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  1. From my understanding the idea is that ships recipes will change to only require resources and not materials. How it currently work is that the making of the materials for the ship take a certain amount of labour hours and same for the ship. An example is that the L'Ocean needs 1957 labour hours currently to be able to press the craft button and the materials for it being made out of white oak/white oak(excluding the labour hours for the resources) takes a total 3782 labour hours to make(with material inefficiency due to not being able to make exact amounts of materials) bringing the total amount of labour hours to construct a L'Ocean to 5739 labour hours. Currently the max amount of labour hours you can store(with perks) is 2500. My question then becomes how will we be able to construct a L'Ocean? Will the labour hour cost change, will the wallet size change or maybe will the labour hour cost of materials be moved to the collection of resources?
  2. 40 USD per game*130k = 5 200 000 USD, now detract VAT, Steam fees, and taxes in their country and you certainly don't end up with even half of that, so the money they have had coming in to be very generous might be half, so 2 600 000 USD. This is peanuts for 4 years of development(not 2 1/2 as you think), thats 650k USD per year with every employee costing you between 60k-100k USD per year with taxes and insurance, office rental cost, license costs etc. Currently the team only consist of 2 programmers, but there are others working there as well and I know there have been more programmers at points. The reality of the situation is that they are very probably running out of money sooner rather than later. Just accept the fact that they can't do everything, but don't let that stop you from trying to give good feedback, just keep your expectations managed.
  3. Every minute the development team reads and answer threads on the forum costs the company money as simple as that. Do you want your money going to them sitting and answering every thread on this forum or making the game? This is exactly why it is a good idea that they get the volunteer community representatives so that they can read the forum and compile and relay the feedback of the community to the development team for free. I don't mean that there isn't valuable feedback that might save or make them money here on the forums but in reality the feedback that they can or want to take action on is far between.
  4. I think the near clipping plane of the free camera is a bit to far away. I might just be imagining things but to me it looks like in a lot of the close ups stuff just pops in/out long after/before really being in/out of view of the camera(depending on direction of movement in relation to the camera) and I believe it is due to having a rather large distance to the clipping plane(below 1m but still noticeable in close up shots). Maybe there is a great reason for having it so, but if there isn't I think it would make it easier to make stunningly beautiful screenshots and recordings of the game close up without the annoying clipping.
  5. The picture is a depiction of resting french soldiers in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.
  6. I hope that the PVE server doesn't get overlooked purly in favour of the much more forum active users of the PVP server. I think the PVE server has a role for many players(to me it looks like 10-20% of players online, but I may very well be wrong) that love the game not for its PVP elements.
  7. Thank you Yes the oak planks was wrong for the L'o, thank you and now it is fixed. 100 CM is indeed the price to buy a victory mark on the PVE server, and as I play PVE I made the tool for myself. Also fixed the CM not scaling.
  8. There seems to be an issue with the PVE server, or the login atleast. Several clan members reported to me that they got booted from the server(in the same fashion as before maintenance) and that when they try to log back in they are stuck on "Connecting to system". Game restart does not seem to fix the issue.
  9. This is simply not true, simulative yes but realism no. At the scope and era this game takes place, merchant banks where the facilitators of nearly all trade and large estate transactions, something that is very well abstracted at the moment by the "magic" global wallet and taxes and fees to purchase items in the game. The merchant banks made most of their money from charges on the trasferes and exchanges needed to do deals. In the game the port controller that gets the taxes and fees from transactions are the merchant bankers of the game, they profit from facilitating the transfere of money between buyer and seller, and the buyer and seller obviously lose some money for the safe transaction. A game needs abstractions because it can't simulate all natural occuring events. In an RPG you get stamina or whatever when you eat because it is silly to simulate the whole digestion and regeneration of cells from the nutrients in the food. In the same way it is silly to have money be a physical asset in this game, because we simply don't have enough players(willing players), to simulate a whole banking system purly outside of the game rules, and without a merchant banking system trade on this scale is not feasible. The reason we have such a globalised world(i.e. globalised trade) now is not because we can travell everywhere easily, but because money can do it safely. You don't get a large spanning network of working trade without a banking system. EDIT: To add to this, if you want to add a simulation of the merchant banking system, make it so that AI transfere money once in a while between banking hotspots. If the port controller can't defend this they will lose some of the taxes and fees they get from their port. This will add a pirating target that could be a hotspot for PVP if you maybe have the rumors go out that it is on its way.
  10. As I mentioned earlier a good historically realistic abstraction for this would be to do it like in Elite: Dangerous(a game very similar to this except for setting) where you have to claim the prize money in a friendly port. Maybe give out prize notes with different values that can’t be traded or looted, but that can be stored in the hold/warehouse until redeemed in the admiralty.
  11. This may be true, but it would go so far against realism. Even the romans used debt notes and notes of ownership that where tied to a person so as to not having to transport wast sums of gold when they where buying mansions or land. The transportation of money has always been an important task, but I think it it something that happens on such a small scale that it is outside the scope of this game, the same way we don't have nobility, royalty, real craftsmen, shoemakers, tanners, bakers or clothes that you wear and so on. The transportation of money is just something that is abstracted to "the AI does it when we are not looking". Maybe if you wanted to add the transportation of money in the game, make it so that AI fleets do it and the port owners profit from taxes and fees get a hit if they don't protect them, but don't make an ahistorical unrealistic implementation where everyone always carries around huge sums of money for trading when in reality this would not happen, unless maybe you where doing some shady under the table deals.
  12. I like the limited supply of chain, think you could even limit all ammunition(large quantities for ball but still so that in 1,5h you can run out). My only problem with chain is that it seems to be very scattered, for my liking I would have either the limit increased slightly or lower the dispersion slightly. Low quantity and "good" accuracy => skill shot for doing sail damage, low quantity and bad accuracy => luck if you do sail damage or not.
  13. To add to this, I think the games use of fees and taxes already is a good enough abstraction of how the merchant banking system would cost you some money to use, while rewarding the facilitators of it(the controllers of the ports in this case).
  14. I say do it like Elite: Dangerous, you can only collect the price money of a bounty or whatever when you get to port(maybe you will have to do it in the admiralty so only safe national ports work for it?) but keep the "magic" wallet since merchant banking was very prevalent in the western world since the 12th century(the reason there are no templar knights today is because a french king robbed them and declared them satans worshipers to steal the gold they had from their merchant banking system). This will make PVP more risk/rewarding, you can't go suiciding into a capital area and then just sink while still maintaining realism of how merchatilism was conducted.
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