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  1. No one is forced into agreeing, it's a benefit we thought offering to allow for equality for nations tbh, just if you do not concur, this alliance provides non aggression against booked nations and assistance, if any. And, it was no exploit, you know that already Calobelo is not part of any booked port, so you are free to go to take it by our agreements, just like everyone else, unless you plan a change of agreements just for your own clan . As I said, please refer to discord or game to communicate more efficiently.
  2. You yourself decided to leave the negotiations, you yourself mentioned (and for that even used a spy in the discord's pirate nation) to precisely target the "booked" ports. What we are here to protect is to ensure that a few ports for each nation are secured, the rest is up for competition for everyone, even you. It's not the other clans having a vendetta on you, it's them retaliating because of your actions. Nevertheless , we do not praise obstructing anyone for what are around 290 ports to be taken. And your response is coming to the forums behaving like the victims and passing on collaboration to get whichever nation's crafting port as a sin simply because you lost by it . If you are so willing to talk, I have already told you you are more than free to either pm me in discord ( preferred ) or in game whenever I'm online, and I'd be more than glad to hear you out on the port trading you intend to do. Then again it's quite handy talking about trading ports to a nation who doesn't yet have any, because those you got were the ones booked by them.
  3. I would personally love the concept of "elite" AI or similar counterparts to be wiser, harder to outsmart NPCs rather than super speedy ( i can understand stronger armor given their lack of repairs) EDIT: maybe in smaller fleets of course, mind you.
  4. Greetings @admin , This is a Community-Wide request voted by PVE Server players, which , as you may know , now form an international alliance in discord ( current amount is 350+ members with 60+ clan leaders and diplomats) with all the nations within the game. Since we also created a diplomatic system where a selected number of ports are divided equally between factions ,we , until the latest patch, helped each other (especially the smaller clans/factions) to get their own ports, though leaving a pretty good portion of the ports open for healthy competition. We kindly request hostility battles being open to battle groups formed internationally, thus also asking the possibility to make international battle groups possible, which incidentally would make open world hunting much more enjoyable . To aid with such a request, it would also be nice to have all player names visible again instead of “enemy player”. Enclosed are all the clan leaders and diplomats that concur with such requests. Thank you for your time and dedication to the game we love so much. [CH] Humbert I - British Clan Leader [ISOIT] Smurf304 - British Clan Leader [RDACF] Disgruntled Iceberg - Danish Clan leader [AWG] Admiral Gunny Greybeard - British Clan leader [WLDD] Cpt Bluebeard - Prussian Clan leader (and discord mapper) [SALTS] Rowny De Blackbeard - Russian Clan Diplomat [KWH] Titus - Prussian Clan Diplomat [ERP] Imperathor - French Clan Diplomat [CBTC] Freyr / Bjoern - British Clan Diplomat (voted only for the "enemy player" removal) [FPM] Goal - British Clan Diplomat [LBR] Brontes - French Clan Diplomat (and discord mapper) [SKULL] Sersanara - Spanish Clan Diplomat [KAMI] Ortac - British Clan Leader (and discord moderator) [CSR] REC - American Clan Diplomat [FPM] Artagnu Pendrugn - British Clan Diplomat (and discord moderator) [RDNN] Kornelius Svendsen - Danish Clan Leader [LMB] LeeChristmas - Swedish Clan Leader [HLF] Admiral Magnus - Pirate Clan Diplomat (acting co-leader) [RWC] Holm Hansen - Spanish Clan Diplomat [FITON] Fitton - British Clan Leader (and co-discord owner) [FPM] Nzaire - British Clan Diplomat [CLAW] Randy - American Clan Leader [LSC] Naval Group - French Clan Leader [MAK] SmokingdEXteR - Polish Clan Diplomat [USNA] DIEHR - American Clan Leader [WEST] Christian Von Hohenfels - Dutch Clan Leader [DRT] Jimmi - Prussian Clan Leader [MAK] Dziadiza - Polish Clan Diplomat [LMB] Gustaf Armfeldt - Swedish Clan Diplomat And , well, myself I will update the message with corrections and additions should there be any.
  5. +1. PVE server has proven capable of working together towards sharing the server ports in equality, giving room for those looking for competition, yet making sure every nation has access to the best port boni available. In addition, in my opinion , groups should be extended to inter-nation , and not being nation-bound, such that if you want to close off hostility missions, only the invitees would be able to enter. Similar statements could be said for "enemy player" status, and other things which are clear leftovers from the pvp server.
  6. Bound to be updated as we get the preferences set.
  7. The old server invite link that Von Krimm uses probably does not work anymore, though the one present in my signature is permanently working . We are looking for willing and committed people to recruit and , if possible, acquainted with managing discord bots. We are also looking for Dutch representatives thank you
  8. That would be because it doesn't work on the PVE server. Or, to be more precise, nor me neither anyone I've met so far has managed to get it to work. And to be honest, if Loki Rune is your idea of fair pvp..
  9. Indeed, I was also wondering why my question , asking if there are any plans for international cooperations in pve, was deleted from this thread
  10. A casual fighter / crafter, my dear white knight. My reference was simply to the ones who try to monopolize by money power, which is anything but friendly or what pve needs imo. And my comment was an answer to the admin, but nice try though.
  11. Competition for tax rights is just stuff for no life traders, much like contracts and so on, it is everything but friendly
  12. Looks like a great addition, thank you . Is there any news on npc aggression in open world instance?
  13. To the point that people who log in once a month will casually of course sink their ship because of their inability and then go on to craft a golden bellona at first try. Merit needs to be more rewarded. I'm sick and tired of casuals getting everything because of RNG
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