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  1. The end of the game will now starts. The victorious nation is well known. At the end not the flags, the position of them, the possibilities to join and all other mechanics do not count. I promise you, all walls are down now and the russians will conquer the most vital ports of all other nations, who are not allied with them and that´s it. The really vital things to win the game is the stock of ressources, the stock of upgrades, the capacitiy to rebuildt deadly ships and the organisation/ numbers of the best player in the clans and nations. This process to favour certain groups (starting point was nearly 2 years ago) comes now to the end. How sad, beside all problems i loved the very good ground structure of the game. I hope not, that i must laugh about the forum comunity, if they afterwards wondering about the result.The forecast was very easy.
  2. by the way as we Talking about game balance, we are actually "hunting" a russian implacable or redoutable. The raider now eveades, even our fast frigate can´t catch him. I estimate he can run over 14 knts, only ridicolous
  3. As i understand right, the defending nation can´t prevent an attack with a screening Action anymore...…. nice :((( So the privileged russian, with hordes of dlc-player get together with a first rate dlc, the last key to open the gates for the last vital ports of other nations. Brilliant. :((((( Best way to speed up to finish the game So the side with the most organised DLC-Players will win. Hmmmmm which nation could that be? Hmmm…..
  4. Ach so, ja klar ein Vasall von Russlands Gnaden, ist ziemlich das Gleiche. Fest steht, wenn sich Nichts tut und keine strukturellen Veränderungen vorgenommen werden wird das Spiel die heiße Coronazeit nicht überleben. Wie schade! Die Grundanlage war und ist nämlich hervorragend!
  5. Bartas 11, mit Sicherheit ein Spieler aus der glorreichen russischen Nation. Ja klar, ich würde auch nicht "meckern und nörgeln" wenn mir der Hintern sogar mit Zucker ausgeblasen wird :)))
  6. Wie Georg schon formuliert hat es liegt mehr an den game mechanics. 1. DLC-Spieler werden gepampert ohne Ende 2. Total aus dem Ruder gelaufenes Alt-System 3. Spielmechaniken, die eine völlige Chancengleichheit vermissen lassen, dazu: 3a) BR-Battle System in offenen Gewässern bevorzugt fast ausschließlich den Angreifer 3b) Seasoned- woods Zugang hauptsächlich für hochorganisierte Nationen/Clans 3c) Total kaputtes Handelssystem mit völlig ungleich verteilten Gütern, die ertragreich sind. Schwachsinnige 100 Tonnen-Regel usw. Generell ein Spielsystem, das neue Spieler geradezu abschreckt. Wenn diese nicht in einem der führenden Clans/Nationen landen, haben sie keine Chance ihren Spieler in eine konkurrenzfähige Richtung zu entwickeln. Dies gilt übrigens auch für erfahrene Spieler in "schwachen" Nationen. Wenn die DEVS das aktuelle Grundprinzip beibehalten und vor allem nur bestimmte Spielergruppen massiv bevorteilen wird auch das Nachfolgespiel Schiffbruch erleiden.
  7. Thanks for your answer Emperor, i never expected to explain this, i presume you are not in a weak nation/clan or an newbee with lack of expierence and ressources. day by day we have hundreds of fights, where the attacker (specialised raider with a very good ship) attacking a player with a much more weaker ship (ships). The attacker do only overrun, the defender hav 0 percent chance. Even if he has a good but not very good equipped bigger ship the attacked player has no chance against this specialist. One example the snow Terror. Help is not possible, the reaction time for defending nation is too short. Pls left your comfort zone.
  8. Well sorry i have more to specify. I talked mainly about the br in open Waters, when i said we need a BR-Ratio from 2:1 and longer times to intercept for the defender (to save the attacked players) For the PB´s the BR is pretty good working, but the problem is here, the most smaller nations are not able to scratch enough DLC-Player together, to do a effecive defence.
  9. Hi Folks, the main problem is not the actual distribution of power and influence in the caribic world. It is the disbalance in game mechanics, special combat mechanics and the distribution of ports which produce the vital things to rule the world. Why do the most nations and clans gave up PB-fighting, yes the whole RvR show. Because the fighting conditions are so unequal. You can watch this every day. The superiority of the raider ships is incredible high, it must be boring to sank dozens of player ships the whole day without or Little resistance. Why is that so. Because the battle rating system socks since a longer time. The way to more equal fighting condition is to strengthen the Defender position. 1. Raise the time to intercept only for the defenders (if the BR is fairly equal like now the highly specialised attacker are always in a favour position). And i suggest BR 2:1 in favour of the defenders. It must be again a Risk for the Raiders to attack. Thank you
  10. Hi Folks, we need generally a more fair br-system in open waters. My nation will be constantly attacked by specialised raiders in excellent ships. They came often in groups so the attacked player have normally no chances. Sometimes ist look like in a slaughter house. In reality some places will be not be useable, because of the mass of wrecks. So pls go back to the BR-System we had before ca. 1.5 years ago or a solution between the two systems. 1. The reaction time for the defending forces to reach the battlefield is to short, even you have a good alert System you can´t reach the points. 2. Actually the highly specialised raiders in their excellent ships can do attacks with only a few risks. They have always a strong local superiority. So pls, give the defending forces a higher BR-rate, that their oponents. to have a chance of punishment. And please no arguments like (they can wait outside. That monster ships are nearly almost faster than the "normal" defending ships This 2 changes could bring more fair fighting conditions in that segment. And this could be helpful to stop the reduction of Player population. Thank you
  11. A very good thought, i claimed with others since long time ago. I saw this in a big screening action (as part of a port battle). The enemy forces, even when they count more than twice more ships, had a tremendous superiority in 1:1 broadside fightings. The most ships of our screening force were "normal" ships with a variety of good quality components. But they had no chances against the seasoned wood ships from the enemy force. Battle was over in 10 minutes. So it would be helpful to install such a regulation (as Malcolm and amoured sheep demands) for PB and open water battles, when one of the oponent has a strong superiority in the technical side of the ships. So we would get back more even battles and then tactical and sailing skills will get their importance back. To the devs: Pls think about that. For all players with no exclusive gate to the "Special goodies" is it now like fighting with a wooden stick against a real iron sword.....
  12. To Forbin: I can only talk for my little clan, my influence is low. But i think we are constantly in war with russia, we have no port battles with russia, yes but we were constantly terrorised by russian raiders
  13. To Latron, maybe the russian side is also exhausted and cannot continue. Sorry guys but this is not my world. The weaker nations looking for day by day and you have (in our eyes) here really an luxury problem. If we are allied, so give us something from your incredible ressources and we will continue the fight. The whole discussion shows me, how unbalanced this game is in the present layout. We have a priviliged group of a few nations and clans, which can afford big day by day battles (surely in monster ships) over a long time period. When i think, alone to restitute a whole fleet... what a economical power is in Action.... The rest, surely more than half of the player base are astonished about these power and possibilities. This game has left fairly fair conditions for all players a long time ago. What a pity, the ground system is very good…….
  14. To my swedish allies, now i must really laugh. france, spain and other small nations are constantly in much worser situation, than you ever was. I cannot understand this attitude. You have an incredible big stock of ressources and ports, you have a very good player base, all things many other nations do not have. I will remember to the french situation. 9 months ago, we were attacked by dozens of raiders directly in front of fort royal, all trading and fighting action were senseless. Do france gave up?? So pls remember to your vinking history and go on fighting. We will support you. Ferdinand de La Salle from france
  15. Even now, Naval Action crashed again. Can´t Restart. Problem is i tryed to attack a large ai force with my Ocean as the game crashed???
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