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  1. The ability to set your sails manually as you wish: Key mapping could be like this: "1" for bow sprit "2" for Foremast "3" for Main mast "4" for mizzen mast Then assign a key A-Z for each individual sail. Q&E still controls the foremast yards. Z&C still controls the mizzen and main yards. T still controls the staysails. So say I would like to set the Staysails together with the spritsail, royals on each mast and spanker, the keys would be like the following: T for staysails 1-D for spritsail 2-A Royal on foremast 3-A Royal on mainmast 4-A Royal on mizzen ma
  2. Okay, I honestly hope the Devs read this and take it to heart. I think I will talk for many of us here. I will try to keep it short. 1: Fleets are a great idea but... Can you please not make us destroy guns and modules when moving a ship to the fleet. Can you make it possible to add a trader with all its goods into your fleet after it was captured without having to take command of the trader itself. 2: Selling ships: Why do you need to remove all mods and guns on a ship before you can sell it? Give us the ability to sell a customized ship. A
  3. Ability to right click and sell something directly from warehouse.
  4. SOUNDS!! Officers shouting commands during battle, crew members replying to officers, masthead hailing the deck when a player ship is spotted in OW maybe sea chanties being sung by the crew in OW every now and then, just a bit of life to the ship.
  5. Crew going about their duties in both OW and battle instances. at the moment its just gunners pushing guns. Would love to see sailors in the rigging climbing up and down as you manage your crew on gunnery etc. Have a visual reference.
  6. Can I remind you that we are still in Beta? The game are being developed still, and some of the rumours I've heard suggests that the Devs has got great plans for this game for the future. The economy is still work in progress, I dont want to speak for the Devs but I think what we currently have in game is just the skeleton of the economy they intend it to be. Don't judge the game yet. There may still be massive changes to come? Thats what excites me so much of this game! We are in Beta, and it is already awesome!!
  7. Once again, I mention that it is not an arcade style game. I like the long sailing time to get somewhere, you set a course and dont have to be online the whole time. You could go afk for a smokebreak or a cuppa or whatever. It also plays a big role in the dynamics of the game regarding port battles etc. If you could not make it back in time for a port battle on the other side of the map, then you dont participate. It requires organisation and structure. It gives a much more immersed game. Also, it gives you the sense of accomplishment when you get something done for example running up and down
  8. I think it is more aimed towards the simulator side, not arcade. If you want a quick battle, why not make use of the small battles?
  9. You are right, the game does need "rent-a-cars" but I dont think this should be the cutter. Maybe a Dinghy could be implemented for that purpose? No guns, no hull space. Something that could just take a player from point A-B. This should be free, not the Cutter. Edit: Coming to think of it, new players with no gold or no xp, actually need the cutter to be free in order for them to start the game.
  10. Agreed. During night time you norally get a land breeze as warm air rises from the sea, cool down over land and cause a "land breeze". This is the opposite during day times where the sun bakes the land hotter than the sea, and you have hot air rising from the land, cooling down over the sea and causing a "sea breeze"
  11. Diplomacy: I am not sure how this would be determined, but I think it is neccesary to be able to have other nations as allies, enemies or neutral. Multifaction battles: Instead of having only two factions fighting in a battle, why not more? For example, I am British and I come uppon a battle in OW between French and Spanish, but Britain are allied with Spain at that stage, so I join the battle and come to the aid of my fellow Spaniards (Under British Colors). Or Britain is at war with Spain and France, I join the battle and fight both the Spaniards and the French under British colors.
  12. . Be able to name my ships - would be really nice, and the name should be displayed on the back of the ship although it should be limited to certain characters only. . Be able to have a character / crew / officer profile(s) - agree 100% . Customize my flags / ship paint / figurehead - agreed, but this should be limited to certain colors only. I really do not want to see an all pink Victory called "#pink monster" being sailed by a troll.
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