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  1. to all saying about the lack of other nations, like i said i did like a 30 minute search of ships, i could go on and would love to see all the nations get ships for the second part of my post to make it so each nation has its own little crafting tree, it would be nice to see, and every ship class (7th - 1st) has a general base design that every nation would be able to build and just be called the basic stuff (cutter, sloop, brig, frigate, man of war, 4th rate, 3rd rate, 2nd rate, 1st rate) then from there each nation would have its specialized ships example for first rates: Victory(GB) Pennsy
  2. Galleon Class ships in general the Concord (better known as the Queen Anne's revenge) - frigate class 44 guns The Couronne - Flag ship special build, up to 72 guns, speciality is the fore and aft chasers were in a towerlike structure on the sides of the ship the USS Pennsylvania - first rate ship of the line the USS Ranger - Sloop of War (sixth rate) the USS Constellation - 38 gun Frigate The Fancy - 46 gun Man of war The Whydah - 28 gun galley the Royal Fortune - Man of War? HMS Sapphire - 32 gun fifth rate frigate HMS Torrington - 32 gun Fifth rate HMS Pearl - 42 gun fo
  3. lol sverne no you have not been banned there is like random spots throughout the US that cannot connect
  4. sorry it took me so long to get back was working and other busy stuff, but @Jean de la Rochelle I do agree with you and this would help add more content by adding more ships but yes they do need to get more trading, story lines, and things like that into the game maybe even for the new people instead of doing the exam tutorial do a small story line of how you earned your captainship and such and give a small perk base on it. one of the glaring issues though is there isn't a playerbase to provide a stable economy because you get seal clubbed right outside of your capital harbour by someon
  5. When i happened upon Naval Action, I was ecstatic, I love age of sail games and all of the fun from bringing a full broadside of guns to bear to going toe to toe on deck of boarding to hammering/getting hammered by a city port or fort, when i joined i loved all of it, the beauty, the semi realism, the semi true sailing, and all that. now that being said the pvp is a little over kill, its great and all but really annoying when people just camp outside the capital for new players just to get their pvp marks and getting those marks gives them an almost unbreakable edge over anyone without. so he
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