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  1. Flakbait

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    ^-- Yes, all of this.
  2. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    You really want them to change it by a whole 1%? There really isn't much of a difference.
  3. Thanks... gives us an idea on what we'll have more of after the patch. Only two questions though, why is charcoal listed (does anyone make it anymore?) and what will provisions break down into, if at all? Whoops, that's technically 3 ?'s. --Flak
  4. Flakbait

    Where's my HUD?

    And you can move the chat bar/window down by click 'n drag.
  5. Flakbait

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    AI fleet ships are morons. Them fighting alone guarantees that they'll be sunk or capped.
  6. I guess we're gonna have to completely redo this whole spreadsheet once the new prices go into effect in 20-30 days.
  7. Flakbait

    Deleted valuable outpost by accident please help

    But the vast majority of PVE players would vote Hell No, so it'd be a waste of effort.
  8. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    You are correct, sir... while a few of them wound up being scrapped (sold to port for 200k), a number of them were put on sale for cheap, or given to clan members who could use them.
  9. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    Pretty much, yeah. I chose Cart reinf. stern + reinf bow + navy structure refits. I kept two others, 3/5s with Very Cramped and Very Sturdy, respectively.
  10. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    I roll with 28% reload on my santis.
  11. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    Finally! Santi number *45* is a 4/5. Shoulda seen that one coming I guess. Too bad it has no bonuses, but I'll take it!
  12. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    I've crafted 29 santis so far. All 3/5s. About 1/3rd of them have bonuses. I need to learn some new prayers to say to the RNG gods I guess.
  13. Flakbait

    Players from other nations joining OW battles...

    Thanks for the replies... I was unaware of this.. But I'll make good use of it! -Flakbait
  14. (This is on the PVE server, if that matters...) Twice in the last few weeks, I've had a US player join in my battles as an ally. Since every nation is an enemy to all the others, I'm wondering how this happened. Not to fix it, but to hopefully be able to repeat it in the future, as it's hard to find people to group hunt with sometimes. Respectfully, Flakbait British on PVP & PVE
  15. It's gets even more fun when NPCs leave the water and start climbing up the sides of mountains...