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  1. Jean de la Rochelle

    Patch 23: Updated Tutorial, Special ship and new UI teaser.

  2. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    I am doing the most boring thing in a forum discussion and just agree with you...
  3. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    Yep, and that is bad for people who want to make a living by crafting, because nobody has to buy their ships any more. I guess what Slim is trying to say is, that if PvP players now have the option of spawning their ships, crafters should get the option of spawning their materials. Slim, I am totally getting what you are saying now ...
  4. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're getting at... I could argue that ships for pvp marks is a way for players to use that free will to choose the navy career. Without ships "given to them by the admiralty" they're at the mercy of eco and crafting players. I was just jumping on Slim's expression of "...because that's what they signed up for?" which has military implications to me. Then excuse me for jumping on your thread without properly reading what you were suggesting. I don't like it that PVP players can spawn their ships too btw. After fixing the RvR the Devs seem to have moved on to PVP fixing. I hope that crafting, trading and exploration are somewhere down their to-do list as well.
  5. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    I totally agree with you. Ok, I get it. But wouldn't it be easier to just cut out the junk mats entirely and make more materials available in the shops?
  6. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    2 Million doesn't sound too unreasonable for a Constitution. What's the point? Well, I affect the OW insofar as I sail these empty waters, harvesting resources or buying up the occasional rare wood types, goods to produce modules, presenting myself to others players as a target and therefore populating the OW. Hum, Yeah. But you didn't sign up for anything, this is not the Navy. It's a game and you chose your career path out of your own free will.
  7. Jean de la Rochelle

    Map Wipe

    "Adapt or die." said the lone gunslinger whose chin was chiseled and whose shoulders were like mountains, while walking out of the saloon onto the dusty sun soaken road, leaving everyone to croak in a puddle of blood.
  8. Jean de la Rochelle

    Gunnery Range

    I don't really get why they made the first missions so hard for beginners. It was fine before the wipe when it only was a cutter or so, maybe a privateer and you had an AI bud. It was fine shooting practice.
  9. Jean de la Rochelle

    Craft Mats for Combat Marks

    Isn't that more out of sheer greed? Since the game lacks any sort of incentive for exploration in the OW, sailing about and looking for resources is about the only reason why I move around in the open world (that and combat of course).
  10. Jean de la Rochelle

    Change teleport again

    No, leave teleport as it is. It is heaven for the casual players and privateers as it is. As is the tow request for ships. It's great. I love it. Don't revert to the post-wipe hell that NA was. You've done a good job on that feature, Devs. Just leave it alone.
  11. Jean de la Rochelle

    Remove random ships from ports

    This is probably the most well-written résumé of how I feel about some of the discussions I had on this forum. *clap, clap*. No to removing basic ships from shops, because: a.) They are great for privateers who get marooned in some Freetown and need to cap a new ship quickly. b.) They are great to waste in pvp because they are great throwaways (mostly). c.) They seldom as good as any crafted ship, so they are no competitor for the crafter. d.) You don't get the good types (Prince, Rattlesnake, higher rates, etc.) anyways. Yes for making buy contracts for ships, because it's a great idea and it's supposed to be a free market after all.
  12. Jean de la Rochelle

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    Nevermind if I said anything against a good historicity discussion 🙄😉: will you please take a look at what the crew of the historical Prince de Neufchâtel did to the crew of the HMS Endymion.. Depends. I try to fight back. Though I admit, I resorted to surrendering as of lately if there's really no chance. Still, sometimes it took me over an hour to prepare my voyage, my ship, etc. That's my playtime too. If you want a rule, make it like this. I would find it sad though and rather have an open world with few regulations, seconding: Why not just give them the fight instead?
  13. Jean de la Rochelle

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    Oh so true. That crushing feeling in a 6th rate and you have a large ship wiping all your men and cannons of your deck with one broadside. 🙂
  14. Jean de la Rochelle

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    Sure, I love history. Probably lots of us are here exactly because of it. But you could always make it more realistic and more historic which will only lead you to reenact history instead of playing a game with it's what-if premise.
  15. Jean de la Rochelle

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    No, it wasn't you, it was redi who has been sidelining this thread. It isn't really my intention to argue for griefing, but against any regulations that would separate the realm of the 7-6th from the 5th rates and up. Basically you're saying that your playtime is more worth than anybody's else and that gives me the itch. I have been ganked so often, especially as a newbie, still I don't raise a campaign against it or any of the ship types involved.