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  1. HAHAHAHA you wont get your money back, in any case xD thats why they push release now... CASE CLOSED good bye o7
  2. i woudnt call 40 vs 40 rooms arcade.... The sailing and combat woud be still top notch and kinda sim like. All what woud fall away is the pointless waste of time sailing around looking for an epic fleet battle, which never happens (in my case (the reason coud be i simply dont have enough time to spend 4 hours in a game beeing idle to MAYBIE find 1 fight))
  3. i woud love to leave you with OW.problem is, this is not in my hands.Its totally up to the developers. And when the money runs out servers tend to shut down
  4. what can WOWS give me if enjoy 18th century NAVAL ACTION (actually) i dont know, maybie i dont looked long enough, but i cant find any age of sail ships in the tec trees
  5. its naval legends.But servers are down most of the time until now, guess because its early alpha.But that one weekend it was accessible i enjoyed it.
  6. reintroduce battle rooms e.g. 20 vs 20 lobbys - get rid of open world, replace it with a porper user interface for ship construction, trading and stuff outside of battle instance Open world was a good idea, but the a.i. roaming the open world does nothing (attack you, chase you, do anything that has impact on the gameplay) which makes the whole open world seems to be a farce.The low player numbers dosent make it any better. Returning to the original NAVAL ACTION system woud pull back in old players and attract new ones because of actual PVP NAVAL ACTION that you get nowhere else
  7. really sad that you need the alms of other people to achieve something in this game as a newbie.Just make you the fun and sell all your ships and equipment, then gift the gold to me. Now have fun with your basic cutter.It will go like this: 1st week = doing endless PVE missions to afford a 5th rate 1/2 of 2nd week = getting the gold with another cycle of endless PVE missions to afford you the cannons 2/2 of 2nd week = getting the gold for repairs, rig repairs and rum + full crew.you guess what? PVE bot fest incoming 3rd week = sailing with your 5th rate out to do the 5
  8. my suggestion is to remove the open world feature completly.It just cripples the game in thermes of pvp. You need a 1st/2nd rate to have good fights.What made me buy this game was the youtube vids of epic pvp battles with all kind of ships. That dont happen anymore.Open world cripples this game imho. I rather have a lobby system again where people fight in the way its meant to be. MAKE NAVAL ACTION GREAT AGAIN!
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