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  1. Seems like a sound business plan to me hehe. However, based on what occurred with PoTBS, I think GameLabs could actually recruit many modelers and their lovely work just by given away free in game stuff and including these artists and designers ships in the game.
  2. Well first off, everyone has a different definition of "combat viable". 9 and 12 pound guns aren't that bad, just look at how well the Surprise performs and the Mordaunt itself carries more guns. Additionally it is possible that she might have better planking armoring making her more resilient than something like the Surprise. Finally I think if I recall what I read correctly, she is actually a shorter length than the Surprise which means she may very well have better turning capabilities than the Surprise (at the expense of top speed of course). In a lot of ways I she kind of seems like s
  3. Unfortunately no but I think it would be a great addition, maybe even as a premium. It is a 4th rate in gun count but rather weakly armed with only 12lb and 8lb guns. Love the styling and beauty of this ship though and would definitely be interested in sailing her at some point.
  4. Does it really matter if it is a 2nd or 3rd rate. She is a fine looking ship, not another 1st rate and Dutch. I would sail her.
  5. Yeah exactly. 2nd rate is fine, but we already have too many 1st rates and so, so many people keep wanting to push even more 1st rates into a game where they should be about as common as a Titian is in EVE Online.
  6. Would be a great addition, especially since it is Dutch and isn't yet another 1st Rate.
  7. Yeah I know what you mean. It has a very, very unique look to it being a two-deck ship with flush decks. This is one I think would make an excellent addition.
  8. Actually I like the idea of fishing vessels. Whaling too. Might be a pretty cool sub-profession to go along with the economy.
  9. Yeah I gather they are working on about a dozen that they are working on that we don't even really know anything about and this is above and beyond the ones we are expecting to enter the game shortly or were part of the player's choice poll.
  10. We do have a 64-gun ship incoming soon, the Ingermanland however, the Ingermanland is relatively lightly armed with only 24lb guns on the lower gun deck and 12lb guns everywhere else. Therefore a 64-Gun ship with up to 32lb guns would be a nice addition and I think the Agamemnon did have 32lb guns. Correct me if I am wrong. Edit: nope, it appears I am wrong. 24lb gun lower and 18lb guns upper.
  11. Agree. I like the Bellona so a 3rd rate still works for me, but absolutely hate sailing the Victory or Santi so doubt I will ever invest in a 2nd or 1st rate in Open World unless I am Captaining it at my player societies request. Then when you consider cost like someone else pointed out, a good old 4th rate is likely to give you damn good bang for the buck. Cheaper than a Super Frigate while probably bringing similar firepower and durability at the expense being slower and maybe a bit less agile. Yeah that works for me.
  12. Yet another good reason to include her in game. She will have much different sailing characteristics that the deep water SoLs we currently have in game. Also she has a much light armament as well, again probably due to needing to be able to operate in those shallower waters.
  13. Yep. with you on that one. 4th rates should be able to investment of a fully outfitted Battleship in EVE which 3rd rates should be around the cost of a Marauder or Special Faction Battleship, 2nd Rates about the cost of say a Carrier and 1st rates up there with Titans. Lower end Frigates should be the Battlecruiser, with Super Frigates like the Connie up around the same cost as a 4th or even 3rd rate. I mean I have to be fully honest here and say there is nothing that will kill the open world game faster than there being tons and tons of SoLs in use everywhere you sail.
  14. Agree with you here. Way too many people don't want to acknowledge that older ships will have a place in this game and are trying to push the late 1700s - 1800s time frame on all of us. Thank god we have the Ingermanland on its way with its 1715 launch to finally make the point that older ships belong too. Doesn't change the fact that the smaller 4th rates probably won't have the speed or maneuverability of a similar gunned modern Frigate or in the case of some of the older 4th rates, might even have less firepower. Still they are going to be great additions and something I would sail
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