rate - ships of the line now the 4th rate would have about 50 guns with a crew of about 400(max) 3rd rate would have around 74 guns or less with a crew around 650(max) 2nd rate would have around 80 - 90 guns with crew around 800(max) 1st rate would have about 100 guns with crew of around 1000(max) from there you add in your l'oceans, essexs, and all the other ships/ ship types would be nation dependent. 3. PVP marks, #2 would factor heavily into this category, your pvp marks instead of giving game breaking upgrades instead, give out notes for ships of different nations but instead of making it 15 marks make it harder to get certain ships for example: 7th rate - 10 marks 6th rate - 15 - 20 marks 5th rate - 40 - 50 marks 4th - 50 - 75 marks 3rd - 75 - 100 marks 2nd - 100 - 125 marks 1st - 150 marks but on the side note make it so these notes could not be used to craft one out White oak, teak, or live oak. 4. Both of those now would make this possible and give the ability to capture 4 - 1st rates again because you would have to try to capture other nations ships from AI but make the AI fleets to spawn in out of really crappy material so that capturing them isnt necessarily a big win. Overall I feel this would help greatly in bringing your game population back up, adding new players because there isn't so much seal clubbing but you can get respectable pvp action outside of the capital harbours. it would also give a new feel to the game because Port battles would have to be won by the skill of the nation using their ships or stolen ships and you would have to plan around your nations strengths. now it would be easy to navigate around this feat simply by having multiple alts in different nations, but to counter it and make it a little more challenging and rare to see a quality 1st rate or 2nd rate (instead of 50 WO/LO or similar in a port battle) make them a little more difficult to craft something of that caliber like i said this is observations that i have seen while playing and i feel that all the player base would enjoy these updates and would bring your population up greatly as well, and like i said if you would like to discuss this more, i would be happy to in teamspeak or discord or just through email, and anything i could do to help this i would
  3. Because of much and many posts discussing the sense or nonsense of grinding for mods, books and ship slots, me - and, I am sure the devs too (@admin and @Ink) - are eager to know why people commit themselves to grind for the above mentioned assets.
  4. As this title says we have to rework PVP completely. >5 Seconds invisibility after battle >No "need for speeed" buffs after battle. >Posibility to join battle no matter when did it start. Result : No more tagging ratties hiding in the nearest bay. Damage system: Now 1 leak can literally sink you ship! Fun! (% critical hit) I dont want to play with cowards/against such players. They are boring and dumb. Not even going side-to-side like gentlemen, instead they usually dogfight like my Husky chasing his tail. Is it so hard just to be fair and straight? No way this could happen in real life. Some ships are well, having wrong turning rate, comparing to reality. Who cares? So the issue so far is that these cowards are outnumbering you. And you will lose fight because well, you know they simply won't go side-to-side and fairfight. So naturally your gaming skill means nothing cuz you are outnumbered. You have to flee as a coward or die from these cowards like a hero. Anyway - no fun. No fun completely. Spend 2 weeks crafting your ship again. *Sigh* As these cowards wont even give you your ship back. Rude dumbs. So game will change if tagging will take 5 seconds(not 15) but for example my lads will enter the battle latter. (Battle is closed usually with no reasons) Reduce all this PVE timers on PVP server please. We dont need them here. Just bad folk using these timers to flee/outnumber fair people playing. I usually just surrender when I see an armada tagged me and there is no allies close. Of course when my help arrived the battle is closed. GG devs, GG! GG WP. Thanks PVE timers! Even though I have the fastest ship in game. Make a cooldown on tag. You can tag player only once in 30 seconds. Tag will last for 5 seconds and result in a fight. Open fight. PVE will still be closed. As pve is farm usually. Now fight will start with the same sail position as players had entering the combat. Open world half-sails? Then a battle will start for you with the same Half-Sails. PVE servers: Duels/Fleet fights. When both sides agree to a fight, a mark on the map will appear, a circle for a fair fight. Closed battle for dueling players only. Same with fleet battles/only clan members can take part in event. [Right Mouse Button on a player's nickname 'Duel' > 'Select a spot on the map for a duel location'] No tag and other thing, by entering the circle you enter the battlefield. Battlesea. Same for armadas. Thus, PVE server will grow in online from PVP server players migration. Honestly it is the only way to make this game better. PVP is boring and unfair right now.
  5. I put a lot of thought into this over the last few months as to why this games seems to be in a stagnant and mostly declining state. While many have speculated that it was ganking, battle timers, fine woods, ect...I have come to a much different conclusion. I believe that the fundamental flaw with this game right now is due to the lack of what I will label Objective Based PvP. It is my hope that the developers read this and hopefully use this as a guideline to make a great game. It is also my hope that people on these forums will be constructive in helping make this game a fantastic game that will want all of us coming back for more as well as bring thousands of new players into this game. Firstly, let's look at a few highly successful PvP oriented games and how objectives are used to make the games dynamic and interesting. Counter Strike: The objective in this game is quite simple Plant the bomb and make sure it blows up or defuse the bomb or kill all the terrorists if you are the counter terrorists. Or Rescue the hostages if you are counter terrorist. War Thunder: For tanks it is to capture a point on the map, for planes it is to bomb the base, or destroy the ground units or ships. World of Tanks: Very similar to War Thunder tanks, capture the enemy zone. Team Fortress: Team fortress has many different objective types, but the one that comes to mind right off the top of my head is the push the cart on a set of tracks to a specific location. I am sure you can think of many more examples, probably better ones than I listed here, but the point still stands! Objectives are essential to creating a dynamic and interesting game. Now before anyone starts spouting about how these games are arena based arcade type games, that does not mean that the simple rules of objective based PvP cannot apply to Naval Action, and I would argue that it is absolutely key and necessary to its success because, let's face it, Naval Action is forming into a mostly PvP oriented game with almost no PvP going on at all. I believe the fundamental flaw or problem with this game right now is it lacks dynamic objectives centered around PvP. It is my hope by creating this thread that other players who love this game will come up with ideas centered around giving this game Objective based PvP. Here are some ideas of objective based PvP that will make for interesting and dynamic PvP in our most beloved age of sail game: Trader Escort Missions: It's simple, team 1 has a fleet of ships and 1 trade ship that is carrying cargo from point A to point B. Team 2 is a fleet of warships trying to destroy the trade ship. The instanced battle starts with Team 1 about a half hour sail away from port (the destination of the cargo) and the trader ship has 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to that destination. The enemy warships goal is to destroy or capture the trader ship preventing the cargo from getting to its destination. There can be different levels associated with the ship type: Shallow water, any shallow water trade ship is allowed to carry the cargo (traders lynx, traders cutter, traders snow, ect..) and the fleet of warships is composed of any shallow water ship in the game Deep Water, Le gros Ventre shallow water as well as 5th-3rd rates allowed for both teams Deep Water 2, Indiaman only, any ships allowed from shallow water to first rates. Blockade Missions: Its simple, Team 1 stays within a certain area and cannot leave and Team 2 tries to push Team 1 out of the area by either sinking or capturing or forcing them to flee out of the Blockade area. I envision this being mostly a lineship Battle Raiding Missions: Any frigate type ship goes into port (in a battle instance) does a boarding action against the port, after winning the boarding action, cargo is obtained, and then the frigate tries to escape the battle. Enemy team tries to stop the frigate from getting into port and winning the boarding action. If that fails, then sink or capture the ship before it leaves the instance. (this would be a great feature for Pirates in this game) Destroy the Towers Missions: Team 1 brings 1-3 mortar brigs with a fleet of warships to protect the mortar brigs and tries to destroy the towers on the land, and team 2 tries to stop them from destroying the towers. This would be a fantastic way to both build up hostility AND make capturing the port easier in a port battle. So the next question is, how do we add this so called "Objective Based PvP" to the game. Well there are 2 ways. We have the admiralty event where we all sail out to a location and join. Or, the more dynamic and interesting approach, a group of players decide to sail over to a port and create their own content. Players in a nation decide that they want to form a blockade around an enemy port to generate hostility, so they build a fleet and sail over to the port and simply create a blockade and wait for the enemy to show up to challenge them. Same goes for raids or destroy the tower missions. Trader escort missions can be done through the admiralty event system we have in place now. In conclusion, objective based PvP will make for interesting and fun game play and it can be tied to hostility while at the same time generating dynamic and interesting PvP. I believe that the ideas I outlined above will make for some interesting fleet makeups as people try to figure out the best fleets to use to escort the trader ship to the port missions. I believe that we will see fleets made up of surprises, constitutions with different build setups. We will have people building unique and different trade ship setups, be it tanky to withstand lots of damage or fast to get to the port as fast as possible. I truly believe that with these ideas, and other ideas from players, we will start giving ships actual roles to play in PvP events and we will truly be on our way to making a fantastic game where more than just 3 ships that are used currently (Heavy Rattlesnake, Agamemnon, and L'Oceans). If you have ideas for creating intricate and dynamic PvP events please share them and help the developers turn Naval Action into an awesome game.
  6. I'm just curious to see how many people actually enjoy the pve events or if it's a case that players only do them for the rewards.. seeing as its normal to see the same 10-15 players names on the board every day.. Couple of questions.. 1. Who actually enjoys events..?.. 2. Should players have to suffer something boring/ repetitive as hell to receive rewards. 3. Does the same players receiving rewards everyday harm lower player morale. 4. How can it be made better, other/better ways to get rewards. (Personally I think pvp points acquired for all pvp fights would be the way to unlock rare bp's or ships) with some form of pve reward system for paints... Meaning even lower ranked/skilled players still get rewarded for hours in game..when I say in game I mean open world not Sat in pve/mission lobby doing rinse & repeat pve missions.
  7. So, I've played through the Union campaign and finished Antietam on Medium. I've managed to win every battle through a bit of trial and error and save and redoing. My gaming experience is... well I dunno how to describe it but I've played UG:Gettysburg liked that, and like playing strategy games such as Total War, XCOM and XCOM 2, Civilization 5 and Starcraf 2. SO i'm used to strategy games. Ultimately, I was entertained greatly, but there were a few things that could have been done to make my experience a bit less frustrating and make the game a bit more... smoother, not easier, smoother. However, let's start with the good stuff. The battles are difficult and fun. They have variety and they are challenging. I haven't felt so challenged even when playing XCOM 1 or 2. I tend to do a save before every battle so when I do lose I can figure out exactly how to pull off a victory and try again. They're also fun though b/c the AI is a devious bastard and the openness and terrain of the maps allows you to try different strategies. The customization of the corps.divisions/brigades commanders, weapons, unit count is amazing. It gives this game so much replayability as you could start another game with another set of brigades. It also gives me the feeling of playing an XCOM like game where the brigades are your favorite soldiers who will do and die for you. Thus, it is amazing to see when your veterans rip the bloody hell out of the enemy. It's also gives a player a great feeling when you assign historical generals to command brigades or divisions. I have Grant as the commander of my 2nd Corps and Reynolds commanding one of my greatest veteran divisions and it feels great to have them "working" for you. I've also never played a game where you could customize and organize your army to such an extent and still have it have impact. The corps/brigade system is very interesting and you have to make a lot of choices when putting your career points and equipping your divisions/spending your money. I love the detach skirmishers mechanic which allows defense in certain maps and an ease of withdrawal. Cannons also work MUCH better than in Gettysburg. They're actually incredibly useful as they can blast divisions at point blank and allow you to defend points with a lot more ease. Unfortunately this is where I come to the parts where... frankly do need some work. The tutorial is not extensive enough. I've played UG: Gettysburg, which allowed me to figure out how the move commands work (I also watched a streamcaster). However, beginners might have no idea how to orientate their units aside from drawing lines b/c... well it's never really explained how. Grammar and spelling on certain cut-instructions and screens need to be corrected to give the game a more polished note. I have heard cavalry is good... but I haven't seen any use for it but that may just be me. Thing is though, tutorials can be tweaked, grammar and spelling can be reworked. I also don't think the set-battle nature of the campaign is a problem. I don't mind that you can't decide your own attack. You're following what they historically did and that's fine by me. However, what I am annoyed about is how the attack plan is explained after you deploy the required corps. Due to the nature of how the player will build an army up through putting them into smaller engagements and gradually raising more troops, their 1st corps are going to be full of veteran badasses and subsequent corps are going to be less badass. However, when you deploy the corps into the load screen thing, you have no control over which one attacks first or the plan itself b/c it's not told to you. Thus, the battle results are going to vary WILDLY simply b/c you had to deploy willy nilly when the battle plan that you in a general should if not have control over, be explained to you. Case in Point, The Battle of Antietam. I brought 57,500 troops ish against the Confederates numbering 56,000 I think. Basically I outnumbered them slightly and I had 3 corps. I deployed my 3rd Corps to attack from the right (north), 1st corps to go into the center and 2nd corps to go attack the left near the town. I didn't know though that my 3rd corps would be leading the attack because there is no indication on the corps deployment map of which corps is attacking or defending first. This corps I had raised fairly recently and they had less powerful firearms, no veteran units, and had lower-ranked commanding officers in general. In short, they were the noob corps. So as the battle panned out, I fought a vicious battle around the church, but was eventually able to achieve victory at Antietam with the arrival of my more experienced 1st and 2nd corps under my character's Major General and Ulyssess Grant. Unfortunately I forgot to screen capture the results screen but my and the confederates losses were fairly equal about 30,000 each That got me thinking though, what would have happened if I deployed my 1st Corps on the North and had them attack first? They were more experienced, they simply had better firepower in firearms and they had better morale and command. What if they spearheaded the assault? So I replayed Antietam and the results couldn't have been more different. I literally rolled the Confederate army up. My veteran divisions made taking the church WAY easier. Then my 2nd corps attacked as they had, but b/c the initial offensive was so successful... taking the sunken road just destroyed the Confederate army's centre. All in all, I felt as I was playing that the offense simply went far faster than it did in my first replay. didn't know for certain b/c I felt I had lost a lot of men especially from my first corps even though I had taken ground faster, but then I checked the post battle results. Compared to my first attack, I had lost only 22,000 men whilst inflicting similar losses on the Confederate army. They lost around 30,000 men. I had lost 8,000 men less than I had the last time. The result was happy to me, but also annoying. That I had 1st corps on the right in my second replay, spared me a lot of trouble... if Only I had known to do that in my first replay... which apparently I could have, but the game said NOTHING about which corps was attacking first (unlike 2nd Bull Run) so I just deployed randomly. I was able to replay the battle b/c I had made a save file to ensure that if I screwed up I could figure out what went wrong and try again, but the autosave system would only save the results of THAT battle. Thus, if someone didn't make a save... they'd be dealling with the consequences of something they'd have no control, which is which corps makes the attack first. I'm not so sure how to rework the corps deployment interface screen to make this possible, but please, if one of the developers is reading this, make it so the commanders understand WHICH corps is attacking/defending first in the battles. Particularly for Antietam which is a large grand battleplan that the player as the general should have some awareness for. Maybe alter the corps deployment screen just to show which corps you're committing to the battle. Then show them the opening battle plan animatic so it's actually impactful and not just a info dump. Then FINALLY you take them back to a corps deployment screen where the player commanders can then decide which corps to execute the attack. It just would give the player actual control over something the game is suggesting he has control over, which is where to deploy the corps. As of right now, the corps deployment screen is confusing b/c the player doesn't know the full battle plan and what his/her corps are going to be doing. But overall... I am REALLY glad I bought the game in early access. I got a lot of fun from it. It just needs interface tweaking so that the tutorial is clearer on basic (how to move unit), and so the corps deployment screen can allow the player to affect the outcome of the battle according to his or her intention. I await the coming battles so I can commit my army to them! Yours sincerely, vren55 Edit: I just found out you could switch brigades around in various corps and divisions... so I suppose my point on the tutorial is now even more valid. That doesn't change my opinion on allowing the general to know the plan in the Union and Confederate Antietam battle in particular. (I've just finished the confederate battle)
  8. I was on my usual afternoon resource run back to Kingston, unloaded & sailed off to my holding port for this ship at Pedro Cay. It was a beautiful day so I thought I'd take the scenic route out to the east of Pedro - had picked up a bottle in that area before so thought i might as well go round - you never know. You never know was right, out of the shining sun to the east comes a French Rattlesnake who must have noticed my trader's snow at about the same time I saw him. Zoom, he turns toward me & away we go - knowing that I would not get away & that my hold was empty, I decided to play with him for awhile, twisting & turning & just making his play so much harder. Naturally informed nation chat & by the time he had me, we had 3 ships awaiting his exit. I too jumped into Pedro & grabbed my rattle & sailed out to search for him. We did manage to find him but were unable to re-engage him .... The ode to the frenchman comes from the fact that while searching for him I picked up 3 bottles, lost no resources & only lost a traders snow that i had taken from a Frenchman a week earlier. Cheers Bloke ...
  9. (English translation in second post) Octroy voors compaignie heeren neegentien (XIX). I. De Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden, allen den genen die dese jegenwoordige sullen sien ofte hooren lesen, Saluyt, Doen te weeten, dat wy bemerckende den welstant deser landen ende welvaeren van de ingesetenen van dien, principalyck te bestaen byde scheepvaert ende coophandel, die van allen ouden tijden vuyt deselve landen geluckelyck, ende met grooten zegen gedreven is geweest op alle landen ende coninckrycken, SOO IST dat wy, dan met gemeene vereenichde macht vande coopluyden, ende ingesetenen deser landen, ende dat tot dien eynde opgerecht sal werden eene generaele compaignie, ende daertoe te voorsien met behoorlyck octroy, ende met de privilegien ende exemptien ter eksploytasy vuyt dese vereenichde nederlanden, nochte oock van buyten deselve landen sal moegen vaeren, ofte negotieren opde custen ende landen van america, ofte westindien, ofte andere straten ende passagien, daerontrent gelegen, aan ten meest neegentien heeren uyt den gewesten gestaene voor de princen, welks bestuyr vorm geeve ende sal bestaen uyt ten minst tien hoofde ende voors limiten dese compaignie geaccordeert naer ten meest neegentien hoofde, ten aendele worde verpant één miljoen gulden per hoofde in ‘t bestuyr, ten kleinst aen participanten in grootte hondertduizent gulden denwelcke kapitael ten start tien toe neegentien miljoen gulden sal bedraagen. II Dat voorts de voors compagnie op onsen naeme ende authoriteyt, binnen …….. [Etc.etc.etc., the actual real historical octroi on which above text is based upon goes on for a good 11 pages and numerous articles!] link to the historical scans of the octroy: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/archief/inventaris/gahetnascan/eadid/ ---------------------------------- (loose translation into English) Octroi for the business endeavour for seventeen (XVII) merchants/lords. I. The State General of the United Provinces, to all who will see or are expected to read this, is greeted. In the importance of the welfare of our lands, that exists in principle because of shipping and trading, which since ancient times from the same lands are fortunate and blessed to be connected to other countries and kingdoms, IT IS DECIDED, that we, the united power of merchants and other citizens of these lands, are served that a general company shall be founded, backed up by a proper octroi, and with the privileges and exemptions to exploit from out of the united provinces, but also are allowed to sail beyond its borders, and may negotiate the coasts of the americas, named westindies, and other routes and passages in that area, and granted to at highest nineteen merchants/lords from the provinces, loyal to the prince of orange, who themselves shall form a board of at least ten persons, acting within accord of the limitations of the company towards a maximum of nineteen persons, who require to acquire shares of the amount of one million guilders, and are allowed to employ normal participants within the company with shares of one hundred thousand guilders, at the start of the company, generating starting capital between ten and nineteen million guilders. II. That furthermore the granted company in our name and authority, within …. [Etc.etc.etc., the actual real historical octroi on which above text is based upon goes on for a good 11 pages and numerous articles!] link to the scans of the octroy: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/archief/inventaris/gahetnascan/eadid/
  10. This was just a thought but with the new smuggler system my friends decided we would love to see if a basic cutter can beat a les gros ventre (it can) we did this in a battle when it was green on green, now we all know that there is a duel system in the game but it restricts it to a certain level of BR, my proposition is to have a matchmaking system where a basic cutter can ask a santi to fight and the santi can either accept of decline, in this battle it would be conducted as an "honorable" battle and as such nothing would be gained nor lost this would allow players in nations to test things that they might want to try and even be able to settle beef on the open world. Thanks
  11. Sons Of Liberty I am now no long playing on pvp2 and i will be joining pvp1 PVP2 is not longer interesting to me in my opinion.
  12. This may already have been said or mentioned. But let have some in game titles that you can earn or some stated challenges. This may be small but i like the ideal of it. Heck you can even add small bonuses/ rewards for them. You can have titles for: Amount of kills for pvp/pve(of course) Demasting/boarding so many ships. Captured x amount of ships. Crafting x amount of ships Exploring x amounts of ports. Sailing form x to x in a time frame. These can all have ranks to them too. Go ahead and put in a title or challenge that you would like to see.
  13. Ahoy captains ! Gathering group of pirates ( NoTag ) )who enjoy small PvP, fast ships, no politics. Operate around all map and get payed for that ! Must not afraid of dirty work and have no heart (sometimes we have crying kids to sink ). We are just few of us and sailing in the shadows without any tag. So if you want to get into our group or you need to hire pirates contact me. Same nick in game . Or pirate team speak kami.kazhkaz.net EDIT: ENG / RU
  14. Awesome fight last night guys. Even though we lost it was a great experience. Next time SOL will not be fighting 2:1. Shout out to all the Brits that showed up. And the St. Pavel was sunk ... cant have that falling into enemy hands.... Keep an eye out for more though and maybe you brits can come fight us so we dont have to spend 2 hours getting a decent pvp fight. Capt. Rice aka Riceeater PS: New News article coming out soon If there is a list of brits clans that were involved shoot them my way!
  15. Lets Make an Event! This post is just some of the ideals that i thought of.....i don't know if some one else thought of them and posted it some where else..if so Sorry. These ideals are just some spit-balling events that could brighten up the sever from the good old grind and trading. Which there is nothing wrong with! 1. Cutter Wars. With this event a player and enter a que like for a small battle or big battle at a port. This game wouldn't need a faction only side it would just start once there was enough players. The game would be simple, Team vs Team battle with cutters only. 25vs 25. Each team gets a certain amount of tickets and each team has to get a certain amount of kills because who likes joining an event and losing right away. The team who wins can get rewards like gold, exp, or items. The losing team can still get a reward but on a lower scale. The battle map could be a med size map with a few small island or what not. When the event starts each player would start out in a free cutter given to them. Risk: Low-None Reward: Med if won/Low if lost 2. The Treasure Fleet. A sever wide message would appear. Saying several treasure fleets has been sighted and are heading blank locations (these fleets could head to each nations capital)...so that not just one nation has one. The goal would be to head out find the fleet before it got to its location, tag it, join a battle do some damage/sink it and get a reward. How the treasure fleet would work is that it would still remain after you join a battle against it so others can do the same and be able experience the event. The fleet could even change based on the size of ship you have kinda like a mission. Risk: Med-Low Reward: Med-Low 3. Steal the Plans. Each nations Capital will spawn a Open world icon out side the port. The goal of this event would be a player, clan or over all nation to try to capture as much Plans as possible from the other nations and also defend theirs. Keep in mind that a nation with smaller population would be far less then that of a nation with a higher population so that it would not be worth it for a larger nation to steal from a smaller. Depending on the size of each nation that is logged on at the time they would have to get so many points to win. There would be a level of rewards for each place a nation won. The rewards could mean a boost in resource production over all to a nation. Exp boost from pvp/pve. etc. Risk: High/ Med Reward: High/ Med 4. National Monument. Based on each current population, each nation would have a project that they would have to build. The project would require each nation to venture to ports near other nation to acquire a resource that wouldn't be used other than for the project. Other nation could try and stop players from getting that resources from their nation. If you sank a player that had the resource for their project you could earn tokens or some type of currency that you could spend on for you ships or something once more content comes out for the game. Once one nation finished their project it would reward that nation with a boost or reward. all this still can be worked on but its just an ideal. Risk: High Reward: High-low These are just some of the ideals i had and they could all be bad ideals but like i said im just spit-balling these. If you would like you can comment on these and point out their flaws.... Please keep it civil and this doesn't mean this is going into the game.
  16. Hello/Dear, Naval Action Community, I am CO of Naval Action on the Task Force Bravo teamspeak community, it is a small but mighty group of gamer's who play lots of different games from Strategy to First Person Shooters, to this. I am recruiting the mightiest Sailors out there, from 7th rate to 1st, we crush our foes and have fun doing it, we travel the seas. We have about 11 members for Naval Action alone, but more for the teamspeak itself. If you need information add me on steam: [TFB] Perry If your interested in joining the Teamspeak just type: ts.taskforcebravo.com Or add me on Naval Action: CaptainPerry I will reply as soon as I can, Good Sailing people! - [TFB] Perry
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