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  1. Yes please, give incentives to go out. Without penalties or punishment for those who'd like to stay in (i.e. new players)
  2. Rassemblement des indés

    Je me souviens encore avec émotion du dernier petit déjeuner que j'ai pris à Esbjerg. Des rollmops à 7 heures du matin, ça s'oublie pas.
  3. Production is very low in level 1, and players can have 5 buildings only. This gives a strong limit to this solution, but with necessary adaptations, why not?
  4. A new time is coming, it's time to reroll into the French nation!

    It's just about griteria to lead them when frack to Bance. Sorry, when back to France. I proposed to bo it, when havong brunk enough. Sorry, when having drenk unough. Sorry, can't tell it properly. I've to drink something...
  5. Sweden declares war on France

    Sorry Kierrip, not fortresses! Castles in the air only.
  6. A new time is coming, it's time to reroll into the French nation!

    MDR. Quand vous reviendrez, z'essayerai de drouver un goin de zigzag bour bostuillonner. Bardon, pour bostouiller. Non, pour bostuller. J'arrive bas à le dire, faut que j'aille boire un coup.
  7. Sweden declares war on France

    I agree Sir. And this does not include suiciding fleets in hopeless fights.
  8. Sweden declares war on France

    This assumes that the defender fleet is in advance in the port. It is not. The present game mechanics are dispersing the "small" nations fleets, if these nations just try to do something. Yesterday evening, 60+ ships were waiting to intercept our PB fleet. Going to there would just have been offering a suicide fleet, no more. And anyway, there would have been no PB. The choice made was the best for France, but I agree, not for Sweden.
  9. Sweden declares war on France

    France, and several other nations, are simply outpowered, and "sadly" have to do with it. Going or not in this PB is not a choice in this case, but a simple statement. And as far as game mechanic will go-on tyhe same way, making the strongest nations stronger and the weakest nations weaker, the game will go from map reset to map reset. Players generally want to play where it is easy to do it. And as a consequence, many of them are choosing Sweden, for having easy capability of fighting 3v1. This migration was sawn this time and after the last wipe, by entire clans. It will be the same next time, increasing game instability, and Killing RvR in advance. If SWE just want to wipe out FR, just do it. You can. Have fun.
  10. A story about a battle

    Agreed. This message "You participated to a combat and you got no reward" is very disappointing and discouraging. If you prepare a ship of the line, as a light frigate must do, by reducing sails and crew, and if later on, another ship boards and capture because your light frigate cannot push a SOL in the wind, your reward will be none. How many players did resign playing NA for that?
  11. Increasing the player base by traders

    Yesterday, I was kept in a battle launched by a young captain trying to capture a Le Gros Ventre. In spite of advises given on the chat and of the fantastic help given by my powerful Trader Lynx (LOL), he could not achieve the capture in 45 minutes, when I was obliged to leave battle. His left side was out, and he was unable to bord the LGV, whose crew was reduced to 67… I promised him to do this video to show how to capture properly... Hope this will help new players to stay in game.
  12. Increasing the player base by traders

    Another way by which increasing trade would increase PvP and by consequence, the player base. Thanks.
  13. Little things you'd like to see

    Inside a battle group, could players have a capability to change the red flag in blue, red, yellow, etc. So that there could be several squadrons, easily identified, for the leader. Battle instruction could be: "Red squadron, heading 315. Blue squadron focus BobTurner." Battle group leader and squadron leaders to be easily identified by a mark (like admirals). Also advisable the possibility to replace or change the battle group leader.
  14. Increasing the player base by traders

    In fact, I agree with you. And I do not want all players to be obliged to trade. Obliging every one to grind for upgrade slots is enough! The concern is: what can be changed for keeping new players in game? Typically, the new player: Is often sunk in first PVE fights (on chats, we can see so many messages from low ranked players, requested help for progression) Do not know how to trade for replacing lost ships (what to trade, from where to where?) Do not have the money for placing contracts (in fact, do not have money) Following advises given on the chat, grinds in basic cutter for making some money Purchases a "big" ship (like a Cerberus), thinking that this would prevent him sinking. Discovers that he does not have the money for canons and sends a discouraged message on the chat, because canons are expensive. Is given the canons for free by an older player, plus a Snow for which he has the crew (I did it severeal times) Looses the Snow because he does not know what about manual sailing. Takes a 5th rate mission for the undercrewed Cerberus, faces a Frigate and sinks again. Leaves the game. We all know this sad story, I read in this forum that +10000 players resigned since the wipe. My proposition is not to oblige everyone to trade, but to give a chance to new players, to change in .
  15. Why combat mark should be not link to craft

    What could also be added to balance more the combat result is to receive rewards (gold, XP and CM) for enemy ships that were damaged, but not sunk. Even for lost PB's and fights.