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  1. Even now, Naval Action crashed again. Can´t Restart. Problem is i tryed to attack a large ai force with my Ocean as the game crashed???
  2. well yes could be, but the point is, normally the smaller enemies uses the advantages of speed, manouverabolity and so on. But the act like line ships searching the board to board situation, beside i have more and bigger cannons (and formally better protection). That is what i found strange. Conclusion their ships have an immense superiority of protection (because of seasoned woods) even they are formal lighter ships. That is for me a grievious lack of fighting balance. So i demand to reduce the Advantages of seasoned Woods. I am pretty sure they do the same against third or maybe second rate ships. And this is fully ridicolous.
  3. Thank you for your comment, what do you mean HP?? sorry do you mean BR: that was estimated 720 my side ot 650 their side. Or do you mean expierience, well i am Vice Admiral and need a little step to full admiral. Enemy was both full admiral.... or do you mean HP = Hit Points. By my purple wasa very high, it was a heavily armoured ship. Well i did not controlled that, when i sunk…..but i had nt underwater hits or something else. They still bottomed me down in a very short very curios time Ferdinand
  4. Hi Folks, yesterday i had an fighting engagement with 2 players in formal weaker ships from a strong pirate clan. They had an USS Consti and an endy, i had an purple wasa (buildt out of excellent "normal" wood) and for rear support an AI indefatigable. The attackers were surely good players and acted with 2 ships. I suppose they were buildt up out of seasoned woods, with best components, books, port bonus and so on. I thought at the beginning this is an interesting fight, with surely equal fighting conditions, but...... i had no chance, in five minutes the battle was over, the wasa was sunk, my Ai could evade. What i am worried about the Situation: They do not act like raiders, with formal weaker ships, they do not manouver in a behind situation to kill my crew. No, they are acting like lineships, voting the board to board situation and shot my ship into pieces. I tryed to reduce their backboard side with double load but only little effect. Summary: The game balance is not working, if the superiority of ships with (s) wood is so high against ships with normal woods. The game fun is, in my opinion, for both sides destroyed. The guys are easily bored, because kills are almost very easy, the frustrations of the players without any access to (s) woods grows and grows. To The Devs: Pls reduce the gap between both Groups, thank you
  5. Generally the idea of a Peace Agreement is good. The russians laughing over all other nations, that they fight against each other and do not bring an alliance together to fight against the real and only enemy.: The russians. Input from a French player
  6. Hey ich bin auf Position 19, bald ist es vollbracht nach über 45 Minuten. Ihr seit wohl mit dem Klingelbeutel gepudert ……..
  7. Ich probiere es schon seit einer halben Stunde, immerhin bin ich schon auf Position 53 vorgerückt, wow :(((((((
  8. Hi Suppenkelle, schön von Dir hören, wahrscheinlich eine der berühmten Verschlimmbesserungen, die man ansonsten nur aus deutschen Landen kennt :))
  9. An Makrian, seit gestern geht es besser???????, ich versuche seit 15 Minuten das Spiel zu starten und stecke in einer langen Warteschlange??????? Versuchen sich jetzt tausende Spieler gleichzeitig anzumelden oder was hat dies zu bedeuten ???
  10. I forgot to say. In addition to the Problems above , the present alt system is Incredible bad to reduce the spy and traitor problem. So a lot of operations would be betrayed. I suggest a limitation of the alts to maximum three characters (one main and two additional) thank you
  11. First of all, in the last months there were some improvements which gave all players not playing in strong nation/strong clans a better way to develop their characters. You can see that on the higher rates at Player Population. Why: 1. Revitalisation of the trade, not all was good (100 tons rule is still in work) but the most 2. Better protection of the captitals area so excessive farming and ganking Action, special against newbees and single players is not so easy anymore 3. A little more balance in port battle system because of reducing the br-limit 4. AI attacks ports of big nations (but effect is very low) but the basically good soup is still a little bit salty. Why 1. The game balance between strong nations and all others do still not work. The ressources advantage from that strong nations are much too big, so smaller nation have no chances to resist or start counter attacks (as we see even now). It is a nonsense to create Incredible earnable cash cow ports, the owner make them invincible. 2. The seasoned wood system has grown up the gap between the strong nations and clan to all others in port battle situation. With that wood this nation/clans could create really monster ships. We need urgently a more easy access for all players to get this wood types I wish all a good and successfully year 2020
  12. sounds good to me, special the suggestion of Thonys. I would do implementate a smaller step to clean up the clan for inactive officers. 8 weeks inactive, an officer will loose his rank and a normal member thrown out of the clan 16 weeks a former officer, now member will loose the clan membership
  13. Good morning guys, well we can see the direct results of the game change. The Player population is reduced by over 100 players in comparison to the timepoint one week before….
  14. OK Angus, than pls explain me what i should do with the escorts (and the whole convoi) if i want to make a trade move into an area of another Nation????
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