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  1. I couldn't be more disappointed. We expected the campaign with Alpha 7. Instead, Alpha 7 gave us.. nothing. So we assumed it would be the next patch. I'm a teacher; summer is gaming time. With this new timeline, I expect to not be playing this game, or checking this forum, again for a year. If ever. 😥
  2. This is a reasonable point. Instead of construction speed, the USA could simply have the largest capacity. Maybe a radar tech advantage.
  3. If anyone is getting a buff to construction speed, it should be 'Murica.
  4. Would love to see screenshots of the campaign map!
  5. Updates have been averaging 5-8 weeks. Have not seen a thorough road map, but there have been posts by developers indicating that the campaign will be in the next one.
  6. Pretty much this. Sure, it would be amazing to have UA:D, Silent Hunter, Sturmovik, and Task Force Admiral all melded into one super game, but let's recognize the amount of work that would require. Lots of man hours! This is a battleship game. And it will be glorious. Also, LOL @ skycancer. 😆
  7. The second ship did start to retreat, but it had gotten pretty close by that point. It would have been a long haul before clearing the range of my 18' guns. Just kept the big guns on it until it sank.
  8. Bumping this thread because this mission gets mentioned often in multiple threads. I have been confused because I remembered it being a really fun mission when I bought the game during Alpha 5. I remembered it being like shooting fish in a barrel; in most of the missions, if you let me build a hulking beast with all the tech, they seem easy. This morning I decided to play it again and see if anything changed. My Ship: When the mission started, I did not get the usual "enemy smoke to the north" message. Instead, three battleships were already detected. There was no message about
  9. Also, might the second ship of the same class be cheaper? Lots of games model this, that the lead ship costs more because of the design process and the industrial capabilities being brought to bear on it. Each ship after should get a slight price saving since that capacity already exists.
  10. While talking turrets, it would be cool to be able to put secondaries on top of them like this. I think the North Carolina had a 40-mm quad up there, so obviously some size restrictions would apply. I know secondaries aren't very popular on the forums, but I have had success with them, and ships look empty without them.
  11. I'd love to see those old screenshots if anyone has them. Or maybe the devs could share some teasers, like a screenshot of the map screen or something. 🙏
  12. How long did 'BB Wettin' survive? 😆
  13. 1. Agree completely. 2. I enjoy them, but I doubt it I will touch them. Perhaps I will clear them all again when it is released on Steam just to get my green check marks back.
  14. Yes, it is the Mark5 for the 9', Mark3 for the 8', and Mark4 for the 10'. Seems some might be out of place in the tech progression.
  15. The 9' turrets seem a bit too big on this 1925 heavy cruiser. Shown with an 8' to the left and a 10' to the right.
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