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  1. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Its your attitude, you have been steering this Naval action in the wrong direction, you also instantly hostile to anyone who doesn't agree with you, case point your post. How can we provide feedback when your instantly taking it as a negative and then being hostile towards that person instead of constructive. Back on topic, hopefully in the next month a cannon grind change could be put into testing, something like modded cannons to unlock but you start with basic cannons that are the max equipped size, I.E Connie has 24s not 12s as stock but can get modded guns like Pellew sighted cannons or any other modded tech that improved cannons that is historical, i know there is tons of different ways people tweaked cannons to improve on the classic design.
  2. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Reason many of us are annoyed and disappointed is this game took time and money from Naval action and gave us something that really feels just tacked on like it should be a mode in Naval action. Im not being grumpy just trying to give feedback and what i feel, but i your view is me being grumpy then i think you need to step down from testing as your not going to pass on constructive feedback. Also i know your one of the "hardcore" types who prefer the struggle, while im more concerned about what people would think if the game came out on steam today.
  3. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    How long is long? 1 year? 2 Years, i think the sting of failed promises from naval action has left many of us skeptical of promises now. Not saying i want the game to fail, i love this game i just wish they would do more and listen to us.
  4. ironhammer500

    State of the game.

    But why do they not add more content like more ships? It feels rushed if they took more time to add more ships and as a tester you should of spotted the problems like Cannon grind to new players. Imo the key to making this game good is make the Newbies life easier at the start, not stupidly boring and hard. Imagine fighting a Veteran player in a fully maxed ship vs your basic stock ship where you don't even know what manual sails do, cause you will get a lot of players who don't understand sail mechanics.
  5. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    I bought Naval Action and as a concerned customer im wonder where has the extra money and time go into investment of this game and would that of been better time and money invested into making Naval action better. To be invited i have to of bought the game, lets not kid our selves here this is sort of a expansion or spin off game.
  6. ironhammer500

    Communicate with your players/customers better.

    Not just the cannon grind its the lack of ships i came on from NA expecting most of the ships to be in legends but at least 50% are missing and they cant say they will be prem ships cause that is just silly. Prem ships should be named famous ships like Tea clipper or The bounty.
  7. ironhammer500

    State of the game.

    The devs need to look at the competition for ship combat arena style games. Like world of warships, ok its WW2 based so age of sail provides people more a pirate like feel, its more realistic to. So then the next game i can think of will be Skull and bones by Ubisoft if this game is still in EA by the time that comes out then you wont have customers to bring in since they will be drawn to the shiny new game by Ubisoft. I also dont get why the devs cant take feedback, we want the game to succeed, we invested for that reason but many feel like was waste our time telling you whats wrong. The game has so much potential no other game like it in the market at the moment, until Ubisoft brings out their game, so its time to rake in the market while there is still time. Announce it in NA, get players from that game to try Legends.
  8. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    That excuse doesn't wash with customers anymore, people have gotten wise to this "Oh is EA" bs line for how long stuff takes or why stuff is missing, How long is ea going to last? 1 Year? 2 Years? Also cant really call it EA once you bring in Micro transactions, by then its a sold product so then you must convince people its worth buying, if new players are just thrown into the game without help and have to self source it on forums they probably dont know exist then your player base will die out very fast. Has the devs not learnt anything from the mistakes with Naval action? The biggest killer of Naval action is the basic UI and lack of information in game no tutorials or nothing to help new players understand the game mechanics its just trial and error. UI been promised ever since NA was brought to steam and nothing have changed ill admit there has been a few nice changes but the basic shipyard UI puts people off the game. Presentation is key if you have the basic place holder UI for dev purposes then people will think the game is not finished or still basic.
  9. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Shouldn't need a player made guide just to explain the game to new players, it should be built into the game play on how do i sail X ship or in a detailed encyclopedia that explains it in a simple terms for people not familiar with all the terms used in sail ships. But its the same as that tank game, you have no chance really until your gun is upgraded also players target the stock players more cause free easy kills.
  10. ironhammer500

    Communicate with your players/customers better.

    Then its about 10 games while your struggle to upgrade you guns because you start with 4lbers again instead of keeping the 6s you get from the cutter, 10 games where the MM atm puts u up against things like Snows and Mercs. Brig vs a Snow? Yea you can see who wins that one.
  11. ironhammer500

    New-ish player feedback

    I am a little disappointed that the Naval action game has more ships then Legends, i don't understand why they would not add them in at the same time, i also like your idea of classes but perhaps could have a tech tree that branches so Brig leads to the others which all in turn can get the next rate of ship up.
  12. ironhammer500

    NA-L: Is some boarding an exploit…?

    Im sure they did it all the time back in the age of sail wars, ofc they wouldnt do it when friendly sailors went aboard but right before the attack they could stern rake it or try to grape the decks.
  13. 15 vs 15 sounds cool, would suck to be first but fun. The fps tank might be an issue.
  14. ironhammer500

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    I think they should keep the standard guns but instead allow you to get upgraded versions like guns with sights or lightweight guns.
  15. ironhammer500

    please get rid of the npcs

    Without AI MM would be horrible, would wait up to 30 mins for a game, would be like 1 cutter vs a Snow or frig with the BR system atm. At least the AI give the weaker players chance.