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  1. New "Special" Trims

    Finally! Santi number *45* is a 4/5. Shoulda seen that one coming I guess. Too bad it has no bonuses, but I'll take it!
  2. New "Special" Trims

    I've crafted 29 santis so far. All 3/5s. About 1/3rd of them have bonuses. I need to learn some new prayers to say to the RNG gods I guess.
  3. Players from other nations joining OW battles...

    Thanks for the replies... I was unaware of this.. But I'll make good use of it! -Flakbait
  4. (This is on the PVE server, if that matters...) Twice in the last few weeks, I've had a US player join in my battles as an ally. Since every nation is an enemy to all the others, I'm wondering how this happened. Not to fix it, but to hopefully be able to repeat it in the future, as it's hard to find people to group hunt with sometimes. Respectfully, Flakbait British on PVP & PVE
  5. It's gets even more fun when NPCs leave the water and start climbing up the sides of mountains...
  6. Some leeward winds are stronger than others, I guess
  7. The PVE having so many neutral ports isn't a bug, it's a feature. (seriously)
  8. Clan Mails still bugged

    oh, sorry. Edit it, then click save, then log out. Not ideal, but it's better than nothing.
  9. Clan Mails still bugged

    Yeah, but the workaround is easy enough. Annoying, but easy.
  10. Tallship Event

    Thought I'd post some pics of the "Tallship Downrigging Weekend" I just went to. The night shot shows most of the ships involved, but since many of them are double-parked, it's just a jumble of masts and rigging The ships there were the Kalmar Nyckel, Pride of Baltimore II, Lynx, AJ Meerwald, Lady Maryland, Sultana, Sigsbee, and Elsworth. Went on a 2+ hour sail on the Kalmar. Signing up to take the course to become a crew member on it too (can't wait to play with the cannons )
  11. Increase number of fleets on PVE server.

    Yeah, been there, done that.
  12. There is very little NPC traffic on the PVE server. What little there is, is almost entirely single traders. Most of the warship fleets seem to be under 1000 BR and above 4000 BR, making for some really boring group hunts. Respectfully, --Flak
  13. Video Card recommendations.

    Thanks for all the input folks... Going with a 1060 model. Now I just have to find something to do with my free time over the next 3-5 days. Ugh.
  14. Video Card recommendations.

    What model video cards do you guys all run?
  15. Video Card recommendations.

    hah.. I'm replacing an AMD 7770 that went batshit on me two days ago. My only other card around doesn't support shading 5.