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  1. Well you can still trade with anyone, you cant have a craft that encourages cooperation and trade if you can do everything on your own.
  2. I've heard it happens when you redeem one of the pre-patch redeemables
  3. Dommage, c'était cool les pvp marks... Bcp de yoyo entre hardcore et casual sur les patchs faut vous décider !
  4. Thank you ! Got to read those books... Asked for one @ Xmas but i got Blacksails DVDs instead... Well was good aswell !
  5. I did give it a try, using surcouff's tactics ! about 20 min
  6. Problem is it's a ship with no charges at all. There should not be a way to pvp where you can't loose anything and the enemy can loose alot.
  7. Got maaaany magic moments with this great game, but the one i will remember the most was during my first weeks as a pvp privateer... I was sailing near Jamaica in a Renommée, and got tagged by 3 rattlesnake players + 2 rattlesnake fleet bots. Fear was in my heart, it was one of my first "expensive" ships, so i tried to escape, but they went for my sails and it was hopeless. I sank one of them and the bots while all the rattles were focusing my sails and my crew, and after a while one of them boarded me. I fought the boarding decently (hap prep) so he decided to disengage, but he used
  8. While i have doubts about the teleports changes, i also think it's worth a try. Might be more immersive, fun, and bring more open world action. After all, we are here to test ! Btw i didn't read anything about the good old - capture an npc take control of the ship and teleport desired ship(s) in any of your outposts - "feature". Will it still be an option for ship teleportation ? Still not looking forward the removal of discussion with enemies...
  9. This is a terrible idea. There's not that much toxicity nor insults when you have the right attitude. I received way more GG than insults in battles. Naval Action community is not childish ! As a lone wolf most of my social interactions in game are with the enemies, chat allowed us to salute, show respects, it allowed traders to bluff me, it allowed me to offer mercy to some opponents i didnt feel like killing, it allowed me to give and receive gameplay advices from enemies, it allowed me to have the best roleplaying sessions i've ever had in a game, to make jokes... Don't destroy th
  10. Oh non ! J'imagine que c'est à cause d'insultes ou autre, mais ça ne représente qu'un très faible pourcentage des joueurs de NA... J'ai reçu beaucoup plus de GG que d'insultes au cours de mes aventures. Retirer le chat avec les ennemis, c'est détruire une grosse part de roleplay, l'occasion de saluer et montrer son respect à l'adversaire, de négocier pour un trader en danger (ou de bluffer), de proposer à un débutant de l'épargner... En tant que chasseur solitaire j'ai plus d'interactions sociales avec mes adversaires qu'avec mes alliés, et je me suis fait de nombreux amis chez
  11. Well since you dont gain anything from killing someone too many ranks below yours, and since you loose fame when you are sunk, it would not be possible to farm alts (alot)
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