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  1. Captain Reverse

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Special Baltic revival forces work on this
  2. Captain Reverse

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    What are you arguing about here. These "night players" are the lightest enemy. they are not spoiled for a good war. Only write on the forum and fight for empty cities in the dead of night. Kill them and that's it, it's very easy. On invisible islands, we did not even sweat, easy 3x Port Battle. we already stopped attacking them further. Since it is easier to find the enemy and can not be found the only difficulty is the timer. For which these cowardly Frenchmen can only hide. GL
  3. Captain Reverse

    Все подряд

  4. Captain Reverse

    first HAVOC Empire

    If the rebels knew about this ... the dark side would not be so strong
  5. Captain Reverse

    Caribbean Invasion News

    empty pb
  6. Captain Reverse

    Caribbean Invasion News

    all should be on the seas. What's happening? : D
  7. Captain Reverse

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I sometimes have a question: Why play and watch movies, if it's better to go to the forum Naval Action
  8. Captain Reverse

    Leaving the French faction

    and you often declare war on all nations and hide behind nighttime timers. And everything will be ok
  9. Captain Reverse


    я и не удивлен твоим предпочтениям. Но все же советую послушать что другое)
  10. Captain Reverse


    Ребят, а какую вы слушаете тематическую музыку игра в Naval Action? Буду благодарен, если посоветуете хорошие сборнички Ну и естественно поделюсь некоторыми своими сборниками, которыми пользуюсь на стриме:
  11. Captain Reverse

    Baltic Fleet

    да и никаких там сопоставимых сил не было. У голландцев было гораздо больше БР, и первых рейтов в виде Океанов)
  12. Captain Reverse

    Baltic Fleet

    волна крови залила мне глаза, но я продолжал стримить Все ведь есть на стриме, обычный бой)
  13. Captain Reverse

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    no problem, for a reward I want to kids harbor
  14. Captain Reverse

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    you have chosen bad tactics, you have chosen bad ships, you have chosen bad improvements. You have lost the city - everything is natural.