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  1. Has anyone else noticed changes when boarding an AI ship after update 25? Before, it was so easy because the boarded crew reacted quite predictably: if you chose Attack, the AI changed to Defend, etc... Now it doesn´t! Or it´s following different rules. I checked the update notes and saw nothing about it. Would it be appropriate to post this under the support forum?
  2. Juan Solo

    Where's my HUD?

    Oops, thanks for the replies...
  3. Juan Solo

    Where's my HUD?

    Hi everyone, newbie problems here. Got the game 2 weeks ago. Took the tutorials, passed the 4 exams and today I passed the final exam. So I finally clicked on the SAIL button (tried both PVP and PVE) in a basic cutter and... 1. Half the HUD is missing. I got only the Helmsmans display (with a static rudder gauge) on the bottom right corner. None of the bottom selectors are there. 2. Also, the chat box has such a limited movement that is always somewhere over the top left part of the HUD. 3. I can´t go to "aiming view" by rightclicking with the mouse, as I was told to do in the tutorials, neither in PVE or PVP. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.