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  1. also after this is payed I'm dumping the bounty so yeah
  2. yeah screenshot and ill pay
  3. did not know there was a tavern section
  4. I meant people who been somewhere like a bar or out with friends......
  5. be able to name a ship without taking away it's ship type name. like when you cap a player ship you will have something of thiers that is named and say you capped it. and keep sell it like a trophy ship. and the shipped you named has more feels to it. and would add more to the pvp player made set bounty's if the player wants to have a faster way to prove you capped the ship or does not have way to take pics or forgot to take a pic of ship for bounty. want some player feedback on my idea and dev feedback aswell.....
  6. no merge indeed no one from pvp2 wants to merge so get over it stop trying to influence us end of story if you reply with you're opinions on this comment like all the others pvp1 elitest that means you're a salty pvp2 to pvp1 player that wants his stuff from pvp3 or some foreigner that just wants more people joining thier server and is not thinking of other players set opponions when we say no we mean no get over it were tired of you..... l
  7. I got ganked by pirates soon as I started on pvp2 sever they blockcaded the area so I could not leave or had a chance to leave I mean pirates are pirates they do this that's the fun part about it and they do run when the ships come in just like a pirate should pirates are not a military force to die for their rights and they have no honor or are honor bound or by a code or anything they are just the classic arsehole like any other pirate that existed I love pirates even though I'm in united states pvp2 nation rather be united states even though I want to be a pirate super badly. i even drink r
  8. well would be nice if there was future event like this where everyone is welcome instead of ganking... how about some friendly events once inawhile with everyone like racing or fishing like real nations and yes I said nations pirates are considered there own nation tec but yeah prizes can be won and everyone goes home happy to relax from pvp.....but like I'm going to say there are some children among you pirates.
  9. words from wise men or fools are welcomed aslong as it's not too dirty
  10. psot you're drunk stories and types of alcohol you drank. and what you drink if you still drink at times and stuff. and yes I type like a 3 year old....get over it. this is the pvp2 drinking story post so tell you're storys if you're up to it if not don't post I like hearing good storys of people who have drunk alcohol made mistakes or did stupid or awesome things I'm 23 so I don't rea;;y have any storys on me but id like to hear you'res I know a lot of you are older than me so whip away...xD.
  11. well i can say spies tend to be players who pretend to be part of that said nation....like being a high level or medium level wichever level and joining clans or doing stuff like that like a great britian spy is most liekly to happen because they are using pirates to back them because united states is taking over the world.....and the brits and pirates are salty about it.....
  12. REWARD:10k per port battle kill post death pic 20k per open sea death sinked this will last aslong as I want it to so no ETA tell I feel satisfied. myIGN: captain JSB bounty's nation:united states bounty's:clan(FEAR) name:oldcrankyman Last Known Port:unknown Reason: for being a child additional info: Don't start sh.t with me he has to have his opinion in my convo's and start sh.t like a troll so if you kill him 10 times in open sea ill give out 350k to the winner if yo kill him 25 times in port battles ill give you200k so go for it
  13. okay im in us so yeah happy fishings hope alot of people join
  14. the update with double production amount is going to blow the port markets out need to increase port consumtion and the limit to amount from 25k to 35k to 40k or just fix consumtion amount to where the double production does not burst ports with resources needs to be adressed
  15. damn cellphone autocorrect instead of me typing in gank it makes it tank and I can't see the words I typed because idk lol question are all nations doing this or just united states?
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