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  1. Since we don't have all the basic navigation tools of the time, we should be consistent and remove the map as well. (and having a speedometer in OW and battle is really futuristic as well, chuck those too.) 😉
  2. I am with the FPM clan on the PVE server... we are also a 150+ member group and agree wholeheartedly with the above.
  3. Flakbait

    100th anniversary of regaining independence

    Didn't they also technically gain their independence after WWII, and when the USSR collapsed?
  4. Just realized they combined the Reinforced Stern and Bow refits. I had a bunch of the stern refits I bought before the patch to use up CMs, but they're gone now. That sucks. I have one ship with both the old stern and bow refits on it, but it doesn't appear that they stack anymore. That sucks too.
  5. Yeah, it's a shame it's now an upgrade. Some of my ships still have it as a skill, some don't. Not sure why that is.
  6. Flakbait

    NPC Fleet Routes

    So does that mean the PVE server is going to be flooded with useless/un-attackable Neutral fleets?
  7. Flakbait

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    ^-- Yes, all of this.
  8. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    You really want them to change it by a whole 1%? There really isn't much of a difference.
  9. Thanks... gives us an idea on what we'll have more of after the patch. Only two questions though, why is charcoal listed (does anyone make it anymore?) and what will provisions break down into, if at all? Whoops, that's technically 3 ?'s. --Flak
  10. Flakbait

    Where's my HUD?

    And you can move the chat bar/window down by click 'n drag.
  11. AI fleet ships are morons. Them fighting alone guarantees that they'll be sunk or capped.
  12. I guess we're gonna have to completely redo this whole spreadsheet once the new prices go into effect in 20-30 days.
  13. Flakbait

    Deleted valuable outpost by accident please help

    But the vast majority of PVE players would vote Hell No, so it'd be a waste of effort.
  14. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    You are correct, sir... while a few of them wound up being scrapped (sold to port for 200k), a number of them were put on sale for cheap, or given to clan members who could use them.
  15. Flakbait

    New "Special" Trims

    Pretty much, yeah. I chose Cart reinf. stern + reinf bow + navy structure refits. I kept two others, 3/5s with Very Cramped and Very Sturdy, respectively.