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  1. Peter Fouche

    Hotfix 3 for patch 9.96

    Nice changes, however there are 2 things still outstanding that are LOOOOONG overdue now! 1. Cargo management for ships in your fleet. 2. For petes sake.... Get rid of the ugly blue UI PLEAAAAASE!!!
  2. YES!!!! Excellent patch! I know we have been waiting patiently and for a while now for the port battle changes, but please... Take your time and make it awesome! I feel you guys are moving into the right direction!! I love the idea of single dura ships, maybe to help improve that system, remove mods altogether and make them permanent when crafting the ship. Well done devs! hats of.
  3. Peter Fouche

    Ships - individual suggestions and feedback

    Gunboat If you get stuck in irons with a gunboat, there is no way of getting out of it
  4. Peter Fouche

    Patch 9.94 - Alliances, New ships, New features.

    I like the idea that certain BP's are exclusive and hard to come by, but I agree with you. It should not be THAT exclusive... Give a drop chance when finding a wreck, or with some special missions that will be available to anyone at any time, or as a reward of a long and difficult quest chain. Not on dev or gm arranged events only.
  5. Peter Fouche

    Question on alliances

    Please make a reminder to vote when logging in. I completely forgot about it... ^^
  6. Peter Fouche

    Stuck in Irons? Don't worry!

    Be advised, there is currently a bug with the gunboat, that if you get stuck in irons, there is no way of getting out of it.
  7. Peter Fouche

    AI, PVP and PVE influencing economy

    It just exchange hands. And the original owner lose the ship altogether. The ship will continue to exchange hands until it is sunk, and then cease to exist.
  8. Peter Fouche

    AI, PVP and PVE influencing economy

    I like this! It will give a bit more depth to the game yet not be so heavy on the server. There will have to be some kind of indication whether it is a pvp or pve battle. pvp'ers dont like to join pve battles, and visa versa.
  9. Peter Fouche

    Little things you'd like to see

    Ile a Vache
  10. Peter Fouche

    AI, PVP and PVE influencing economy

    A brand new 1st rate and a captured 1st rate both have only one dura. I think modules should be crafted with the ship, and not be removable.
  11. Peter Fouche

    Little things you'd like to see

    The ability to set your sails manually as you wish: Key mapping could be like this: "1" for bow sprit "2" for Foremast "3" for Main mast "4" for mizzen mast Then assign a key A-Z for each individual sail. Q&E still controls the foremast yards. Z&C still controls the mizzen and main yards. T still controls the staysails. So say I would like to set the Staysails together with the spritsail, royals on each mast and spanker, the keys would be like the following: T for staysails 1-D for spritsail 2-A Royal on foremast 3-A Royal on mainmast 4-A Royal on mizzen mast 4-E Spanker It could be done like the current dropdown menus, maybe pressing Ctrl+S will put you into sail setting mode, giving options 1-4 being the masts, when the respective mast is selected, it could be 1-5 or A-E for example for the individual sail. Could be interesting to see something like this especially when wind strength gets introduced. It would make the sailing experience in the game allot more challenging and exciting! You will never see ships in the open world again sailing upwind with full canvas. Typically when a ship was close hauled, not much more than the staysails was set, because the square sails will actually counter the effects of the staysails. Would also love to see studding sails (If the module is equipped) and being able to set studding sails should you have them available ofc.
  12. Would be awesome if we had a 10k+ player base.
  13. Peter Fouche

    Alliances - final design

    I said this before, and will say it again. Do not give this much power to players. Let the AI decide. Then it could even be historical or not.
  14. Nice Patch Was kinda hoping for the new sounds to be implemented though
  15. Peter Fouche

    Fishing in the Green Zone

    Well there is already a game mechanic catering for afk players, just implement for when people are in the open world as well, where the server will kick you from the game after a certain time of no activity when sitting still in one place. In the process they should lose any fishes caught and not yet claimed.