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  1. Have a good day too.
  2. I was expecting this one....Well, when I make an humorous post suggesting to use grey matter (I assume then that everyone has grey matter right ? which is good no ?) to find target, you reply that I should use mine "INSTEAD" when I explain my opinion. Is that not some kind of insult ? Plus you don't reply on the other marked lines....that's so convenient. Well, you have your vision of the game, I have mine and we won't agree. So the end for me, don't want to spend my time arguing for nothing, you win (unfortunatly you won't have your precious PvPmarks for that...).
  3. Cool, some more insults....and you wonder why people leave ?
  4. You know, some people need to have a measurable playing time, because of job, wife, kids etc etc. if they risk PvP ass soon as they leave a safezone, they won't play unless they have a lot of time to spend in front of their computer....and that's not good for the game. Sometimes I tend to think that some people here are just serial killer/psychopats/vampires that only need blood. Sitting in front a capital was suicide in the past, and it's the same in NA...that's realistic PS: When you mention balls of you girlfriend, I hope she plays tennis, if not, i'm sorry for you stern.
  5. I get your point, but you can't heal an headache by cutting the head.
  6. World is not black or white...Sometimes people want PvP, sometimes they don't....and most of us don't have the time to play on both servers.... PvPers, if you want PvP, Capitals are not the good place to start your hunt, use you grey matter
  7. [EXILE] PvPEU GB Clan.

    Yes, exactly, and the 30-40 mn we occupied you, French waters were safer. No need for courage, we are "bitches" as said Otto. So in your mind, we should sail alone, hoping for a "fair" fight......Well, sorry to tell you there is no fair fight in the real world, it's a fantasy learnt to British Officer, so they can say "Shocking !!!" more often Use you forged papers and join the Queen !
  8. [EXILE] PvPEU GB Clan.

    To gank Exile ???? Lol, you have a very bad perception of your environment. Who were in front Fort Royal ganking French Captains ? You, not us. You sank 2 of our ships, we admited our defeat and we went away. Do I have to post the screenshot where you treat us of BITCHES, gankers and others kind words ??? Really ? I have some kind words for you too, but I'm a polite guy and won't play your game. Anyway, I reported you ingame for your repeated insults.
  9. Yes, bring back ingame diplomacy. Forum alliances are pretty pointless, not known by everyone and don't prevent shitty tactics.
  10. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Because if the ratio is well balanced, it'll be easier to obtain rewards in PvP againt PvE ? As I said 1:10 is an example, it could be 1:50 or 1:100. But may I ask you one simple question ? Why the hell do you need encouragement for making PvP ? You should make PvP because you like it and it give you good moments, not because it give you something against your will. that's the problem with this game: you should be able to do/craft/obtain whatever you want with different difficulty level depending on the way you choose to play. If you must do something you don't like, it's not fun anymore and this is against the main goal of a GAME and encourage abusing/cheating (main problem pointed by OP)....Creating frustration is always a bad move to make a game last for long, trust me. Once again, this is my humble opinion, it won't be shared by the vocal majority of the forum, but I freely and politely express it.
  11. PVP Mark abuse solution

    That's an other issue, and I fully agree that PvP rewards are ridiculous as they are. All gamestyle should be balanced to provide all players satisfaction and keep them in the game
  12. PVP Mark abuse solution

    1:10 was an example, balance it., I don't care Pvp Mark that much, the question of the OP was to stop ALT FARMING PvP mark. If you want to stop an abuse, you have to provide others solutions to get what farmers want. Devs have more importants things to do than a useless police job easy to bypass. That was an idea, but ideas that are not directed to PvP are not well received on this forum. Some PvPers tend to think that this game is all about PvP, but don't forget Traders, Crafters, PvE 'rs
  13. PVP Mark abuse solution

    10 combat mark (or more) for 1 pvp mark, it's an example. That's your respectable opinion and I don't share it. I don't have countless hours to do PvP. Plus with my example, it would take 1500 combat mark to obtain a 150 Pvp mark ship note....
  14. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Make PvP Marks convertible from Combat Mark (at a low rate like 1:10), it will encourage PvP and reduce greatly alt farming.
  15. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    If you use Hold optimisation, you have to NOT use other perks. That's balancing Each on is own...