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  1. Time to hit the Reset Button

    THIS !! The hard grinding makes building ships slow for most people. Give NA more time, you can't enter in a conquest era without ressources and ships, only Swedes succeeded in a 'blitz grieg' against Frenchs just after the wipe.
  2. I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    Until they realize there's no one left to kill, bored players will have left the game...
  3. I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    This is Exactly what I would suggest to start making this game FUN again. Point 3 is fundamental, extraction is way too expensive.
  4. naval no action

    Probably yes, and most of people im talking with must do something wrong too. After 1450 hours of NA, I guess I've not learnt anything....
  5. naval no action

    It's not about Bankrupt, it's about TIME you spend for crafting a single ship (even a little one). It's too time consuming IRL. If you get sunk in a little ship, it'll cost you too much. Don't forget that, even NA is made too be realistic, it isnot real life, it's a VIDEO GAME, something that should be entertaining, made for distraction. Now it tends to become a second full time job for a lot of players...and most of players are not seeking for a second job... Pre wipe NA was too easy, post wipe it is too hard. We just need more balancing.
  6. C'est clairement un probleme de personnes, et pas forcément que des chefs, on est d'accord. La petite virée d'hier soir vers Fort Royal a été organisée en moins d'un quart d'heure sur le chan Danois, parce que tout le monde a accepté la première proposition, sans se poser de question de savoir si on allait perdre nos navires, sans se demander si ça vallait le coup de se déplacer aussi loin pour peut être ne rien trouver et "perdre une soirée de farming". On a réussi a déplacer une trentraine de navires (en 2 vagues séparées d'une heure), à suivre le lead d'Anolytic après que les rennes lui aient été confiés par les autres chefs de clan. Et tout ça sans discussion inutile sur ce que l'on doit faire ou pas, un truc presque impensable dans la nation France. Une fois sur place on est allé récupérer ce qu'il restait de la première flotte Russe et on a tenté de vous faire sortir de vos ports, ce qui a mis des plombes à se produire. Il y a bien quelque chose à revoir du côté Français, ce n'est pas une critique mais juste une constatation et j'espère que cela se règlera, sincèrement. Après un an et demi passés à vos côtés, je découvre chez les Danois une nouvelle vision du jeu, loin de certaines prises de tête, pas de commentaires agressifs sur le chat nation. Les clans chez les Danois ne sont d'un prolongement de la Nation, ils gardent leur identité mais tout est fait et mis en commun pour la nation et ça change tout.

    +1 with all your points OP.
  8. Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    Welcome to the real world....I on ly see a valid tactic, it was employed numerous times in history. Stop crying, if you can't defeat cutters with an Indef, you should probably return to cutter. One solution to calm down those crazy cutters: Make Free Cutters available only once a day. Simple.
  9. PVP and Basic Cutters

    Sorry, I don't see an exploit, AI cutter equipped with canons will cost money and crew and AI are sunk easily most of the time. A captain who really want to make money and fight with correct AI fleets will try to sail on a better ship, who will stick on a cutter by choice ?
  10. Suggested PvP mark change

    Sounds good
  11. Just one question: Why extra ships in fleet should have an impact on your own capacities for fighting ? Limiting fleets: YES, but actual system is not very fair IMHO, an able captain is still an able captain even if he has escort ships.
  12. PVP and Basic Cutters

    High ranking captains don't want to sail on basic cutters, but they have no money at the moment to afford better ships ....so. Fighting in a basic cutter is real pain in the... Better ship = better PVE/PVP and more marks. People should stop seeing exploits everywhere
  13. [PvP-EU] French Correspondances 1

    Very well written Pierrick
  14. Seriously ? 3 hours a day ?
  15. French Wine

    Cool, my huge stock is now worthless, lot of hours and money collecting them for an hypothetical Ocean blueprint.....for what ? Renaming a resource ? I don't see the point, you could have simply renamed the French wine, no need to create a new one and let players in their shit. Or you could have deleted it and redeemed players. With the last patch the enjoyment/frustration ratio is not very good, at least in my point of view. Since he came out I play less.