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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    That was a great PB, thanks to the respectfull Swedes, you demonstrated once more that you have the best RvR Fleet at the moment. We have to improve, so I guess we'll fight again in the next few days
  2. Server merge until release

    That depends, it's a good topic if you want to reach 987654322 topics on the same subject It's always a good idea to have more player, the problem is that game implementation were not satisfying in the past, doing again the sames mistakes won't solve the problems i'm afraid.
  3. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    Nice summarize Eléazar, wouldn't have answered the same (lot of misinformation in my point of view), but nice by the way. At least we don't make pact with BRITS....people that sail the wrong side of the waves and eat chicken with jelly mint . Honor safe
  4. A port for each player

  5. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    Ce qui prouve que tu es très mal renseigné. Ne pas être en guerre ne signifie pas qu'on soient alliés, il y a des accrochages tous les jours chez nous. Mais les évènements récents provoqués par les EDR contre l'avis de plusieurs clans (Rien n'a changé de ce côté là, c'est toujours une monarchie déguisée...) et l'honneur de la France, risquent effectivement de changer la donne
  6. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    Well, I coudn't have imagined seeing this one day. EDR French Clan were bored, so they replied positively when Brits (eternal ennemy) asked them some help in Apalachicola for screening....and they tagged their former allies. Making some PvP in OW is fair, but helping in RvR is a War Declaration from EDR (*). EDR betrayed French Nation and Honor, they were sunk yesterday and they will be sunk at will. Others French Clans in Luisiana are safe unless they follow EDR infamy. (*) On French forum, a lot of French Clans were opposed to this alliance with Brits, it has to be taken into account. F0RBIN, ACN Diplomat.
  7. C'est sans doute ça, le côté Français qui ressort....on fuyait par habitude et surtout parce qu'on avait rendez-vous à Almirante où les sales Brits étaient en train de nous flipper le port (ce qu'ils ont réussi au demeurant). Mais puisque tu insistes on reviendra
  8. Avant-hier pareil. Maculosa et Vonafred se balladent chez les Suédois (codrington) pour une partie de chasse et qui leur tombe dessus ? un groupe FR. Les ACN proposent leur aide et ils finissent par se faire courser pendant une demie heure....pour rien puisque personne n'a de bateau assez rapide. Du coup hier soir on est allé faire de la diplomatie et visiter la quasi totalité des ports FR par nostalgie. Nous n'avons croisé que 2 pauvres malheureux qui revenaient de mission. On en a taggué un histoire de lui coller une bonne frousse et sans meme essayer de riposter il s'est rendu, perdant ainsi son Indefatigable, pour rien puisque nous avions decide de le laisser vivre....Il faudra que ce môssieur se rappelle de ne pas se ballader en undercrew dans des eaux non protégées, sans hull repair, sans rig repair et san rhum...ça le fait pas :). Ensuite un groupe de FR dans d'impressionnants Prince de Neuchatel nous ont escorté jusqu'au Danemark avec Jeanne de Belleville sur sa frégate. La poursuite était perdue d'avance pour eux et ils essayaient de nous tagguer sans avoir le BR....il va falloir reviser les fondamentaux à FR je crois, à commencer par lire les Message Privés sur le CHAT
  9. Free port of Viques

    This ! Sometimes we forget that it is just a game, it meant to be a fun moment, not something that can bother you IRL. I know (and understand) some peoples that are very bothered by this debate and think about leaving the game...Is this really what we want ? Loosing Danish players ? BF and RTS use game mechanics, we don't agree but we can't do nothing.....we better should accept and deal with the situation, so we can continue having fun TOGETHER in NA
  10. Free port of Viques

    Well, I must admit the training ground is a very good Idea......but for now it only trains our enemies our slow down our ship production. Take a look at the map and tell me what other country opened a ganking area near his capital...none, and there must be a very logical reason don't you think ? ACN Clan will follow, help and die for RDNN, DNP, RTS, DANVE, BF and every other Danish Clan as long as the planned action is profitable for the Danish Nation. We should all gather in the tavern, drink our famous Danish Beer (captured an LGV full of it) and finish the party peeing in the snow, trying to write the names of our enemies
  11. Not exactly , it's more about ACN Clan Leadership (DANES, former FRENCH Clan). As we are for the most part of us very ugly and always drunk (Except @Cassard and @Emma, our 2 ladies....YES we have real ladies in ACN Clan ), we try to choose the less drunk and ugly as a leader We will eventually come back to France in a futur full wipe, but for now, we are very well in Danish nation, people are so kind ........and we are in war with perfid Brits, which is more than enough to be happy. Back to topic gentlemen, Pierrick is looking for captains to (re) join French Nation, it can be motivating for captains searching a real challenge as this nation is pretty tough to play.
  12. C'est clair, mon cœur est en France, mais mes burnes resteront au Danemark pour l'instant, elles ont besoin de repos. On verra au prochain wipe total ce que l'on veut faire, pour le moment ça serait logistiquement ingérable de toutes façons. Quant aux chaises musicales ce n'est pas ça du tout petit poney. Chez les ACN on choisit toujours le moins moche ou le moins bourré pour être "chef" (en tout cas c'est ce qu'il croit), encore que ce mot prend un sens très différent chez nous
  13. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Téméraire class, because of this: @Fluffy Fishy : I totally agree with your analysis. There should be a poll for each class of ship and the Dev should balance the game with the class they need.
  14. Happened to me twice last night in hostility missions. The crash report is way too huge when you don't have a very good connection, nearly lost my ship.
  15. @Anolytic: Last night we set up a barbecue with 25 fellows and have waited the 50 brave captains of Sweden to join us, as they flipped road town so easily on satursday night. But you know what ? They didn't come, they just sent someone called Mortar Brigg (/joke on). Perhaps they weren't enough or ready to loose their precious flipping ships.... @Troody: How do you call 25 Swedes tagging, heavily moking and sinking a lonely Constitution right in front the forts of Spanish town ? that was not spicy at this time ?