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  1. They said they're gonna add quad turret in the next update like two days ago
  2. My english is not that great so may i ask what do you mean by speculation land ? Is it means unconfirmed ?
  3. dude if they are that obsess with the campaign, it wouldn't take nearly a year later to release it. Plus consider how the forum cry out about how broken the game is, im not surprise if the campaign release with only 3 playable faction
  4. America superior ship building and god like damage repair 11/10
  5. Next year probably since many pp want this game to be bug free and a 100 % working camping before it be release on steam
  6. have you try baitng their DD to waste all of their torp then charge in. BB can equip sonar right ?
  7. the thing is UK has fewer dockyard compare to USA, not to mention USA have a lot of room for expansion. UK might pump out 1 ship a week but USA that number maybe 5. So giving USA ship construction speed boost is a bit overpower
  8. those changes are for alpha 7, the game is still alpha 6
  9. when i said japan get minor armour debuff, i meant armour strength not value, steel quality, like how many shell can that steel withstand before it rupture
  10. UK: +20 % the change of getting detonate on a BC
  11. Beside the ship itself, each nation should has their own trait, making it more different to other country Like UK - With more than 100 year of naval tradition they could get something like faster ship constructing speed, better crew morals and survivability GER - Better amour and turtle back USA - Better damage control Japan - better base accuracy but weaker armor Italy ? Spain ? Russia ?
  12. i don't understand why some people don't want this game to be release on steam without a decent working campaign. Afraid of bad review ?. Like WTH. it's still early access why caring about that for. Age of sail release haft a year ago without a finished campaign and it look fine to me. Isn't releasing on steam make bug reporting much easier ?
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