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  1. HAHAHAHA you wont get your money back, in any case xD thats why they push release now... CASE CLOSED good bye o7
  2. i woudnt call 40 vs 40 rooms arcade.... The sailing and combat woud be still top notch and kinda sim like. All what woud fall away is the pointless waste of time sailing around looking for an epic fleet battle, which never happens (in my case (the reason coud be i simply dont have enough time to spend 4 hours in a game beeing idle to MAYBIE find 1 fight))
  3. i woud love to leave you with OW.problem is, this is not in my hands.Its totally up to the developers. And when the money runs out servers tend to shut down
  4. what can WOWS give me if enjoy 18th century NAVAL ACTION (actually) i dont know, maybie i dont looked long enough, but i cant find any age of sail ships in the tec trees
  5. allmost 3 years later in can say with ease N O P E
  6. i bet my ass nobody of the developers ever gonna reply in this thread out of sheer respect for credibility
  7. lol, the first game is totaly dead, yet he talks about naval action 2. The HC fans of this game really live in a pink bubble xD
  8. Dear devs! i hope someone read this, i will try to make it short I bought this game for fleet vs. fleet combat.Back in the days it was awesome to battle enemy fleets with the support of friendly a.i. fleet. Its the only way kinda new players can enjoy bigger naval battles with sub 3rd rate ships. You find NO ONE that is willing to join you in a fleet mission in chat.And you woud need 3-5 guys to have a chance to succeed. And even if i coud fight 6th rate enemy fleet with my 4th rate, its just not comparable with fighting alongside a fleet of your own. Building up a own fleet of a.i. through perks is simply not affordable in the long for a casual player like me. I dont want to fight in 1 vs. 1 bot matches again and again.Thats not what makes this game great to me. PVP is really no option for me because i mainly play 5th to 4th rates and you need 3rd-1st rate to beeing able to participate with a chance for success. Adding a.i. for both sides in fleet missions will keep many players entertained that are leaving the game right now and quit because its just boring to battle 1 bot. I want to keep on playing this game the way it meant to be, *FLEET ACTION* , and its better to fight alongside with a littlebit chaotic acting allies then *NOBODY* at all. i read it many times, and most people dont tell about it in forums and just leave.Its just no fun to play this game as a casual without the desire to build up millions of gold through endless, braindead grind. TLDR: add a.i. fleet again into fleet missions to keep lone wolf, no end-game players entertained with exciting combat that you cant get in 1 vs 1´s THANKS FOR READING
  9. DEAR DEVS! PLEASE! just dont listen to this gentleman.The NPC´s are totally ok. As long as there are not enough players around to fill matches NPC´S are a blessing. Maybie he dont understands that it simply isnt fun to fight 1vs1 or 2vs2 the whole time.
  10. is it allowed to upload videos about NAL while it is in early alpha stage? Woud love to show what the "Garage" has in portfolio and some actual gameplay footage. But woud totally understand if not because its not nearly finished at this stage.
  11. is your profile pic a reference about whats going to happen to NA once NAL launched? jokes aside will it be cross platform? will it be possible to change the overall look of a ship (bow figures, Flags, Sail colors etc....)
  12. its naval legends.But servers are down most of the time until now, guess because its early alpha.But that one weekend it was accessible i enjoyed it.
  13. reintroduce battle rooms e.g. 20 vs 20 lobbys - get rid of open world, replace it with a porper user interface for ship construction, trading and stuff outside of battle instance Open world was a good idea, but the a.i. roaming the open world does nothing (attack you, chase you, do anything that has impact on the gameplay) which makes the whole open world seems to be a farce.The low player numbers dosent make it any better. Returning to the original NAVAL ACTION system woud pull back in old players and attract new ones because of actual PVP NAVAL ACTION that you get nowhere else.
  14. Damn i dont get it They really removed the friendly AI Fleet from fleet missions.You take a BIG part of the fun this game offered me lately because i cant find pvp battles (literally) that giving me (im my 5th-6th rate ships) the experience i get from the old FLEET-missions with bots on both teams.Where is the point to play a fleet mission alone without support? And unfortunately this is the only option you have with the low player base/remaining "pro" player population (a closed society filled with bitter rage). You wont find anyone who is willing to do the missions with you, let alone respond in chat. I hope they add friendly AI bot fleet in fleet missions again.Because you are not able to do much pvp in naval action atm as a casual player. People bought this game because of this experience.6 vs 6 or the like at least comes close for what i bought the game, just some good NAVAL ACTION. What do you think?
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