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  1. So there is no access to the Santa Cecilia with release ?
  2. Well you can still trade with anyone, you cant have a craft that encourages cooperation and trade if you can do everything on your own.
  3. let players replace npc ships maybe? like when 15 defenders have joined, next one will take npc's place aka npc just warps away to open the slot edit : sunk npc can not be replaced (so if defenders decide to wait for the enemy fleet to take damage / waste double shots on npc they risk lost spots)
  4. I've heard it happens when you redeem one of the pre-patch redeemables
  5. My suggestion : When you escape battle you respawn in a random place xxx meters away, with a safety limit of xxx meters away from any shore.
  6. No it was quite far from capital, i dont think the trinc reinforced after 3 min
  7. When it becomes a norm to escape a balanced fight to team up with the friends you called to wait outside, turning 1v2s ionto 1v10s, it means ROE doesnt promote challenging OW PvP. Look at how they took Liq's Santa cecilia or this pathetic battle, Fix revenge fleets pls.
  8. PvP marks were great, now you get just as much reward for 2 quick pve missions as for a pvp kill, while it takes much less time, effort and risk to go pve. Ok you can capture ships with pvp but then you have to sail it allll the way back home and it takes a lot of time to go again after that. If someone wants to have every reward possible while playing only pve they can buy marks or play pve server ! It was great to have a very special reward if you dared to hunt alone / duo in dangerous waters, with a better reward if you tasted challenging fights. The change killed that. Too bad
  9. Dommage, c'était cool les pvp marks... Bcp de yoyo entre hardcore et casual sur les patchs faut vous décider !
  10. Thank you ! Got to read those books... Asked for one @ Xmas but i got Blacksails DVDs instead... Well was good aswell !
  11. I did give it a try, using surcouff's tactics ! about 20 min
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