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  1. That is one beautiful ship. Reminds me of the Morduant actually. She gets my vote.
  2. Yep give this one a vote. It has a very unique hull shape that will set it apart from other ships plus it is a nice small little warship, the type that will likely make up the bulk of Open World game play. They definitely should consider this one if for no other reason that its general look and feel.
  3. Seems like a sound business plan to me hehe. However, based on what occurred with PoTBS, I think GameLabs could actually recruit many modelers and their lovely work just by given away free in game stuff and including these artists and designers ships in the game.
  4. Well first off, everyone has a different definition of "combat viable". 9 and 12 pound guns aren't that bad, just look at how well the Surprise performs and the Mordaunt itself carries more guns. Additionally it is possible that she might have better planking armoring making her more resilient than something like the Surprise. Finally I think if I recall what I read correctly, she is actually a shorter length than the Surprise which means she may very well have better turning capabilities than the Surprise (at the expense of top speed of course). In a lot of ways I she kind of seems like s
  5. Unfortunately no but I think it would be a great addition, maybe even as a premium. It is a 4th rate in gun count but rather weakly armed with only 12lb and 8lb guns. Love the styling and beauty of this ship though and would definitely be interested in sailing her at some point.
  6. Does it really matter if it is a 2nd or 3rd rate. She is a fine looking ship, not another 1st rate and Dutch. I would sail her.
  7. 22 x 36lb guns and 10 x 24lb Carronades is a hell of alot of firepower on something the size of a Frigate. I want this ship!!!
  8. I think people need to look at PoTBS to get some sort of idea of how accelerated travel will work. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't going to be exactly like PoTBS, but the concept is similar. When your sailing around you will travel faster than the 7-8 knots that a normal sailing vessel would travel in the age of sail. This accelerated rate might by 50 knots or it might be 150 knots but it is not going to be warp travel but rather more like a speedboat traveling on the ocean or at most the pace of a slow plane or helicopter none of which is going to be traveling fast enough to to worry
  9. Yeah exactly. 2nd rate is fine, but we already have too many 1st rates and so, so many people keep wanting to push even more 1st rates into a game where they should be about as common as a Titian is in EVE Online.
  10. Would be a great addition, especially since it is Dutch and isn't yet another 1st Rate.
  11. I think it should be based on reputation. I mean if you take one ship as a pirate, kill their crew and sail off with their cargo, there are no witnesses and even if there were, if they just sailed to the other end of the Caribbean no one would have a clue they had ever pirated anything anywhere. Basically they could just re-integrate at the new port. I mean it isn't like today with cameras and internet. Also even with all this technology, if you were walking down a street, would you be able to recognized a somoli pirate if he was standing next to you? Real world example here. Worked a
  12. Honestly I am hoping we can paint our ships in our own color schemes at some point in the open world anyway but yeah this ship is very nicely painted.
  13. This is true I guess. You don't need near as much crew to man a ship just for trading purposes. I guess it all depends on how Games Labs models ship upkeep. If there is actually a cost associated with paying the crew then a ship like this would indeed make for a fine trading vessel and have a clear and defined place in the game. Of course this would be that special feature that I mentioned my previous post.
  14. Well I did mention cost. However I am also taking into account the size of the ship because lets face it, aside from the cost of guns, there potentially isn't a lot of difference in building material requirements between two ships of the size general size. Of course a purpose build Warship will have heavier planking so more cost for that as well but just how much more costly will a purpose built a tradeship like the Brig (which in game is has been converted to a warship by cutting gunports and mounting more guns) be than the La Belle? That is my point, for a ship like this to be viable
  15. That may be for you but my point is, if there are other, more heavily armed ships that can do the same thing even if they are moderately more expensive, then only a rare few individuals such as yourself would invest on such as ship. I mean lets be honest here, with only 6 guns, even a Lynx likely would be able to best it each and every time and you know it won't be a lively as a Privateer or Yacht both of which have double the guns. On the other hand, I guess something like this might be great a trader captains starter ship. More heavily armored than the Lynx, much more cargo with onl
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