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  1. Its basically a more ship focused Versions of Assassins creed black flag, in fact it is that just Minus the Assassins stuff. But hey ill end up getting it as long as its not pure pvp.
  2. Looks Like Ubisoft saw NA being the only real naval sailing game on the market that people still play and thought welp seems we can make even more money by taking their idea and doing better with our millions. I do feel bad for this Team they will have to compete VS a large AAA title, but in a way Ubisoft will make it like black flag so it will be more arcade then realistic... Also they have captains! Ones you could customize to i bet...outfit dlc?
  3. Merge the servers into one, make a offline mode for pve and done
  4. Sorry but i need to call you out on this one, since Ocean was a special ship no NPC sails them, not as far as i have seen and i ran a lot of RA missions not once did i see an Ocean. Santi and Vic yes you can capture those but it requires a 1st rate to do it in a solo mission.
  5. Still doesnt solve the issue of i need to grind 1 hour for every time i lose a ship in pvp.
  6. The point is supply is always higher then demand due to how easy and quick it is to make a ship, i think a T3 Battle cruiser would be made in a bout 1hour or so. And the money for buying one made in like 10 mins or less.
  7. But in Eve Pvp is fun, why? Because i know it wont matter if i lost my ships because if i turned up for a battle did my part and died in combat i would be compensated by my "Corp" Clan for my duty, in this game replacing the loses is so much harder for crafters while in Eve they could pump out 200-300 ships for massive battles only real value was losing important Moons for mats. Economy in Eve works because of one simple thing, the way to produce stuff is cheap and easy, shipping and hauling while it has risks is easy, crafting small ships is super easy and requires minimal setup from crafters.
  8. So then loot needs to be more rewarding for the effort and risk, no point looting something only to get 30 rum while your back has been shot and you lose 100 crew.
  9. Mean while the other AI ships have gotten behind you because you need to sail up wind due to the AI always wanting to turn up wind when they sink, that or the instant stop they perform when they sink. In very large ships this is pretty much impossible to loot them.
  10. The 1st slot really doesn't make sense, a Pavel is different to a Santisma so how would it give you the knowledge? Peronsally i think you should just get it unlocked for that ship type, IE Santi exp for Santis, Vic exp for Vics, So if it got 3 slots on a Santi, i only get 3 slots on Santis and id have to unlock them on a Vic again. Makes more sense you learn that ship class/type rather then the Rates.
  11. But do you remember the days when you could just put 10 leaks easy into a Live oak ship and instantly sink it in like 2-3 mins? Or just ram it and they instant sink. Well those times sucked and for one of those who advocates hardcore gameplay, yet you want easy mode battles? I find a good battle should be 30mins long, should keep you on the edge of your seat and always make you think, even if you lost you come away thinking man that was a fight. Not oh im sunk in 5 mins how boring.
  12. Do you really want to go back to where ships sank in like 5 mins after being hit? Where a single broadside took half ur hp...no thanks i prefer the longer drawn out fights, just wish there was more rewards to a long drawn out epic battle, then a quick easy battle.
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