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  1. At this point is any other nation fighting RvR against anyone OTHER then GB?
  2. The problem is that new wood types should be incremental changes that give players more options, not completely change the dynamic of every ship built for the past 9 mos.
  3. "I was somewhat looking forward to the new woods, but not if it meant making the ships I currently have sub par all over again. Not if it meant months upon months of crafting labor hour contracts, coal, iron, provisions, seasoned wood, spending hundred of millions is suddenly completely wasted. " I don't think anyone wants to have to replace their RvR fleets from scratch. A move like that seems very detrimental to the health and well being of the game. Surely their is a plan in place to be able to reclaim those resources and mods. Seems like a good idea, but not very good executio
  4. I think some of us a reading WAY to much into it. Removing doubloons from shipbuilding makes shipbuilding easier, hence we can craft more ships and are able to spend a little more time in combat and a little less time farming for doubloons. @admin can correct me if I am wrong about that.
  5. Something like the Farquharson would have been nice.
  6. I am also very disappointed with the way the expectations were managed.
  7. The game froze and crashed, when I got back in I lost my ship to boarding. I submitted an F11 report.
  8. Sure after 1600+ hours playing the game unlocking knowledge levels PER ship is untenantable. It feels like I have to level up again, when I spent so much time getting to Rear Admiral. It feels like the developers lack imagination when creating game content and have resorted to making it a grind fest instead. It is a serious problem when it takes over 40 hours of game play to unlock all the slots on a 2nd rate. I think it would be better if they fixed the open world tagging system, and worked on improving trade and commerce making the game more customizable and interesting.
  9. The grind is unbearable and had put me off from playing naval action over other games lately.
  10. Eu server crashed many times last night while sailing, we had to stop playing. Will our ships be saved ?
  11. I think the Spanish should prepare to defend their ports. Good luck gentlemen.
  12. Some times due to real live situations it is unavoidable.
  13. Yes thank you Capt Rice we are still around. Currently since the patch out ranks are growing and we have an active community.
  14. Since the patch SLRN's ranks are growing. We have a very active Team Speak and play base. Please come and join us!
  15. Thank you very much for the kind words sir.
  16. SLRN has sailed with these fellows and they are a joy to fight along with.
  17. Yes in fact it is required. We do not have a activity requirement. That is fine.
  18. Sea Lords Royal Navy God Save the KING Admiralty House - LONDON ************ [sLRN] ************* Welcome to Sea Lords Royal Navy [sLRN] and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to to hell and back! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of
  19. We recently had a meeting of the SLRN Admiralty and has decided to support BOTH EU and Global players.
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