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  1. @admin again you miss the point. You can do anything with doubloons. You have made doubloons the main currency as it is needed for crafting. meaning unless you want to only sail 5th rates and lower you have to have doubloons. If you want to be competitive in PVP you have to have doubloons. As I said before simply remove the doubloons from crafting and this whole need for doubloons craze will begin to die down as people will not be so dependent on them to enjoy the game. Yall claim to want feedback from tester but never listen when told something is bad or broken. Then it gets put into the game and a huge outrage ensues and still fail to listen.
  2. Since the ship knowledge slots came out you are just now complaining about it? What logic is that with you having been around long before that update.
  3. @admin @Ink DLC TRADER EASY $20 I believe pricing it at $20 is Fair and the cheapest $15 to be in line with the Admiralty Connection DLC. Take a 2nd or 3rd ship. Cut the top deck off, seal the lower and upper gun decks. Keep middle deck and originals cannon weight. Keep original crew numbers and have base hold size as 5500 or 6000, as for speed make it the same as the Indiaman's base speed. This would be classed as a 4th rate. Be the largest trader in the game. Be able to defend itself against everything smaller than it but still be considerably under gunned by 4th rates and larger. Its base speed would allow it to outrun those ships. Like the Indiaman it has the ability to fight small ship in an attempt to defend itself but faced with anything of equal size it considerably out gunned this ship would be no different This set up would have been a conversion that happened a lot by navies around the world for captured or outdated ships to be converted into a transport ship or simply sold off to a trade company who would make the conversion. For instance a 2nd rate line ship constructed in the early 1600(before 1650) and managed to survive into the 1700s that's atleast 50 years of service in that time it would need to be put in dry dock and repaired from being at sea for so many years. Newer ships would have already replaced it on the front lines making it a reserve ship or coastal patrol at best. Even today ships don't reach 50 years of service very often unless they get converted to another role like the US navy giving its older ships to the Coast Guard. Modeling a ship like this would be simply doesn't need fancy decorations on the ship, that is if you don't just remodel an existing ship. Something very similar to the 3rd rate in the game very generic and as for the name call it Trader Line ship. It would be in line of the Trader Brig/snow/cutter/lynx.
  4. @admin what is being said that players need far more doubloons then we needed PVP marks. Things that use to cost combat marks now cost an insanely high amount of doubloons. You converted pvp marks to a 1-1 ratio yet increased how much items cost for instance the Constitution use to cost 25 PVP marks it now cost 7500 doubloons. This update's conversion rate and inflation of PVP reward cost is not a welcome sight by anyone and you simply refuse to listen and give the BS excuse that the goods/resources are of more value to the player than doubloons when everything cost doubloons now. Even ship crafting for 4th rates and higher if you simply removed that portion of it and convert the doubloon requirement for ship crafting to reals would greatly ease the negative response and complaining about the doubloon drop rate.
  5. I don't agree with it just pointing out what the devs want and this wouldn't be the first time a game that implements a system to get the time of game play the developers want. ALSO the devs have mentioned "front lines" where you can only take ports close to ones already controlled by your nation so teleport fee seems be pointing in that direction.
  6. This as been suggested many times, but more like the function of the clan warehouse. Saying something couldn't be abused by alts is a huge stretch. I would love this honestly. Don't agree with taxes.
  7. Considering you now require doubloons to craft ships of 4th rate or higher when those ships required combat marks to purchase the permit. You hello kittyed the player base by now requiring a pvp reward to do anything in game. Ships shouldn't require doubloons when you made combat marks convert to reals and made everything that cost combat marks now cost doubloons. This is not a fair trade off for the player base.
  8. You are barking up the wrong tree on this. The devs are attempting to push people to sail between ports instead of teleporting.
  9. so we are getting doubloons for our lvl 2 and 3 resource buildings as well?
  10. The way everyone got screwed it would have been easier to accept a full wipe minus xp
  11. This conversion rate sucked I had close to 7 mil and now you only give me 440k which only sounds like the conversion of my combat marks. @admin whats up with this? Edit: Not to mention the supposed refund of buildings.
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