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  1. This as been suggested many times, but more like the function of the clan warehouse. Saying something couldn't be abused by alts is a huge stretch. I would love this honestly. Don't agree with taxes.
  2. The Indiaman use to be classed as a 4th rate, not sure why it was lowered in class. So when you compare the Indiaman to ships in its ORGINAL class it makes since. You have not provided a reason on why to lower the crew on the Indiaman. The high crew it has does not create a balance problem. However it does provide player the ability to protect their cargo that other traders do not. such as fully man sails, cannons, and boarding prep. An Indiaman outfitted to be a "pirate" ship requires the large crew. The Indiaman offers players the ability to truly be pirates as they get a high num
  3. Cut off dates are more flexible then people realize. It more about technology cut off then just a date. IF the USS Pennsylvania were to be added it would have to be a rare drop from 1st rate epics as well as be slow with like a 8kn base speed so LO/WO would go a max of 6kns. Technology wise the ship would work well in the game. Her cannon load out would make her the most powership in the game and if she would have ever seen combat it would have been a battleship of the time. The American way BIG SHIP BIG GUNS. The only reason the "cutoff" is to insure people didn't try to push steam ships in
  4. using alts in pvp or RVR is still against the Rules. However there isn't enough evidence here to prove it was a person using an alt on opposing side.
  5. The Swedish Royal Navy is recruiting captains of all ranks and skill levels. We are an English speaking clan. Participating in RVR, PVP, PVE. We do a little bit of everything. TeamSpeak and Discord. Contact Lord Rebel or MightyDevil in game for more information
  6. Removing the name of the wreck is simple. Its not like they use the ship model of what ever ship the wreck say it is. Having the shipwreck weight being within +-100 weight of the chosen ship would be fantastic, but a much more complex fix then simply editing the code to name all shipwrecks "shipwreck". If they want some depth to the game they can add ship names for the RNG to pull from. Could be real ships or just a list of randomness the Devs team comes up with. The depth of which they can go is endless with shipwrecks. Many players would love a good depth to them su
  7. Actually WE wouldn't as long as the game new it would know the numbers. The game doesn't allow you to board if you are over a certain speed or over a certain distance. It would simply do the same determined defender. This would be a nice feature but something that would come about near release if added at all.
  8. Your right not knowing a ships crew number would also "attempt" help counter player you just try to board and not really fight. It would simply force player to learn standard crew sizes for ships which many already do just like they know what many of the ships are buy looking at them.
  9. if the 4th rate mission is only spawning 5th rates it would seem very clear to simply get a 3rd rate mission. and since missions are done by rank and not by ship rates all you need to do is get a higher rank mission until you find the mission rewards you are looking for. This isn't a bug just the missions have changed and they said the mission would be slightly messed up until the next big update. when missions would simply match what ever ship you are in and add ships as people join. This would accommodate the new BR system. Just because the game changes and you don't like it does
  10. People forget there is a recently killed tag that prevents any rewards being given if attacked while being recently killed. Unless the raider is after the trader ships them selves there wont be any risk for the battle. This feature does however save the trader a lot of time in longer trader routes. Currently if you do not have a friendly port near by you have wasted sometime hours sailing to that port only for it to be for nothing and you lost a ship in the process. AS A TRADER I welcome this update.
  11. With the increase talk about paints and the newly added DLC I felt this needed to be added back into the mix. Bumping instead of adding another thread. Cosmetic DLC is highly requested and as I stated would generate the much needed income needed to further the progress of the games development.
  12. These server crashes are getting a bit to frequent. Does the server instability mean that the update is coming sooner rather than later and its causing crashes??? Luckily for most US players the server crashes are happening during EU prime time, sadly EU players make up a large portion of the player base.
  13. Fishy indeed but him simply leaving battle only proves that there was possibly an agreement to protect his trader
  14. bring back the one repair (one each for sail, hull, and crew) per battle. Battles where way more challenging and people thought more before engaging in PVP.
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