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  1. I feel next update is nearby so im guessing they want to wait till the next update where the new updates were released
  2. Thing is they played a significant role in later periods of naval warfare, so it would be unhistoric if they werent there. However even just to have float plane catapults or land based aircraft would be a significant addition in the right direction
  3. I doubt airstrikes are planned for anytime soon, maybe a post release feature or im hopping for an aircraft carrier DLC
  4. This refers to building rest of the fleet in custom battles not just a single ship however id expect more national hulls and turrets as the game gets developed further
  5. Also thanks for the input, I added your suggestions to the list
  6. we have an unofficial discord if you want to join that
  7. Yeah that's what i meant, its the features i expect to be added but haven't been officially mentioned
  8. Firstly this is unofficial however i wanted to make a list of confirmed features i read from forum replies from devs, so i made a big list of them, in addition to things that are considered and speculated features, the speculation is coming from my own expectations and also if i made any mistakes, missed anything or have your own suggestions, feedback is welcome. What I think is work in progress/is planned: Confirmed: -Ability to make more than 1 ship in custom battles -Barbette armour control -Barbette placement improvement -Campaign -Casemate Optimisations (such as casemate shields) -Coasts -Coastal guns -Crew mechanics -Hull widening -More control of citadel size -More flexible tower placement -More realistic Engine component combinations -Nations will have unique shipyard bonuses -Quad turrets -Realistic Weather effects -Rework of secondaries fire control -Radio Communications -Ship Saving -Visual Optimisations Considered: -Casemate physical locations show up after a casemate gun is placed -Designer components lock when using auto design Speculation: -Camo -Different AI difficulties -More towers -More academy missions -Some sort of command map What you think so far? This thread will be updated overtime with suggestions and future comments from the devs Ps. Lot of the campaign features are mentioned here: https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/the-playing-modes
  9. what do you mean by addressed, partially addressed and to be addressed, the words are confusing me and this is purely my fault
  10. i made a massive post explaining how catapult fighter should work:
  11. How about barrettes were generative, so you could change the height to anything you want within reason
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