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  1. one major thing i see is you get significantly more for assist kills than actual kills, should be other way around https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1553701747
  2. This needs to be addressed, i understand the strategy of staying over the horizon and that is a viable strategy in which you have a risk of being spotted/caught, but this needs to be fixed if you are sitting the areas logged off just waiting to jump someone that isn't exactly fair. making it so that you can't log in and attack someone would be beneficial to helping keep a player base around. Also an idea to think about is that if you are in your nations waters you should be protected in a sense not just by ai reinforcements but make it so that the battle to the intruding side only stays open for the 3 minutes like an open world fight, because you are in enemy waters if you are attacking people in their reinforcement zones then that is your choice, there is many other areas to find PVP, it shouldn't stay open for anything longer than 3 minutes. it will cut down on the seal clubbing greatly. on that you are seal clubbing if you are going against people that don't have the same experience, knowledge, ranks, upgrades, and such as you, which you know with almost a certainty that if you go to a capital port you know that you outclass 90% of the people that are there so in cutting that timer out, it will even the odds
  3. to all saying about the lack of other nations, like i said i did like a 30 minute search of ships, i could go on and would love to see all the nations get ships for the second part of my post to make it so each nation has its own little crafting tree, it would be nice to see, and every ship class (7th - 1st) has a general base design that every nation would be able to build and just be called the basic stuff (cutter, sloop, brig, frigate, man of war, 4th rate, 3rd rate, 2nd rate, 1st rate) then from there each nation would have its specialized ships example for first rates: Victory(GB) Pennsylvania(US) Santisma (SPAIN) L'ocean(France) and so on so forth, maybe some nations don't have a first rate such as prussia never actually developed a strong navy preferring to use small ships to escort larger allies navy and instead have a dominant ground force, but that is resolved by having that base design ships for them, and they can capture the other nations first rates as well. it was just a thought that might add a bit of a twist to the game.
  4. Galleon Class ships in general the Concord (better known as the Queen Anne's revenge) - frigate class 44 guns The Couronne - Flag ship special build, up to 72 guns, speciality is the fore and aft chasers were in a towerlike structure on the sides of the ship the USS Pennsylvania - first rate ship of the line the USS Ranger - Sloop of War (sixth rate) the USS Constellation - 38 gun Frigate The Fancy - 46 gun Man of war The Whydah - 28 gun galley the Royal Fortune - Man of War? HMS Sapphire - 32 gun fifth rate frigate HMS Torrington - 32 gun Fifth rate HMS Pearl - 42 gun fourth rate frigate HMS Royal Anne Galley - 42 gun fifth rate frigate HMS Aldborough - 24 gun sixth rate Just doing a small search that some of the ships from the countries you have in game but an idea of adding in a bunch of ships is to make crafting more important make it so that each different country can only craft ships of their country and the pirates have to capture or buy the ships if they want it even go a little farther the ships that are pirate ships start as the nation it is originally from but when captured it gets upgraded/changed to the pirate ship
  5. Overall i like this update so far that i seen, but some of the stuff is a little overwhelming could be managed a bit different, maybe an idea would be an interactive ui like some games have where you click the warehouse and it puts you in a warehouse and opens your warehouse inventory up idk just something, and it would be nice to see instead of just your ship zoom out to see the port and have x amount of dockyards there with each ship tied to a dock you just select the ship you want to look at and it zooms in to it. overall loving it. please keep the ai fleets how they are, allow all the ships to spawn in the open world ai fleets just make them out of crap wood and only be grey or green quality or something (maybe even no special refits and save those just for crafted ships) and make it so that 4th rates are capturable and just 1 - 3 non capturable (maybe later even make all rates capturable just make the ai ones that you capture be a really crap quality not worth keeping except for like unboxing the ship or something just a thought) and the multiple port thing kinda like this picture (ik its modern ships) but make them each clickable and that is how you select your ship instead of a pop up menu, just a thought to make it a little more "interactive"
  6. lol sverne no you have not been banned there is like random spots throughout the US that cannot connect
  7. sorry it took me so long to get back was working and other busy stuff, but @Jean de la Rochelle I do agree with you and this would help add more content by adding more ships but yes they do need to get more trading, story lines, and things like that into the game maybe even for the new people instead of doing the exam tutorial do a small story line of how you earned your captainship and such and give a small perk base on it. one of the glaring issues though is there isn't a playerbase to provide a stable economy because you get seal clubbed right outside of your capital harbour by someone who has a full unboxed ship maxed out on upgrades when you are running around with bare minimum because you just started. @Aster yes i said that in the post that there would be ways around it and there is not a whole lot you can do about it, people will try to find a way to cheat the system no matter what but this would at least give some the satisfaction of learning their nations ships and their strengths and weaknesses. @vazco, if you want just any battle as you claim there are 100's of ai ships that provide more than a challenge if you go into the right fight, hell if you really want a challenge do a 4th rate fleet combat mission it spawns 6 - 8 connies at any given time, good luck, and if they are looking for just any battle then why not go after the rear admirals, or the commodores in the larger upgraded ships, from what I have experienced it is players who actually aren't the greatest at sailing just have a lot of upgrades so their ship is much faster or thicker than something else and they go into fights where they know the player is around a 150 or less combat rating so they can quickly kill and sink him then run away before someone who can actually give him the satisfaction of a challenge shows up. and also for the better part of the day I don't see the combat news quiet for more than 15 - 20 minutes, and taht is pushing it normally it pops up new every 2 - 3 minutes, and doing it this way would give you your challenge of a fight when you wanted it but thats not what PvP's want they want an easy kill and run at the first sight of an actual fight, so they hang around the capital zones and wait for new players to either come out of a combat mission wounded or better yet wait for them to attack an ai fleet then jump in on the other side so you can't even use the reinforcement zone to help you. also the pvp rewards are by far better than the PvE rewards, yes alot of them offer the same stuff but with none of the penalties for instance the sailing speed, 2 of the PvP upgrades offer just an increase in sailing speed and nothing else no required more crew, or weaker hull, or anything. that gives a significant upgrade over a PvE reward that gives you at most 3% sailing speed but you have to sacrifice like 5% of your hull/armor/ or thickness. and if you quit that is your choice and only reinforcing the fact that you are not actually looking for a challenge you are looking for someone quick and easy to kill so you get your pvp marks and get your rewards with no risk @Palatinose you are right there are both sides and yes there are people there just for a fight but are hoping for a weak easy player to kill so they can finish it quickly, and yeah sometimes you go hunting and you don't find any so you make the choice, fight ai out in the ocean to pass time while waiting or risk it, but right now with the RZ they mostly wait for players to get into a fight then jump in behind them so you can't even call for reinforcements from your nation so you are screwed anyway. they have a couple different ways they could fix the RZ this way is just one of the options the other would be that even if say I attacked an AI fleet, and someone jumped in after I can call reinforcements to my aid still to help me
  8. When i happened upon Naval Action, I was ecstatic, I love age of sail games and all of the fun from bringing a full broadside of guns to bear to going toe to toe on deck of boarding to hammering/getting hammered by a city port or fort, when i joined i loved all of it, the beauty, the semi realism, the semi true sailing, and all that. now that being said the pvp is a little over kill, its great and all but really annoying when people just camp outside the capital for new players just to get their pvp marks and getting those marks gives them an almost unbreakable edge over anyone without. so here are some suggestions that might make all happy and would be willing to actually discuss things in farther if warranted. 1. first off to the pvp thing, make it so if you are in the capital port (Charleston for US) that you get capital class ships to protect you (I.E. 3 - 1 st rates depending on strength of enemy). everywhere else, unless you are tagged by a capital ship you only get up to a 4th rate and it matches the strength of the attacking ship. 2. now adding to the historical aspect that would really put a fun twist to the game and give you a little more national pride. Players can only CRAFT ships of their country (US gets the Connie and other US based ships) and ai fleets will only spawn with their nations ships (spain wouldn't spawn with a connie) and by ships of their country i mean the country that originally built the ship. - note give ALL nations a baseline ships for example: 7th rate - Cutter, sloops 6th rate - brig, schooner 5th rate - frigate 4th rate through 1st rate - ships of the line now the 4th rate would have about 50 guns with a crew of about 400(max) 3rd rate would have around 74 guns or less with a crew around 650(max) 2nd rate would have around 80 - 90 guns with crew around 800(max) 1st rate would have about 100 guns with crew of around 1000(max) from there you add in your l'oceans, essexs, and all the other ships/ ship types would be nation dependent. 3. PVP marks, #2 would factor heavily into this category, your pvp marks instead of giving game breaking upgrades instead, give out notes for ships of different nations but instead of making it 15 marks make it harder to get certain ships for example: 7th rate - 10 marks 6th rate - 15 - 20 marks 5th rate - 40 - 50 marks 4th - 50 - 75 marks 3rd - 75 - 100 marks 2nd - 100 - 125 marks 1st - 150 marks but on the side note make it so these notes could not be used to craft one out White oak, teak, or live oak. 4. Both of those now would make this possible and give the ability to capture 4 - 1st rates again because you would have to try to capture other nations ships from AI but make the AI fleets to spawn in out of really crappy material so that capturing them isnt necessarily a big win. Overall I feel this would help greatly in bringing your game population back up, adding new players because there isn't so much seal clubbing but you can get respectable pvp action outside of the capital harbours. it would also give a new feel to the game because Port battles would have to be won by the skill of the nation using their ships or stolen ships and you would have to plan around your nations strengths. now it would be easy to navigate around this feat simply by having multiple alts in different nations, but to counter it and make it a little more challenging and rare to see a quality 1st rate or 2nd rate (instead of 50 WO/LO or similar in a port battle) make them a little more difficult to craft something of that caliber like i said this is observations that i have seen while playing and i feel that all the player base would enjoy these updates and would bring your population up greatly as well, and like i said if you would like to discuss this more, i would be happy to in teamspeak or discord or just through email, and anything i could do to help this i would
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