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  1. I forgot to say. In addition to the Problems above , the present alt system is Incredible bad to reduce the spy and traitor problem. So a lot of operations would be betrayed. I suggest a limitation of the alts to maximum three characters (one main and two additional) thank you
  2. First of all, in the last months there were some improvements which gave all players not playing in strong nation/strong clans a better way to develop their characters. You can see that on the higher rates at Player Population. Why: 1. Revitalisation of the trade, not all was good (100 tons rule is still in work) but the most 2. Better protection of the captitals area so excessive farming and ganking Action, special against newbees and single players is not so easy anymore 3. A little more balance in port battle system because of reducing the br-limit 4. AI attacks ports of big nations (but effect is very low) but the basically good soup is still a little bit salty. Why 1. The game balance between strong nations and all others do still not work. The ressources advantage from that strong nations are much too big, so smaller nation have no chances to resist or start counter attacks (as we see even now). It is a nonsense to create Incredible earnable cash cow ports, the owner make them invincible. 2. The seasoned wood system has grown up the gap between the strong nations and clan to all others in port battle situation. With that wood this nation/clans could create really monster ships. We need urgently a more easy access for all players to get this wood types I wish all a good and successfully year 2020
  3. sounds good to me, special the suggestion of Thonys. I would do implementate a smaller step to clean up the clan for inactive officers. 8 weeks inactive, an officer will loose his rank and a normal member thrown out of the clan 16 weeks a former officer, now member will loose the clan membership
  4. To Medniy Sandal, i hope i am not right, we will seešŸ˜Ž
  5. Good morning guys, well we can see the direct results of the game change. The Player population is reduced by over 100 players in comparison to the timepoint one week beforeā€¦.
  6. OK Angus, than pls explain me what i should do with the escorts (and the whole convoi) if i want to make a trade move into an area of another Nation????
  7. i will try i couldnĀ“t wait to try out, really, but i have also the expierence to forcast the result in a certain way
  8. New and again a really bad idea and the best way to reduce the player population. I am slowly really angry about bored people in rich and powerful clans and nations. If you are bored than change the game, pls, pls, pls. And do not influencing the DEVĀ“s to make such extreme decisions. What will happen now: The pressure to newbees, single players and players of weak clans/nations will grow again, because trading action are now very dangerous The way to get money and ressources are much more difficult (beside the strong nations and clans) You could be attacked the whole way, there is no savety left and for protection you need escort ships Now if you plan a PB or a Flip you would be constantly attacked by these group, so maybe you can miss the time gate for PB Really i am slowly thinking Naval Action is only a platform to try out new Things for Naval Action 2. There is no stability, no continuity, no strict line So sorry Ferdinand de La Salle
  9. To Macjimm, pls do not applause to game changes they only make problems and this attitude do not help all the weaker nations, single players and newbees. This change is, in my opinion, only made to strengthen the strong nations and strong clans, with a high organisation level. For all others (still the majority) the problems will be raised. For example: In the area of my small french nation ,with a relativly high population, all goods with a fairly good eraning ratio are traded on sunday morning. The Situation do not change till the day. So you have not the volume to trade with indiĀ“s. Than, pls send me your results, if you entering a capital zone even if you have 3 strong escort ships like heavy frigates or third rate ships and only one trader. i am really interested about the results. I am also interested, if you start simultaniously an attack with own fleet to stop the privateer fleets, at my count we have 4 or 5 of these fleets in the capital Zone. So what happen to the other 3 or 4 of those fleets. Pls stop arguing in the position of a member of a well organised nation. For this its mayby a minor problem, for all others ist a big problem, thank you Greetings Ferdinand de LaSalle
  10. To Macjimm, well my single belle poule was attacked far away from the swedish captial gustavia, but it was nearby the county capital saint John so, i presume it is a larger area around and not only the inner zone. And it is nice, that small ships will not be attacked, but you can earn money in an significant way only with bigger traders (because of the idiotic 100 tons rule) I will prove that, what happen to a Trader brigg or trader snow. For smaller and weaker nations it is a general Problem (Always the small ones). The tradeable goods with a good earning rate are limited, special if you have an relative high Player population.
  11. Dear DEVĀ“s, i canĀ“t believe , what you done with the last game change: Aggressive ai fleets attacking now all ships !!!!!!!!!!! of other nations in the central area around capitals. Sorry that make really no sense to attack all foreign ships. Why: 1. There are alliances between friendly nations 2. There are only traders, who want to trade in foreign ports. Now they will be attacked by a fleet of ai-fighting ships. You revitalise the trade part weeks ago, now you kill this progress, because no normal trader can reach ports nearby a foreign capital anymore. As i bet you weeks ago, to strengthen the defence around capitals, i meant not to kill all ships which entered the area with another flag. This defense only should prevent attacks from aggresive raiders, which enter the are in battle groups, but not single and peaceful traders. So pls correct immediatly this totally wrong way and focus the defence to warships. Thank you Ferdinand de La Salle
  12. well this is world of today, the next game is the best game. I think this game has still a lot of potential
  13. Well i think the new trade System brought the upwind in the Player population. I also think that this new wood system will raise the gap between a very few, very good organised clans/players and all the rest. So i am divided about the success. First impressions of these monster ships says, they are pretty unbeatable, so again a tribute to the priviliged, very nervous and easily bored player Group. Ferdinand
  14. Dear DEVĀ“s, pls go on in strengthen the weaker Clans and nations and also the single Players to save the Player Population and to save the game. 1. Revitalisation of the trade is very good (look to the actual Player population), we have now 150 Players more than last week at this timepoint 2. The stuff with the changed battle Rating System is also ok, it must be shown that it would be work in the planned way 3. But why this nonsense of the new Wood system. The first and second change allows to close the big gap between the strong Clans/nations and all others in a significant way. This wood changes now allows the privileged players/clans/nations to raise the gap more than it was before, why? why? why? Ferdinand de La Salle
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