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  1. agreed and if it goes f2p i'll still play even if i loose the dlc ships and ships suggested as redeemable it be a fresh start on a new game, i'd be perfectly fine with it be fun starting over.
  2. why dont u check the pve server i havent seen it peak over 100 players in awhile yet people still play it just an hour ago there was about 50 people on the peace server having the fun they wanted, i've seen games be enjoyable with just a few players. it will be no different on the pvp server u will still likely find players around ports rather in the middle of the sea so even with low pop there is still a chance for pvp even with 100 or less players, besides didnt the new patch just turn the pvp server into a pve grindfest. right now there is 133 players on pvp server and its just fine i can see a 70% loss in players with changes i've suggested and the game would still run on its own. remember we have already bought the game and DLC what the devs want is new players to spend money not the vets who already have everything.
  3. are u assuming they would loose more then 90% of their players hahah u dont seem to realize but there is probably closer to about 350 actual players and about 150 alt accounts i know for a fact sir texas sir has atleast 3 alt accounts, yes this game currently has a high price tag for a game in alpha and is likely to decrease in price upon release, yes we are considered testers in some sense, but do not forget the devs can easily change the herc and requin from ships to blueprints as well then the players cant complain since they would stil have access to that specific ship remember were in an alpha everything has a chance to be changed or removed from the game before release, only way i see a influx of new players or a reason to go to a released status is when they know they will get new players in a large enough quantity. as for testers could get anything but there is also that possibility the testers get nothing as well. no reason for the balance of a game coming out of alpha to give those that played it during alpha a distinct advantage in lvl crafting and ships compared to new players.
  4. 3. they may pull ahead but not because they have a 2nd rate or requins and hercs at the start of release they would need to grind or do tutorial thats the difference instead of being handed all their work during alpha they instead have to do it all again from scratch just like any new player after release will have to do. 2. yes they could get blowback but they been getting blowback after every major patch since 2016 its nothing new to them 1. that post was last year we do not even know if it will still happen. "The ship will be delivered on release of the game or maybe earlier" earlier would mean before release so there is no guarentee u will receive it after a complete asset wipe as stated in a post i made already . " What could potentially stay on your account (will not be touched) if there are no changes in the ship db structure or other issues with the reset. Uncraftable gifted ships Everything else will be reset and removed. Ships, assets, reals, clan warehouses, everything not included in the list above. " do not assume u will get any redeemable ships upon release. not to mention but they could also give u the blueprint to make the pandora instead of the ship itself, " It will be added to redeemables in one of two forms (we do not yet know which and will provide more information on this closer to release) un-tradeable permanent blueprint, or an eternal redeemable ship similar to the yacht. "
  5. What could potentially stay on your account (will not be touched) if there are no changes in the ship db structure or other issues with the reset. Uncraftable gifted ships Everything else will be reset and removed. Ships, assets, reals, clan warehouses, everything not included in the list above. "could" "potentially" these words arent absolutes. they could remove the dlc ships they could remove all redeemable ships. the devs said it themselves at the start of this topic
  6. who will u goto for ur refund u will ask steam for a refund not game labs hence why ur efforts are pointless on getting a refund u bought the game and dlc from steam
  7. now read carefully it says testers , not players as u can see from the forums there are very few players branded by the admins with the tester tag. there is no guarentee the whole playerbase will receive said ships. 2 devs can remove the DLC ships whenever they want without compensation. players are angry all the time devs can simply state that they are doing a rebalance of the games ships and the herc and requin were to be cut on release. 3. yes vets will have an advantage at start but its not as large as keeping all the xp, knowledge slots, books and redeemable ships. then starting out in a basic cutter. and for a fact i know not everyone that currently plays has done the tutorial or even finished it. this is why a complete wipe of everything is what i suggest as the best course of action for the game
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/885270/ right under add to cart clearly states This product is not eligible for refund. Learn more https://store.steampowered.com/app/885270/ DLC purchased from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, so long as the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Steam will be unable to give refunds for some third party DLC (for example, if the DLC irreversibly levels up a game character). These exceptions will be clearly marked as nonrefundable on the Store page prior to purchase.
  9. this game would be going from alpha to release in regards to the wipe of everything it should happen only after a major changes like when the servers merged, or when a game changing patch or when the game goes from alpha to open release. it balances the scales for all players ur not loosing much aside from digital possessions not even owned by u but by the game and their owners they reserve the right to do as they please this includes full wipes. but from the distinctive change since a year ago, and from my experience with games that go from an alpha state to full release a complete wipe is normally what balances out the game for all players.
  10. u asked how the current situation would effect the economy on release. think about it players that did the test bed would start off with a 2nd rate, high enough to start mass grinding reals far faster and more abundant then those new players who start out in a basic cutter. a clear disadvantage. u ask about the pandora frigate that was promised to all testers. devs can simply mate it a craftable ship problem solved. also u say i overestimate influx of new players do u honestly believe the cost of the game currently is going to be the price of the game after release, in all likelihood the game will either become much cheaper or go F2P for a set period of time upon release which will cause an influx of new players. now as i stated for the DLC ships instead of a 24 hour cooldown on redeeming the requin and herc they can simply extend the cooldown or make the ship craftable. if u read the ToS when purchasing the DLC they dont have to give refunds if they decide later to remove the DLC from the game. there is no refund policy on any purchases.
  11. in regards to dlc ships there are a few options the devs can implement, options include. 1. extend redeem period to 72 hours between redeems. 2. by starting from scratch u have to grind to crew them. 3. remove min crewing on dlc ships require full crew requirements. (this includes mods and books) (eg. if ship has 200 crew and 44 bonus crew as its stats player needs to have more then 244 crew cap to use ship.) i agree books need to go as well everything has to go.
  12. all assets in my term for my post includes ships, xp (all of it in all forms), books, everything u get nothing on day 1 of release
  13. the question u should really ask what entitles vts to have all their books kept on release over starting from scratch, devs say we keep all knowledge, crafting and player exp, so ur unlikely to see vet players playing in 7th rate most likely requins and hercs will litter each nation on day 1 why because the people who played before release got to keep all the exp while the new players got nothing . they wont complain about a book because the tutorial doesnt cover knowledge slots and are unlikely to understand how books work or modules even. this is ofcourse and assumption we dont know how new players will react to combat against other players on day 1, but what new players will complain about is all the max lvl players running around in dlc and non redeemable ships on day 1. it would send a clear message to all new players that they are at a significant disadvantage when they buy the game on or after release. and that can push new players away from a game like this. what the game needs is the perspective of when we started NA when we had 5000+ players a fresh perspective of everyone at the same lvl at the same standard at the beginning and everyone working to regain what they lost. and to grow together rather then being handed everything from alpha as a unbalanced gift. this no only will destabilize the economy but the economy will also bed to the veterans rather then to a fresh start.
  14. remember we are testers nothing more and nothing less we are here to test the games features before release whether we have the title of tester or not without the few hundred players still playing this game would of came to a standstill but to not even the playing field at the start well that will ruin the whole point of making it a released game. there will be a huge gap between the new and old players if xp is retained. a complete wipe with no boosts or gifted ships would be the best we may loose a few vets but the game starting fresh on release will allow old and new players the chance to grow together. rather then having players rocking herc's and requins and gifted ships at the start of the release, advantage to complete wipe of all assets. 1. even playing field 2. no advantage given to testers over new players. 3. balanced start. 4. stable economy disadvantage of complete wipe. 1. loss of some vet players to loosing all the progress 2. no rare ships now with a fresh release there really shouldnt be any advantage other then having a little more knowledge about the game and its mechanics rather then being in a christian on first day of release. and farming players at the start of the game. everyone needs to start from scratch to make NA successful on release. yes i repeat myself alot but dont do to NA what papayaplays did to UWO they wiped the server all progress and real money ships and then boosted everyone for the first 2 months making the wipe pointless. dont make that mistake make it a perfect wipe fresh start, make everyone have to grind to get to rear admiral or to crew their dlc ships not start off with them on day one. yes i know grinding up crafting , player exp, and knowledge slots and all those books is going to be tough and difficult and tedious but why should the new players have to do it and not us. what makes us any different then new players aside from the experience of playing the game for a few months more then them. we should not be dividing the community this way with a release and giving people who played before a massive boost. yes we all would be devastated about loosing all that progress but where is the fun in a game if u cant start over from scratch when the game leaves alpha .
  15. if u set it to sink a specific nations players u may end up getting those players to leave the game u'd end up having all nations picking on a single nation just as it was before the eco patch and will cause the same problems except ur going to reward those for picking on a single nation. which in return will get people to leave the game because most of the server is sitting outside their ports waiting to kill them.