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  1. I must say that superspeed is bad favors the gankers to much. It was possible to get away befor if you played smart as you said. Now when u cant get almost all ships to 15kn i would say remove superspeed maybe keep invis as it is so you are able to make a little bit of a distanse when u spawn in the clump of the revenge fleet. When it comes to lurking in battle/baiting next to a port increase the timer that u cant join battle to 4 min. So battle lurking doesnt work.
  2. Great idea, also would like to add that i think the wood types should go on its own and the 10% cap is whit only upgrades. To make the thinner woods still valuable. Might need some tweaking tho.
  3. It gives you 15% armor hp. You wont bounce as much as you would with Live Oak or Caguairan but thats no problem people have double charge to go through the thickness. Thickness also gets less and less the more dmg u have taken. White Oak will make u be able to take more broadside if u make everything pen with both woods (their are ways to get through the thickness), more value of your repair and more speed maneuverability. White oak has 2,5% less thickness then Caguairan but 12% more armor HP and 6% less then Liveoak but 12,5% more armor HP and structure is irrelevant you can take shots from every angle and they will pen and you loose alot of crew when it they start to hit the structure. I would like them to change so White oak give structure HP and Cag Armor HP. Not 15% armor HP for the cag that is to much but 10% and 5% to structure.
  4. The bigger the ship the bigger the diffrence will be. Do some math between between WO/WO and CA/WO and throw in the value of a repair kit.
  5. Thanks for the link. WO/WO seems to be the strongest in my opinion followed by LO/WO. Compare Caguarian to WO frames, WO has 18% armor hp and 9% thickness, Caguarian has 6% armor hp, 11,5% thickness and get 1,5% less speed. Structure HP 5% more tho but as soon as your armor is gone u loose crew and u have no thickness to bounce shots. The point i want to make is that nations in south in the end is gonna have Caguarian Sabicu ships if you dont look that people will have alts or trade with other nation or maybe cap a region far away from home waters. When people north of the map will have either WO/WO or LO/WO ships. Both looks stronger then Caguarian and sabicu so i want a balance around WO and Caguairan.
  6. @adminSo looking at the woodtypes i think togheter with others that white oak is king and live oak comes next to it on a portbattle ship. Caguairan however is decent but not as good as white oak and live oak. This in my opinion makes a imbalanced situation between the southern nations and the northen. So my suggestion is give Caguairan armor HP instead of structure HP to make it compete with live oak and make white oak give structure HP instead, its already the best planking.
  7. It can be exploited. Cap a ship from a alt of yours, give it back to the alt enjoy your free pvp mark.
  8. Gold and silver doesnt feel like a problem for me. I think its good to have such a limited amount of gold and silver ports, gives nations a reason to fight for ports. I do however feel that money is a issue, the amount you need to empty your buildings is really expensive for the amount of money you can make with it.
  9. Think planks are missing in craft ship section. Thanks for keeping the site updated
  10. Provide me with 1 ship and I will come from pvp1 Sweden to pvp2!
  11. Then gather them! Make your majority and you can rule Denmark the way you and the majority see fit. With the current diplo system majority wins.
  12. Make you voice heard join the council, u might need to get TS if you want the but it's up to you. Majority of the Danish players are in the 3 big clans and majority rules with the new diplo. If you can't accept it their is always pirates you can join they are free and can do whatever they want.
  13. Think i love you guys even more now.Thank you! You guys are awesome! Edit: Dont forget to set a BR limit if possible, like the idea of it so you dont see 3 santis.
  14. First problem solved by having other people tag eachother from another nation like GB and pirates and then one team joina GB and the other joins pirates if both teams are from the same nation.Second problem i hope the team that runs gets disqualified, would be nice with a spectator for every fight.
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