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  1. Amen to this. Rage quit the other night because I kept getting ganked well after the battle had started. I mean it can take 30-40 mins to fight a battle so of course some enemy is going to come upon you. I mean the OS is sped up while the battle is real time. 40 mins on the OS allows you to probably travel 400+ miles. No one should be able to join a battle after it is has been ongoing for more than 2 mins in my opinion.
  2. I honestly kind of feel this way myself. I played alot back when the game was all about sea trials and loved the game because it was awesome to jump into a match with 10+ players and duke it out for an hour. Also progressing through the ships was fairly fast and you could get to the fun ships fairly quickly. Honestly I didn't even really enjoy Sea Trials until I got the Snow and really didn't really fall in love until I got my Surprise. The lower end ships just aren't that much fun. However I just recently came back and finding I am only getting 15-25 XP out of spending 20-30 mins sailing around looking for a target then spending another 30+ mins try to capture or kill that target is disheartening when I see that 1000 XP requirement just to be able to get the next rank and be able to operate a ship with only 60 crew. I mean seriously, 25 XP per hour as a newbie trying to break into this game and get to the "fun" ships is brutal. It also doesn't help when, as a newbie, the timer for an enemy to enter your battle is long enough that even if you have clear seas in all directions prior to hitting the attack button, enemies still apparently have enough time sail into range to spot the battle going on and then sail to the battle an join. I have been ganked several times like this so far, the last time pissing me off enough I just quit the game for the night. In any case, the new player experience needs to move along at a faster pace early on and offer easier access to some of the lower end warships like at least the Brig and Snow plus the join timers need to reduced so no enemy beyond what you can spot on the open seas on a clear sunny day, can reach the battle in time to join.
  3. Ok this is killing the game for me and sorry for the complaint. I am not sure how long the timer is but it is obviously too long. I am brand new to the open world aspect of this game so not have much familiarity with it but realize if I am on a PvP server I am open to being engaged in PvP. Anyway I took a mission and sailed to where my mission was. Since again I realize I am playing on a PvP server, I made sure to take the time to scan the horizon for sails prior to entering the battle. 360 degree sweep of the horizon, no sails in sight anywhere so I am thinking obviously I am safe. I mean after all on a clear, sunny day my crows nest should be able to see what, 6-10 miles in all directions? That would mean even if an enemy spotted me on the horizon they would have to sail for at minimum 30 mins if not longer to reach the battle giving me a decent amount of time to engage the enemy and finish the battle or at least that seems logical to me. However, I am not in the battle more than 2 mins when not one, not two, but three Pirate Players join my battle tipping the scales against my newbie cutter. I have had this happen 2-3 times now and this is a problem for me. Obviously the battle timer to enter is WAAAYYYYY to long. I can't even see an enemy on the horizon before I engage an enemy ship, I shouldn't be having enemy players swarming in on me 2 minute into the battle. To engage someone in PvP you should have to chase him down or be very, very close to the battle when it is initiated. Having the join option stay open long enough that someone, outside of spotting distance on a clear, sunny day can join is just over the top BS. Honestly, as a new struggling player, the third time this happened to me, I rage quited and exited the game. I honestly want to play, but I am not dealing with getting ganked every time I try to engage in battle especially when I am playing smart and insuring no enemies are visible before I try to engage an enemy ship. I am not sure how long the timer is, but it needs an adjustment....badly.
  4. Honestly I am just having nothing but bad experiences myself. I take a mission. Sail to the mission. Before I enter the mission there isn't one player ship pirate ship anywhere even on the horizon, not one ship near me at all. I join mission, fire one broadside at the mission NPC ship and all of a sudden not one, not two, but three Player Pirates have entered the battle. I mean seriously WTF? There was not one Player Pirate ship anywhere near the mission when I entered so how the hell do they reach and enter my battle?? I am sorry but if the enemy isn't even in spyglass range on the open sea when a battle starts, they shouldn't have time to join my battle. Had this same issue with players in my own nation. I get into a battle thinking it is just going to be me and the NPC and then a whole slew of people show up entering the battle. Seriously I understand you should be able to join but the timer should be something like 30 seconds, not 5 mins or whatever crazy level it is set at currently. In any case, I was ready to come back into the game. After the experiences of my first few hours back....yeah not so much.
  5. I just came back recently and started in the open world and the the grind does seem pretty brutal. I played for about 5 hours and only managed to get something like 300 XP toward my first promotion. That wouldn't be so bad but getting promoted doesn't seem to do much as it only nets me 20 more crew which I don't think really allows me to upgrade out of my Cutter. So from a new player perspective, I find I might sail around for 20 mins to find any sort of ship to engage, then consider it is probably going to take 30+ mins to end the engagement once I am in the fight. Then after the fight you realize you ONLY managed to acquire 25 XP......well lets just say that realizing that ,is seems at very least, like it is going to take 30+ Hours to get that promotion that is ONLY going to give you the ability to use 20 more crew, well it seems like too much. Honestly the ships don't even get fun to play until you are running around in at least a Snow
  6. It is funny that this topic happens to be up at the top of the forums because I haven't played since Open World came and and had came back her hoping they are re-opened sea trials. I really, really miss Sea Trials. Anymore I just don't have the time to dig deep into a fully featured MMO but I do usually have a few hours to spare and would love to just be able to log into the game and get right into some action without having to worry about any of the stuff like losing ships and such that comes into play with the Open World aspect. Honestly when I bought into this game I was under the impression that Sea Trials was going to be a mode that was always in and an option to play outside of the Open World full featured MMO. Basically I thought it was going to be both types of game in one so as to appeal to a wider player base and player moods. In any case I guess it is pretty obvious what I would like to see and that is a combination of the two game modes being available. Perhaps you log in and are prompted with two option. Click "Sea Trails' and you get dropped into the lobby for an arena style MMO experience with full F2P cash shops and such or you can click "Open World" and you get dropped the fully featured open world experience. Obviously your progression doesn't carry over from one to the other but it would give you the option of how you wanted to play the game at any given point. I mean I don't really see what they don't do something like this. Games like WoT, WT and others have proven that Arena style MMOs can be a massive cash cow and they already had a very decent Arena style game with the Sea Trials that just needed a bit of polish to make fully functional. Then, with the money they could earn there from a cash shop and premium time, they could have used that cash to accelerate the pace of development on the Open World MMO. Basically they could already by rolling in cash and have a full studio working on creating new ships, features, etc. In any case, yeah I am kind of stuck. Love the game play but not really interest in the Open World at the moment and I guess Sea Trails isn't coming back soon so guess I am back to waiting.
  7. Actually the lack of maps are what is keeping me from playing the game right now. I don't find it fun to flip between the game and good earth just to try to figure out where I might be. The thing people aren't thinking about is that any captain/pilot of a ship is going to have a crap ton of charts. Some will be local charts and very detailed. Others might not be local but they will be detailed because they will be of common destinations. Finally they will have some poorly detailed general maps that only notate course and distance to well know points on the map. As far as determine position, by the time of the age of sail, they had a very good grasp of being able to determine location, probable to within a few miles of where they actually were. Point is, they really need to get these charts and such into the game and while they probably shouldn't have pinpoint GPS quality location abilities or google earth level satellite maps, the charts and stuff available should allow for decent location and navigation capabilities. Basically they should allow you to at least get close to where you want to go.
  8. So are the keys getting sent directly to the email associated with our account? If so guess I am not part of the lucky group that got access today
  9. That is one beautiful ship. Reminds me of the Morduant actually. She gets my vote.
  10. Yep give this one a vote. It has a very unique hull shape that will set it apart from other ships plus it is a nice small little warship, the type that will likely make up the bulk of Open World game play. They definitely should consider this one if for no other reason that its general look and feel.
  11. Well the speed has to be historical but I do agree that they should be very costly. Again with an EVE Online example, in general you have frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, capitol ships, super capitol ships and titans. Realistically about the largest ship a solo player or small corp is going to be able to afford to risk/sustain in PvP is a Battleship with Battlecruisers and cruisers being most common. To be able to use and potentially lose anything larger, you need a fair size to mega large corporation backing you. Naval Action should be the same. Most solo and small guilds would be able to run Frigates with no real issues but when you get up into 3rd rates and up, maybe even some of the Super Frigates, you should need to resources of a large guild. Additionally because of the extreme cost of these ships, even the large guild should loath to lose these ships in battle which would tend to keep even these large guilds using mostly frigates for general every day use. The only time the SoLs should come out to play is when these guilds absolutely had to take or defend territory against other large guilds.
  12. I think the relevance was in regards to the possibility of being able to buy 1st rate premium SOLs and might skew how large societies operate but yeah we got massively off topic.
  13. Players have a choice in EVE in fact that entire game is about choice. You can choose to play up in safe Hi Sec space and just PvE all day along, you can solo or you can group, you can join a small corp and PVE or hell go in and PvP to your heart content in small like cheap frigates. You can join a large corp and have access to all their resources or you can start your own corp and grow it to epic proportions. Basically you get to chose what you want to do and no one and nothing is there to stop you, that is the true Genius of a sandbox MMO. As far as this game, I see it the same way. You make a choice how you want to play. I mean it shouldn't be to hard to put together a small fleet of small Frigates or Corvettes and go pirate hunting or plundering your enemies merchant shipping. Then again perhaps you want to create a large shipping association and found your own port somewhere on the Florida Coast. Maybe you just want to concentrate on trading and manufacturing. Then again maybe you just want to be part of a large shipping association and piggyback off them to gain a 1st rate and go wreck face in port battles. Pretty much the sky is the limit and just like EVE, only you, yourself impose limitations on yourself.
  14. Totally agree. This game, like EVE Online, isn't about levels and newbie zones so traditional ganking isn't really possible. Once you head out on port your fair game and that is as it should be.
  15. Seems like a sound business plan to me hehe. However, based on what occurred with PoTBS, I think GameLabs could actually recruit many modelers and their lovely work just by given away free in game stuff and including these artists and designers ships in the game.
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