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  1. Same issue with being kicked out of battles I reported ingame with that happens. Image from steam. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/270600773565574676/E72912F9D27B4BC2E4077B244C40FFF0D6A960BB/
  2. Yea could of been temp issue, kinda hard to get AMD to control the GPU fan now they seem to not like letting us tinker with settings.
  3. My Game crashed during a battle, seems to be a Graphics failure, the sound kept running in the back ground but the video was gone, I could still use other things on the comp like Web pages and videos. [2016-Aug-11 19:26:55.808687] [5:Debug] d3d11: failed to create vertex buffer of size 39120 [0x887A0005] [2016-Aug-11 19:26:55.809687] [5:Debug] d3d11: failed to create index buffer of size 1956 [0x887A0005] [2016-Aug-11 19:26:55.861690] [5:Debug] d3d11: failed to create index buffer of size 2754 [0x887A0005] [2016-Aug-11 19:26:55.882691] [5:Debug] d3d: VB or IB is null [2016-Aug-11 19:26:55.
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