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  1. In case this book has not already been included: The Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship, David Steel, 1794 http://www.hnsa.org/resources/manuals-documents/age-of-sail/the-elements-and-practice-of-rigging-and-seamanship/ Right in our period, it includes a dictionary of naval terms as well as a documentation of fleet movement.
  2. On Map Protractor.

    Most annoying for me is that you have to reset the protractor each time I enter and leave a port.
  3. Yes, or think of it as sending pigeons, call it the "pigeon post transactions". I think it's a good idea!
  4. Looks like portbattles are bad for business (in Sweden's case). Maybe it would make sense to add the number of port battles to the stats to see if there is any correlation (maybe there is a surge in income when losses will have to be replenished afterwards)?
  5. I love those stats! I would prefer more raw economic numbers here and to save the politics for another thread. Politics tend to create emotional responses, give the drama some space. 😉
  6. Yep, and since Sweden has those disciplined clans, they probably also have a high variation of roles, meaning lots of traders to follow-up the pvp'ers.
  7. Suggestions.. Just to make for a smoother play maybe?

    + 1 - A possibility to directly contact the owner of a city. Maybe with a private message or by sending some sort of drop message ("User XYZ asks to be contacted.") to their clan chat.
  8. Fantastic stats! So interesting to see how the new system works out. It seems like Sweden has found the golden spot of cash flow while all the others look like they already overextended themselves. Various clans fare differently of course. Please keep it up!
  9. Resource Gathering and Refining

    I concur, now that the RvR side of the game has been fleshed out and brought to a point, it would be great if the next phase of developing occupies itself with the trade aspect. I noticed there is a slot for trading marks in the captain's chest? They may serve a purpose in the future?
  10. Server merge

    +1 Now that new rvr mechanics have been implemented and the effects will only show in a few weeks, it's dire time to work on trading. I still don't see reasons for clans to hold ports other than for bragging rights. Those ports need to get populated by "small players" (meaning casuals, non-clan affiliated, solo privateers) doing their trading, production and refurbishment. Otherwise you will just have a map that is littered with warlords sitting on their little patch of land.
  11. Little things you'd like to see

    I love that you brought back teleports. And they are unrestricted! Great step forward and so much fun to organize my own little privateer enterprise across the Caribbean now. Don't let it get bad mouthed, it's a great introduction for everybody and I am sure it will facilitate movement across the map. BUT. Just for formality's sake, why not re-name it to TRAVEL. Please. It would just look so much more nicer, it's not Star Trek we're playing after all. Just imagine a captain getting on the boat and let another one do the 'driving'.
  12. Naval Action - Magic moments

    Yesterday. Seeing all those messages about lost conquests on the screen and then discovering that France got back Roseau. Priceless!
  13. Fully rework PVP/redone PVE

    I think there's too much dependency on the human factor: others simply won't come and help you if you're seriously "outganked". Why lose my ship in a 10:1 battle. There should be a limit to BR pairings so mindless ganks are curbed. Make the BR a 100% of the defending force, so you could still have 2 Surprises versus one. But it wouldn't be 3 Surprises vs one. Add a waiting cue to each battle, so each side releases new ships into the battle when the BR calculations add up.
  14. Fully rework PVP/redone PVE

    Yeah well, those were just example numbers, I gave better numbers in my example if you would care to read through it and follow the mathematics.
  15. Yep, I also experienced my first crash of this game ever. Reported it.