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  1. Just put IRL real time weather in PB, solved. If there's no Wind at the moment, use latest positive Wind report. You're welcome.
  2. Forbin

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    You are clearly better, you've just insta killed all members reading this post. Dead laughing out loud....
  3. Forbin

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Map is gorgeous, but please bring back the grid on it.
  4. Forbin

    Cheat suspected

    I was in this battle too, and the same word that came to my mind. is what I saw was impossible....you can't believe 3 times more skilled players with good ships (most in LO/WO) barely damage these players while in the meantime they almost destroy 50% of your armor in one broadside, you can't understand that with a bowfigure rattlesnake and french gunners on your Belona you only kill 6 crew in 2 stern rake. They didn't made any good turn to angle, they sustained direct hits in a fairly straight line. In comparison, the next battle with very good players (Reddi, Pit Pinsel, Palatinose...) was relaxing and enjoyable 2 years of NA and never seen that, never.
  5. Forbin

    Combat patrol at Fort-Royal

    What ???? I never was in that battle, too much rum Lars, too much rum.... EDIT: Ah OK, it's a captain log, a fantasy story you tell to young sailors to scare them
  6. Forbin

    More interaction between PvP, RvR and trade

    Such mechanism would involve more players in national interests, i love that, great idea !
  7. Forbin

    Remove the damn forts from OW PvP

    That's what they are made for....
  8. Forbin

    In 2 battles at the same time

    No news ?
  9. Forbin

    In 2 battles at the same time

    Bug report with F11 already sent. Player Name (with à zero, not a "O"): F0RBIN The facts: Yesterday night, we were hunting in Swedish waters with a battle group fleet of French players (around 22:30 server time). I tagged a swedish player and dragged my mates into the battle (let's call it #1). A few minutes after the start of battle #1, I saw the screen "Entering Combat" an other time and I was suddenly pulled into an other battle (let's call it #2), alone with a Swedish Bellona (player Bregmann or something like that). My mates in battle #1 still saw my ship in the battle at this time. I was trying to escape battle #2 when 2 or 3 minutes later I was pulled into Open World were I stayed with a mate waiting here. Again, after 2 or 3 minutes I was pulled into a Freetown port, I had lost my ship. My analysis (for what it's worth): When I tagged the Swedish player for battle #1, an other swedish player tagged me at the exact same time and created a battle #2. It created a server conflict and I was pulled in Open Wolrd and player in battle #2 sank my ship, so I returned to Aves. I think there's someting to investigate here. If you can redeem my fir-fir surprise with copper plating, crooked hull refit and bovenwind, it would be appreciated
  10. Forbin

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Je suis d'accord Baptiste, autant pour les attaquants c'est logique , autant pour les défenseurs c'est du grand n'importe quoi....
  11. Thanks for the advice....i'll probably follow this one and wish you a good luck.
  12. Have a good day too.
  13. I was expecting this one....Well, when I make an humorous post suggesting to use grey matter (I assume then that everyone has grey matter right ? which is good no ?) to find target, you reply that I should use mine "INSTEAD" when I explain my opinion. Is that not some kind of insult ? Plus you don't reply on the other marked lines....that's so convenient. Well, you have your vision of the game, I have mine and we won't agree. So the end for me, don't want to spend my time arguing for nothing, you win (unfortunatly you won't have your precious PvPmarks for that...).
  14. Cool, some more insults....and you wonder why people leave ?
  15. You know, some people need to have a measurable playing time, because of job, wife, kids etc etc. if they risk PvP ass soon as they leave a safezone, they won't play unless they have a lot of time to spend in front of their computer....and that's not good for the game. Sometimes I tend to think that some people here are just serial killer/psychopats/vampires that only need blood. Sitting in front a capital was suicide in the past, and it's the same in NA...that's realistic PS: When you mention balls of you girlfriend, I hope she plays tennis, if not, i'm sorry for you stern.