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  1. To Admin, and pls change also the following: Strengthen the trade system, stop the 100 tons rule Give more protection to the central zones of the nations, allow more defence abilities (longer time for interception, raise the BR-level for the defence side change battle rating system (all is said about that) finally give some limitations to the incredible damaging alt-system Greetings to all Ferdinand de LaSalle
  2. Bin ein Freund eines ausbalancierten Kampf- und Handelsspiel, deshalb gute Idee Ferdinand
  3. Good idea Knuddel, generally we need more trading back in that game. This could be a reason for special the newbees and single players to stay in the game. In addition to this good idea we should: definitly stop this nonsense 100 tons rule, so that a acceptable earning rate in an acceptable distance is again possible raise the safe zones around the captials that ridicolous farming actions of strong clans and nations not longer possible (in such easy way) change the BR-System more to the defender side. ( for. e.g. 2:1 join possibility and/ or raise the timeperiod to start rescue missions for the attacked player Ferdiand de La Salle
  4. Sorry i can´t speak French, and i did not understand what was written above, but i will support the first post (declaration). If anyone do not speak french, than pls join our FROGS clan. We will support you with info, ships and components and try to give you protection. Do not sail alone, you are only easy victims special by our NN-clan enemies. Vive la France Ferdinand de La Salle
  5. To Admin, this sounds good, thank you it would be helpful. One Point, you should strengthen the trade (for the newbees and the weaker Clans). Pls stop this 100 tons rule. I would be helpful to stabalise the Player population. I am interested in continuing the game, but we need help, Thank you for support
  6. To admin, i support newbees since more than 2 years . A lot of guys will confirm my words. I am a clan leader at French side and we desperatley try to support our newbees. But if you will be attacked by aggressive raiders the whole day, if you are cut off from vital ressources, it is very difficult to hold them in game. I can understand that guys, that the game fun is limited, if their small ships send to the ground 10 times per day. I am sure, i can speak for myself and the other French clan leaders. We did our best and we do it now. But the actual situation is worse. I recruited 20 Players at my clan, now only 2 more are online. Beside the support from me and others, the most left the game or changed the nation. I really do not like this sound we are doing not enough for our new players. That is wrong. I am very pleased for an answer, thank you
  7. To the point to raise the Player population activate the trade again. Kill the absolute nonsense 100 tons rule to raise the earn ratio do limitation at port battle ratings. Suggestion: limitation at 10.000 BR Change the BR-rules in open waters, special in front of the capitals. Stop the farming and ganking System. The defenders should get more possibilities for defence ( more time to intercept, or higher BR) Downgrade the costs around port investments, port bonus and so on, that weak nations can also develop Limitations to the alt-system to reduce the influence of spy´s Limitaions to change the nation
  8. What is that for a nonsense, to reach the rank for a first rate ship in 90 hours. Pls look to the guys , which are brand new and have to learn a lot of game mechanics. They are mainly no DLC-players and have no additional alts. If they are lucky and could join a clan, they have possibly certain duties in the clan and cannot raise their XP all the time. Well more realistic is you can do it in 500 hours.
  9. Hi Folks, the discussion now focused to the wrong points. Why do the player populations decrease and decrease. The partly wrong game mechanics are the main problem. Total focus on fighting, all changes of the last months prefers the strong nations and clans. No support for weaker nations, single players and special the newbees. And i won´t hear the argumentation, than they should go to PvE. Every player have to pay for both !!!! We have one nation who dominates all. We have 2 other marginally weaker nations, who are unable to do something against this certain nation. That is all sad, but no one wants to change. So the game will finally dies. By the way i will inform you, at my opinion french nation is nearly dead and will soon count to the other dead nations, yesterday we got the final hit…….from the certain Nation (with all advantages) Greetings from France Ferdinand de La Salle
  10. Well i watched the same, other smaller nations like the danish or the french (my Nation) fight against the russians.. The Swedish support the russians, conquering our ports. The former proud swedish nation has fall down to a group of doggy slaves, sitting beside the feets of their big russian master and are hoping, that a little meat ball fall down on table. Maybe they hope, that after the french and danish are finished, they can survive. It´s really ridicolous
  11. Good idea, and pls change also the BR-system in open sea. It must be again a risk to do a raid around enemy capitals. So raise the time period for the defending Forces (auggestion 5 minutes) and allow a BR superiority for the defending Nation up to 2:1
  12. Hallo Captain Cid, im Großen und Ganzen gebe ich Dir recht. Die Übermacht ist erdrückend aber das liegt im Schwerpunkt an den Fehlern die seit über einem Jahr gemacht werden 1. Tas Trading-System wurde zerstört bzw. man hat keinen Anreiz mehr zu handeln 2. Ein völlig irres Battle-Rating System auf offener See, dass nur den Angreifer bevorzugt. Der Verteidiger ist zumeist nicht konkurrenzfähig, weil die angreifende Gruppe die deutlich besseren Schiffe hat. So können diese direkt vor den Hauptstädten der Nationen herumkurven und machen was sie wollen, ohne Probleme zu bekommen 3. Ebenso überarbeitungsfähig ist das Port-Battle System. Kleine Nationen sind nur bedingt imstande, einen 20.000 er Hafen auf Dauer zu verteidigen. Wenn es beim ersten mal nicht klappt kommen die Russen eben übermorgen mit den nächsten 25 Ocean (Monsterschiffen)!! 4. Ein völlig aus dem Ruder gelaufenes Alt-System. Alle größeren Aktionen werden ausspioniert und/oder verraten. Zudem konnten sich DLC-Spieler mit zusätzlichen Alts so schnell UP- leveln, dass alle anderen völlig abgehängt wurden (Stichwort (First Rates nach 5 Wochen) 5. Und schließlich noch ein Port Bonus System, dass die großen gut organisierten Clans / Nationen in starkem Maße bevorzugt. Bei den Modulen, seltenen Ressourcen u.s.w. haben sie ein Monopol das nicht durchbrochen werden kann 6. Und schließlich Die völlig unfähigen Nationen Holland und Grossbrittannien die , anstelle sich gegen die Russen zu verbünden gar nichts gemacht haben. Die Player -Population ist mittlerweile halbiert. Die DEV´s haben immer noch keinen Änderungsdruck, insbesondere weil es im Forum genügend Klatschhasen gibt, die die DEV´s in ihrer Blase lassen. Wenn Du Interesse an vielen Kämpfen hast komme zu den Franzosen. Wir haben mittlerweile eine gute Truppe die sehr mobilisierungsfähig ist und auch schon ein paar Angriffe der Schweden und Russen abwehren konnte.. Dann bitte komm speziell zum FROGS-clan. Hier wird nur englisch und Deutsch gesprochen. Überlege es Dir Grüsse Ferdinand de La Salle
  13. Thanks for the discussion. Yes the former trade is pretty dead. How it could be changed. Go back to the Situation one year ago with 1. Delete this idiotic 100 tons rule to raise the earn ratio. The DEV´s could first to try out with giving every nation or every zone four or five goods based on 10 tons or 1 tons per piece. Later if the Change is sucessful they can do this for more goods. 2. Raise the earn ratio generally with reducing the idiotic distance rule. Life time is important for all. So it must be possible to sail up to 1 hour in every distance to reach a earn ratio from up to 3:1. 3. Install special trade missions as a task to deliver a certain amount and a certain good in a special Harbour in a limited time. 4. Open a gate to get rare goods and components like (Permits, Combat medals, books) with trading. The Price could be high but it must be tradeable 5. Install drop points in a few certain harbours for very expensive and rare goods. This drop points will change in certain times to other ports. This should be done in a very small way, and only for luxury, not to influencing the port investments Result: Newbees, single players and weaker nation will have a vital source to development. The Friends of hardcore PvP will have a lot of new and attractive targets. And generally the gap between expierenced player with alts and a strong clan behind to all others can be reduced a little. Ferdinand de La Salle
  14. Hello FireRat, you are totally right And if i see the most posts here, everyone knows why. The most guys here are not able to view with the eyes of the newbees. The argumentation, they should go to pve-server is foolish. All the guys have to pay for both PvE an PvP and it is the duty of the DEV´s to install pretty fair live and combat cpnditions on every Server and for every player. I speak for my clan and my nation France. I am so sick to see how many newbees enter the game, try to establish and then failed and give up (after they were sunk 10 to 20 times in their small Trader ship). For me i never attack small Trader to safe These guys. I estimate, alone of French side we had about 100 new Players, which left game again. I am so tired and so sick to see that. You are very privileged (all thing changes to your favour) and you are not willing to change a few things to a better entrance. So the game will slowly dies. And why that. My prognose: After a certain time the player population falls under a critical point. Than you are alone and then you getting hello kittying boooorrreeed and also left the game and that´s it. Ferdinand de La Salle
  15. Hello guys, if i read this, i am not wondering, why the game population decrease and decrease. A lot of things go´s wrong. 1. Biggist mistake, why the hell can an attacker in front of an enemy capital (hardly outside the inner Zone and with a very good ship) do what they want. He has no risk to attack an enemy player with fairly the same BR but much underperformed ship. The result is clear. The raider with his fast and strong ship evades easily and looking for the next victim. That can´t be the final solution, it is total unrealistic. If you enter a dangerous zone you have a certain risk. I suggest, that the time to react for all attacker and defender must be 5 minutes. 2. Otherwise, if a player attacks an AI-ship why is it possible for others to intercept for along time. This Player Needs mostly XP-Knowledge and our reales. Ist a source for him to get rare goods. This possibilities are really limited. It is a hard Task to win against against ai-ships with similar size, so why do you raise the difficulties for this case??? And this for the Background you plan aggressive AI. That make really no sense. 2. The actual Battle Rating System would be fine, if we would have similar fighting conditions. But this is definitley not true. There are big differences in the strength of the ships. 3. A strong Nation attacks a harbour of a weaker nation. They are attacking with 25 first rates (very good ships). The Defender has no, really no chance to win the PB, even if he can form a defence group with similar size. The attacking force are able to overrun the defence in minutes, the influence of the fortress is low. I saw this more than one times, loosing good ships in one or two broadsides. Pls think about it, to reactivate the BR-limitations for PB we had a year before. This was more fair for the Defender. Thank you, and sorry for my bad english
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